Most Famous Popular Historical Places in Qatar

The Best Qatar Historical Places

One of the most spectacular destinations in the whole world that relives heritage and history from the past to the present is Qatar. There are numerous heritage sites and historical places in Qatar.

You can visit and learn from the immemorial area. Qatar is well-known as a cultural and historical spot because of its rich heritage. As soon as you enter this unbelievable land, you can discover the main attraction of the country, both cities and streets are representing the excellent places where the past revives.

Despite the fact that Qatar is known as one of the advanced states and is the best spot for the tourist to experience a luxurious lifestyle but by Looking back in time, ones can see that Qatar has passed on its culture and heritage generation by generation to keep its root alive. Here are the best historical places in Qatar that will help you to get more familiar with this rich country.

top 8 popular historical places in Qatar
top 8 popular historical places in Qatar

The Film City

The Film City is one of the old and isolated historical places of Qatar. A Mystery village with excellent architecture, surreal beauty, a magnificent landscape, and a vast desert overlooking the scenery. This attraction does not look like any other spots but was designed as a set to take you to the historical time.

First, The Film City was built as a leisure site for the famous Bedouin village. Later, the city was abandoned and become an eye-catching attraction for tourists. People say that the city was a place for movies and serials so the beautiful architecture of this place made it so famous among ex-pats. All travelers or locals, from photographers to adventures and guiding tours in Qatar consider the Film City as a one-stop attraction.

It is also well-known as Ghost Town. The city is lay in a quiet and attractive landscape, somewhere far from human efficacy. The Film City is a spectacular attraction because it is overlooked the calm golden desert and the Persian Gulf.

Radwan House

The Radwan House was built in 1920 and Aki Akbar Radwan and his family was the owner of the house for around 70 years. Aki Akbar Radwan is one of the richest families in Qatar and designed his house with a traditional touch.

The artifacts and remains of the house which were found after excavating the house make the Radwani house one of the finest Qatar tourist attractions to discover and revive history. Some wealthy properties which are obtained from the house showed how rich Qatari families lived there at that time.

In 1971 the house was ruined because the family moved out. Later, an archaeological researcher started to restore and turned the site and made it for a public visit in 2007. Now, individuals can visit the house as a historical place in Qatar.

Radwan House
Radwan House

Bin Jelmood House

Mohammed Jelmood was the owner of the Bin Jelmood House of Qatar, it is one of the historical places where individuals can uncover the hidden side of slavery. According to the history of Islam and its origin, this spot in Qatar describes the whole story of how slavery was performed in Qatar, and how was successfully deal with the problem.

The Bin Jelmood building is a tribute to show the fight of ancient people against their government and to the cultural and economic consequences of people who were slaves for the expansion of cultures, and civilization.

The Bin Jelmood house is the best historical place that every family can visit to get the knowledge of how important was the role of Islamic training in struggling against this aversion of society.

In this place, the history narrates everything from how an enhancement in slave trading and human trafficking was overcome in Qatar, to how the community evolved from this slavery of people to establish the freedom of all.

Company House

If you want to experience a historical tour to back you in time, Company House is the best historical place that can offer a tour of a not-developed state that was still endeavoring to get what it has today.

The Company House represents any detail from the past like how Qatar was an undeveloped nation with no recognition in the world, how Qatar was a successful country with wealth and luxury, and how was the owner of the largest oil and gas in the world.

This place is devoted to the workers of the oil industry in Qatar who had an important role in the development of the Arabic nation. It was their fight, effort, and hardworking that made Qatar one of the developed countries with a rich civilization and culture.

Mohammed Bin Jassim House

As the name suggests, Sheikh Mohammad Bin Jassim is the owner of this House and it is another historical attraction that is keeping alive the rich heritage and culture of Qatar.

You can discover whatever led to the development of this architectural city by having a tour of this house. During the time, some heritage and ancient art were also protected. This is a perfect combination of modern living with a traditional life that reflects the past, and present and displays the programs leading to further development of Qatar.

This historical place is near the baraha and during the tour of this spot, you can explore baraha, an open-air town square. You will learn in the Mohammed Bin Jassim House, how the Sikka alleys were elaborated, with the houses built in the alleyways evolved.

In the Msheireb area, Mohammed Bin Jassim House was the first bank, pharmacy, and café in Qatar.

Mohammed Bin Jassim House
Mohammed Bin Jassim House

Barzan Towers

Barzan Towers as popular historical landmarks in Qatar are well-known because of their unique shape, architecture, and momentous history. It was built in the 19th century, and the purpose of structuring this tower was to espying the activities around the area.

The structure of this tower was protecting the area against the incursion of the Ottomans. It was also used for exploring the sky finding the moon and keeping a path of dates and times in Ramadan. These towers stand as a remarkable part of architecture under the wide Arabian sky and reflect the brilliance of art dominating during the era.

The Qatar towers are new and different from the Gulf’s architecture. The Barzan Towers was designed as a T-shaped tower, consisting of an outside stairway in a rectangular form. These towers with a height of 15 meters are the best for enjoying the peace around the area. The buildings underwent quite a modification, they were restored in 2003, and are now considered a historical spot in Qatar.

Al Zubarah Fort

Al Zubarah Fort is one of the prominent spots to explore in Qatar. The historical events of Al Zubarah Fort back to the 17th and 18th centuries. The history expresses that Sheikh Abdullah Bin Jassim Al Thani was permitted to re-made the fort to maintain the whole coastline area, as well as the coastal moves, in 1983.

Today this Fort of Qatar is not just a historical attraction, in fact, it also is a museum where travelers can learn more about the history of Qatar in the past. What adds to the importance of this historical spot is its resemblance to primary construction and art.

The building’s design is strongly influenced by the Arab and Gulf arts. A traditional style of the roof structure, pointed sloped ceilings, curving walls, and a square ground design was all a part of ancient Arabic architecture.

There are four towers in every four corners of the fort. It as well is protected as a UNESCO World Heritage site. Since Al Zubarah was situated nowhere close to the human settlement, it became an isolated area.

Al Zubarah Fort
Al Zubarah Fort

Zekreet Fort

The Zekreet fort with its serene landscape is a historical destination and one of the most popular attractions in Qatar that can take you to the middle of the 18th century.

Its architecture and unusual formation make this fort an ideal attraction place and attract many tourists and history buffs. This is one of those wonderful spots that will take you back to the ancient nation to understand more about past events.

It is situated in the Dukkan area and was completed in two various phases. Initially, the building was built in a square shape without any towers but later during the second phase of construction, towers were added to its design in each corner.

But thanks to the unique architect of Zakreet Fort, even today the fort considers an incomplete building. This old and abundant fort is near the most spectacular beach in Qatar where everyone can enjoy privacy.

You can step around, spend your time in the calm environment and look at the magical sunset of the evening near the beach.

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