Istanbul Bosphorus Strait and Bosphorus Cruises

All you need about Bosphorus Cruises in Istanbul, Turkey

The Bosphorus, a 32 km (20 km) long strait that connects Istanbul’s Sea of Marmara and Black Sea, divides the continents of Europe and Asia.

It passes the Istanbul Modern Art Museum, a number of Ottoman palaces, at least two fortifications, wooded hills, and beach villages with Ottoman-style homes as it cuts straight through the center of Istanbul.

All about Bosphorus spans

The Bosphorus spans in width from 500 meters (1640 feet) to three kilometers (two miles), and it ranges in depth from 50 to 120 meters, with an average depth of around 60 meters (197 feet).

Bosphorus Strait is probably the most strategic part of Istanbul and one of its top attractions. The Bosphorus is one of the world’s busiest commercial shipping waterways, with 140 cargo ships making the 90-minute crossing (at 7 or 8 knots) each day, carefully handling the seven exact twists required to follow the Bosphorus’s narrow channels and avoid its hazardous currents.

The southernmost Bosphorus Bridge (Boaziçi Köprüsü), the central Mehmet the Conqueror Bridge (Fatih Köprüsü), the MarmarayRailroad Tunnel, and the Yavuz Selim Bridge at the northern-end confluence with the Black Sea are the four structures that cross the Bosphorus.

Bosphorus spans, Istanbul, Turkey
Bosphorus spans, Istanbul, Turkey

Bosphorus spans and Istanbul’s view

The best way to see Istanbul is to take a cruise on the Bosphorus from the ocean, which gives views of both Asia and Europe, as well as a shoreline dotted with magnificent palaces, breathtaking mosques, and towering public structures. As you travel further from the city, you will also come across little inlets and fishing towns.

Different Bosphorus Cruises to take

One of the most popular, distinctive, and amazing types of entertainment you may enjoy while in Istanbul is a Bosphorus Cruise. Plus, it is among the greatest ways to experience the most breathtaking sights and sounds of Istanbul city by the sea. We compiled information on the many cruises and boat tours that are offered, as well as what to anticipate when planning this experience.

The best way of taking delight of Bosphorus spans

The best ways to enjoy Bosphorus these days are to take a cruise on a Dentur Avrasya boat, a TurYol boat, or a traditional “ehir Hatlar” ferry or to unwind at a tea shop or restaurant along its shores. You may take a ride up the Bosphorus in just an hour, a few hours, or even all day long, heading north into the Black Sea.

The perspective you see while cruising in Bosphorus is interchangeable and can get changed by the various seasons and even different hours of the day. You can see Istanbul in all its splendor by taking a cruise along the Bosphorus on a tourist boat, a private yacht, or even a public ferry.

Bosphorus Cruises
Bosphorus Cruises

How you can travel along Bosphorus spans

There are numerous options for those wanting to take a cruise tour alongside the waters of the Bosphorus Strait. We’ve divided them into separate types. Let’s take a look at the different kinds of Bosphorus Cruises you can take.

  1. One thing that can make a difference in your Bosphorus Cruise experience is the timing. If you are planning on taking the cruise after sunset, you can choose a dinner cruise and enjoy a delicious meal while passing by Istanbul’s gorgeous vistas.
  2. Public ferries or private boats and yachts are common types of Bosphorus cruises. They last around two hours, and there are several companies that provide these cruise tours. Birthdays, meetings, and other special occasions may all be celebrated on board a Bosphorus Cruise and can make a lifetime memory for you.
  3. Another of the most famous cruises among visitors is the Bosphorus Dinner Cruise with Entertainment. Favored mainly by those who wish to take in a special Istanbul attraction. You’ll be delighted with traditional belly dancing, a henna tattooing, a Romany dance, folk dancing, a live DJ, etc., while you cruise down the Bosphorus and eat your lunch.

The most common themed Bosphorus cruises among first-time visitors to the city are the Istanbul Dinner Bosphorus Cruise and Entertainment, Private Bosphorus Yacht Tour, and Morning/Afternoon/Half Day/Sunset Bosphorus Cruises.

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