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Introduction of Emirates Airline and its types of cabin

Emirates airline is among the largest airlines in the whole world and is located in Dubai. The fleet of this airline consists of 230 plans. This airline operates more than 3.000 flights to 140 destinations weekly. Each year some new destinations will be added to the previous ones. Emirates Airlines was established in 1985 with the aim of expanding the UAE’s infrastructure which belongs to the Emirates group. This airline is the fourth biggest company by the income of passenger-kilometers flown and the second biggest by the tonne-kilometers flown in the world.

Interior desing of Emirates Airline's conbins
Interior desing of Emirates Airline’s conbins

All about Emirates Airline

Here, we review an incredible journey of the significant milestone of the fastest growing airline in the world to find how it changes from a modest beginning to a global player in its products and services.

The born of this airline backs to 1984, when Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid al Maktoum asked Sir Maurice Flanagan to have a plan for starting an airline. After a while a comprehensive plan was ready with the commercial name of “Emirates” in December of that year. In 1985, Maurice Flanagan took over an ambitious mission to run an airline with $10 million in funding in 5 months. He was asked that the airline had to make money and be good.

The first flight of Emirates Airlines from Dubai was on 25 October 1985 which was to Karachi and Mumbai by a Boeing 737 and an Airbus 300 B4. And the first aircraft that was owned by the Emirates airline was an Airbus A310-304. Emirates airline is also the first airline that installed video systems in all of the seats in each cabin. This airline did a complete refurbishment in 1992; Emirates airline transferred to a new terminal and ordered the first 7 boing 777s with seven options.

UAE Emirates Airline
UAE Emirates Airline

Different types of Cabins of the Emirates Airline

There are several cabins such as First class, Business class, Premium economy class, and economy class in the Emirates Airline. Here, they are described briefly as follow:

First class

In this cabin, two kinds of seats are available for the passengers. One of them is a complete enclose suites which have a floor to ceiling door and also simple private suites with a normal door. Both of them have a mini-bar, storage, a coat rack, and also ensure the passengers’ privacy.

Both suites also feature a LCD; the private one has a 23-inch (58 cm) screen which has an ICE system and the complete enclosed suite has a 32-inch (81 cm) screen. The seats of every suite convert to a flatbed with 2 meters long (79 in).

The First class suites also have two showers which are equipped by lavatories and spa, and an accessibility to lounge and bar area.

The first-class cabins have six suites. The first-class cabins have six suites. The two middle suites have virtual windows that show live the outside of the aircraft and both of them are equipped with two minibars, a tablet with a front camera for connecting to the cabin’s crew, and ordering room service, you also can use this tablet for controlling the light and temperature inside the suite.

Emirates Airline, First class
Emirates Airline, First class

Business class

On Boeing 777-200LRs and Boeing 777-300ERs, the business classes have comfort seats which have a 1.5 meter long (60 in). This class offer massage function, winged headrest, two reading lights, overhead light, and importantly a privacy partition. The business class passengers also have an HD TV screen with more than 600 entertainment channels, power supply, and an RCA socket for laptop. The recline seats in this class convert into a comfort bed.

Emirates Airline, Business class
Emirates Airline, Business class

Premium economy class

Recently the numbers of aircrafts in Emirates’ fleet which are equipped with the premium economy class are six. The seats of premium economy class has equipped with the Recaro PL3530. Emirates airline has also some plans for a retrofit program for this class which are started at the end of 2022.

Emirates Airline, Emirates Airline, Premium economy class
Emirates Airline, Emirates Airline, Premium economy class

Economy class

The economy class has a standard seat. Emirates Airlines, on its Boeing 777 fleet has ten seats per row. The economy seats offer the possibility of recharging facilities in airplanes, 3000 ICE channels in-flight entertainment system, adjustable headrests, and laptop power outlets in seats.

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