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Tourist should know: Istanbul Dolphinarium!

Istanbul tour is one of the best leisure tours in the world, which attracts a lot of travelers from all over the world every year. One of the best recreational and tourist environments built in this city is Istanbul Dolphinarium (Istanbul Dolphin Park). A space where you can truly witness the dreamiest marine experience with trained dolphins.

The Istanbul Dolphinarium is Europe’s largest dolphin park. This park is one of Istanbul’s family-friendly tourist attractions, and children like visiting it.

An Introduction of Istanbul Dolphinarium (Istanbul Dolphin Park)

Istanbul Dolphinarium (Istanbul Dolphin Park) is built in a calm and beautiful environment and is always considered one of the main destinations of tourists and foreign tourists. Since this environment has a cozy and special atmosphere in its heart, it can also be mentioned as a choice without an age limit.

Experiencing the real feeling of swimming next to trained dolphins is one of the most important factors that can be easily witnessed at Istanbul Dolphinarium (Istanbul Dolphin Park). A pristine and pure space where it will be possible to swim for all interested people as long as they are familiar with and able to swim.

Istanbul Dolphinarium (Istanbul Dolphin Park) is one of the main axes in the tour of Istanbul, and today, due to its great popularity, we can see the increase in the capabilities and facilities of this beautiful water park for tourists.

A total of 4 shows will be held in this series, all of which will take about 1 hour and will be performed by the stars of the Dolphinarium. In the middle of the show or at the end, you have the opportunity to take a souvenir photo with each of the creatures of the Dolphinarium.

Of course, note that all the attraction of the Istanbul Dolphinarium is not limited to its shows, and if you like, you can swim or dive in the Dolphinarium pool with these aquatic creatures by paying a separate fee or go close to the dolphins, touch them and even hug them.

Istanbul Dolphin Park, Turkey
Istanbul Dolphin Park, Turkey

Area of Istanbul Dolphinarium

Istanbul Dolphinarium is a vast complex that has been the largest indoor Dolphinarium in Europe since its opening in 2008. The area of this complex is 8,695 square meters, of which 5,800 meters are covered. Istanbul Dolphinarium has a total of 7 interconnected pools, all of which are filled with seawater and have a capacity of 3,100 cubic meters. It is also worth noting that the major pool’s radius is 16.5 m, and its depth is 5 m. The amphitheater of the Dolphinarium has a capacity of 950 people, of which 64 seats belong to the VIP section.

Dolphinarium Artists and Shows

All of the animals in the Istanbul Dolphinarium came from one of Russia’s largest Dolphinariums and arrived in Istanbul just before the Dolphinarium’s opening. In order to ensure the comfort of these creatures, a special flight was used in which each of the sea creatures was in its own pool for the 2.5-hour journey. Also, so that these creatures do not get anxious and stressed, their trainers accompanied them on that flight until the plane landed.

The First Show (Callorhinus Ursinus)

Once you’re settled in, the show begins with 2 Northern fur seals. These creatures give you a warm welcome and start their stunts. One of these two seals is male, and the other is female, and both are adults and of the same age. However, to recognize the seal of the female, it is enough to find the smaller one. It is interesting to know that in northern fur-bearing seals, the male is 4.5 times heavier and 40% longer than the female. After completing the performance of these two arithmetic seals, encourage them so that you can see their happiness.

Dolphin Park of Istanbul
Dolphin Park of Istanbul

Second Show (Walruses)

After the Northern fur seals, it is the turn of another animal from the North Pole and the Arctic Ocean: The Walruses. Walruses are very large, and the weight of each of them reaches about 950 kg. These creatures, who like to exercise like humans, play basketball for you in their show, then do some Swedish swimming in front of you and do sit-ups for variety. All this is to show you that they not only enjoy sports but also live a healthy life.

Of course, in addition to their sports life, Walruses also do sweet things. For example, one of the Walrus of the Dolphinarium loves to party and lead them. So, like a professional DJ, the Walrus invites you to his party, and another Walrus who loves music appears on stage and dances for you while playing the saxophone.

The Third Show (The Sailor)

Now it is the turn of the only White Whale of the Dolphinarium and one of the most special stars of the collection. This Whale, which is known as the Sailor, is 4 meters long and weighs 1000 kilograms. When the Whale enters the main amphitheater pool, you can hear his artistic singing, which is exactly why the Whale is called the “sea canary.” The Whale also paints for you, and at the end, he will delight you with his charming and rhythmic movements.

The fourth show (Dolphins)

Finally, the four cute and intelligent dolphins of the Dolphinarium will attract your attention. These Bottlenose dolphins were all born in the pool and are considered very professional actors. Prince, Princess, Matilda, and Gera, which are the names of these dolphins, will surprise you with ballet and singing. Of course, this is not all that comes from them, and you should not miss the stunts of these four dolphins. One of the most intresting parts of the show is the dolphins playing basketball with their trainers, where you will see how they throw the ball into the basket with a three-meter jump.

The bottlenose dolphin is among the most famous species of the dolphin family, which is used in aquariums and shows. It is interesting to know that these dolphins are native to the Persian Gulf, and you can see these creatures in the azure area of Iran country.

Dolphin Park of Dolphin Park of Istanbul
Dolphin Park of Dolphin Park of Istanbul

Fascinating entertainment of Istanbul Dolphinarium

In addition to participating in the dolphinarium shows, you can enjoy other entertainment in this complex:

Swimming with dolphins

Seeing dolphins is always a thrill in itself, let alone being able to get up close to these intelligent creatures, wrap your arms around them and swim the length and breadth of the pool with them.

Yes! The best part is that you can have the opportunity to swim and play with the dolphins at Istanbul Dolphinarium. If you have chosen to visit the Dolphinarium in the autumn and winter months, don’t worry about the cold water in the pools. These pools are filled with seawater and increase their temperature during the cold season.

Meet the dolphins

If you don’t know how to swim, don’t like the water, or for whatever reason you can’t swim, you can still get close to the dolphins. Sit next to them, touch them, and if you like, hug these lovely creatures by purchasing dolphin encounter packages. While you are with the dolphins, you can play with them and spend 10 minutes happily.

It is interesting to know that meeting dolphins is not limited to touching and playing with them, and the staff will provide visitors with fascinating information about the physiology, habitat, social behavior, and learning ability of dolphins.

Diving with dolphins

The Istanbul Dolphinarium has been innovative in its programming, allowing you to join dolphins in their underwater environment. You may be a little apprehensive before entering the pool in this program, but as soon as you do, you will be warmly welcomed by the Dolphinarium’s kind hosts. The Dolphinarium’s four dolphins, Prince, Princess, Matilda, and Gera, as well as the Sailor, the collection’s lone white Whale, will surround and play with you. The dolphins swim backward and occasionally come near to you, so you may recall the tenderness in their eyes. You can also hear the sound of dolphins underwater and witness their conversation.

children & dolphins friendship - Istanbul Dolphinarium
children & dolphins friendship – Istanbul Dolphinarium

Istanbul Dolphinarium facilities and services

Istanbul Dolphinarium has the following facilities:

Dolphinarium Café

You may spend wonderful minutes at the Dolphinarium Cafe after having fun with the dolphins. Dolphinarium Cafe is set in a lush and lovely setting near Golden Horn. As a result, this café has two parts, one indoor and one outside, each of which can seat 60 people. The Dolphinarium cafe’s menu offers coffee and a range of cold drinks, as well as light nibbles that may be eaten before or after the show.

Photography with dolphins

For a fee of 50 Turkish Lira, you may stand close to dolphins or Walruses and snap a professional-quality photograph as a keepsake.

Souvenir Shop

After entering the Istanbul Dolphinarium and next to the ticket office, you will see several souvenir stalls where you can buy different souvenirs.

Free Parking

The Istanbul Dolphinarium parking lot welcomes visitors to the complex with 120 parking spaces. There is no charge to use this parking lot.

Diving of dolphins
Diving of dolphins

Dolphin Assisted Therapy

Dolphin therapy is a popular treatment option for children aged three to sixteen. According to research, this method can be used to help children with the following diseases and disorders:

  • autism
  • Down syndrome
  • Posttraumatic stress disorder
  • Speech disability
  • Chronic fatigue syndrome
  • Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder
  • Cerebral palsy/spasticity
  • Unwanted movements and spasms

It is good to know that the dolphin therapy sessions in this series are overseen by dolphin trainers, dolphin therapy professionals, and psychologists. Each session will be limited to one child, and treatment of ten sessions is recommended to begin to maximize the effectiveness of these sessions. Of course, the treatment process is evaluated after each session, and the number of therapy sessions is decreased or increased as needed.

Sights around Istanbul Dolphinarium

  • Pierre Loti Tepesi
  • Eyüp Sultan Mosque
  • Miniaturk
  • Vialand
  • Vialand Shopping Mall

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