Parks in Qatar, 9 of the most beautiful and best of them

Beautiful parks in Qatar that you must see

Qatar’s parks are undoubtedly one of the places that you must visit after traveling to this country, spectacular and memorable landscapes with wonderful facilities that will surprise every tourist.

To help you, we’ve selected a list of some truly beautiful and most enjoyable parks in Qatar. The following parks in Qatar have a pleasing environment with glorious green surroundings and center of the art facilities.

You can see the list of parks in Qatar and also their facilities below:

1- Aspire Park

It is the largest park in Doha (an area of around 88 hectares) and also provides you to enjoy the best amenities. Aspire Park is located in the southern district of Baaya in Doha, in Aspire Zone, Qatar.

It is an excessive place where you can both enjoy various amusing activities and provide sporting demands ranging such as playground area, training, and research, lavish green surroundings, hosting major international events, etc. There are tons of trails for walkers, runners, and cyclists.

The only man-made lake in Doha can be found in Aspire Park where you can enjoy rowing. This lake is particularly picturesque.

Aspire is one of the parks in Qatar that must be visited
Aspire is one of the parks in Qatar that must be visited

 2- Oxygen Park

Oxygen Park was built in an area of 1,30,000 square meters and also is one of the most famous public parks in Qatar.

It is well-known as a green lung and as well a fantastic choice for people who are into running and jogging. Because parts of the path run through cooled tunnels, here is a perfect option for exercising at any time of year.

Moreover, the design of the park has been inspired by nature and it tries to educate people about achieving a healthy lifestyle by showing the importance of healthy living and the value of oxygen, in a pollution-free environment.

3- Barzan Olympic Park in Qatar

Barzan Olympic Park is well-known as a heaven for sports lovers. It offers a various range of activities for kids and adults who can enjoy their time like a train ride and a water fountain.

In fact, the water fountain is a part of the play equipment for kids. Even though, people can even hire a cycle and cycle around the park.

Another mesmerizing factor is that the park has been provided by miniature kinds of different landmarks in Qatar such as the Qatar University Building, Barzan Tower, Clock Tower, MIA, and others. These specific features make Barzan Olympic Park different from others.

Barzan Olympic Park in Qatar
Barzan Olympic Park in Qatar

4- MIA Park in Qatar

MIA Park with amazing views and facilities is one of the most popular parks in Qatar. Memorable activities in the park for all ages make it a friendly spot where anyone can enjoy leisure time during the weekends.

There is some steel sculpture, a masterwork built by Richard Serra which is his first public art in the Middle East. The park has also provided trampolines, slides, and other rides for children.

An open-air cinema and fitness classes that are conducted in this park are the facilities for one can enjoy as well.

5- Al Bidda Parks in Qatar

Al Bidda Park is a Jack of all trades sort of park along the Doha Corniche that has 7 playgrounds, running trails, and plenty of gymnasiums for training sessions.

MIA Park is the perfect place to walk for children to run around in complete safety. Al Bidda Park is the best point for gazing at the Doha skyline. Despite many other public parks in Doha, pets are most welcomed at this Park.

Al Bidda Park prolongs along the coastline in central Doha and it can simply be combined with a visit to Souk al Waqif.

6- Souq Waqif Park

Souq Waqif Park is one of the most spectacular places to visit. It is popular for its colorful flower beds and striking lush green surroundings.

Spring Festival which revolves around acrobatics and dance performances takes place at this park every year. Souq Waqif vaunts of an elegant view of the waterfront that you can enjoy it just by 3 minutes walking.

The colorful fountains add to the beauty of the park and large fountains make it available relief from the heat and fun for kids. There are some activities like soccer, badminton, riding bikes, and flying kites’ that people can enjoy in this park.

Souq Waqif Park in Qatar
Souq Waqif Park in Qatar

7- Sheraton Hotel Park

The Sheraton hotel park is one of the widespread destinations for enjoying a family gathering, riding a bike, and basically enjoying the neighboring views.

As you might have guessed from the name, it lies near the Sheraton Hotel. Thanks to its large playground and 24-hour security, it becomes a particularly good place for families.

This park is equipped with the latest modern facilities so people often come here to enjoy their leisure time. A various range of restaurants, fitness zone, water features, and the like makes it one of the best parks in Qatar.

8- 5/6 Park in Qatar

5/6 Park has specific features that you cannot find in any other park in Qatar. The first attraction is the enormous plant maze which is created in the shape of the country’s map and influenced by human patterns.

You will similarly find walls painted with vibrant paintings. Twenty artists volunteered to exaggerate the walls. There also are other features like a children’s playground, bike track, and jogging track.

5/6 Park is one of the parks in Qatar
5/6 Park is one of the parks in Qatar

9- Al Wakrah Park

Al Wakrah is one of the most striking family parks in Qatar and you can enjoy its unique variety of plants and trees. Al Wakrah Park is Home to seasonal flowers, ornamental plants, and much more. It is a perfect place to be amazed at the wonders of nature which are surrounded by olive and palm trees.

Qatar is blessed with lots of landscapes, a plethora of skyscrapers, and extravagant malls. Moreover, the country also has many green spots with all facilities for leisure and modern amenities.

The parks in Qatar allow fresh air and environment to people and give them opportunities to enjoy picnic time with family. If you have visited theme parks or other parks in Qatar, we will be happy to share your opinion with us in the comments of this post.

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