about us

Who are we?

The Guidetourism team consists of some young people who love traveling and are interested in mysteries.

Each of us with different cultures and different nationalities have gathered together to share our experiences with you.

How we can help you?

The Guidetourism tempts you to travel by introducing the tourist attractions of all countries, such as the famous foods of each city, as well as their amazing history.

Then it will guide you by explaining how to get there and what activities you should do in those places to have an enjoyable trip.

The Guidetourism team wish you a nice trip

Introduction of Guidetourism crews


I met Liam at Peru for the first time. I can remember, some guys were digging and discovering objects in Cusco city. While I was watching them, I attracted to a neat boy. We discussed a little about Inca Empire and our friendship has begun that time. Afterwards, we offered him to join to Guidetourism and he accepted it.


I knew Sara before more or less, me and her husband Ash were classmates in the past. I heard that Sara encourages Ash to travel around the world together by walking just with a backpack! When I was in Spain, I bumped into Sara and Ash after the years, and at this part of the world we decided to produce a fully-information and perfect website for tourism.


I am Rayan, the founder of Guidetourism institute. I brought people who have something up their sleeves every day with creative mind together. Despite I am the founder of this institute, I become a whole alongside my team.

I live in Kuwait but all the world is my home. The differences in cultures and languages between the countries excite me and I like to be familiar with the world by these varieties.


If someone ask me about Victoria 3 years ago, I would tell him/her definitely you can find her in a cave in China! She is originally from China and loves to explore in caves and study about these scary, eye-catching places’ histories.

She is like a migrant bird. She produces content for website, sometimes by teleworking and sometimes in person, in order to share her beautiful experiences with the others.

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