The 22 best beaches in Qatar

All you need to know about Qatar beaches

Qatar is one of the most outstanding peninsular Arab countries which is in line with the shorelines of the Persian Gulf. If you are looking to enjoy the sunshine and water, beaches in Qatar are idyllic spots for you.

These beaches with their modern skyline, buzzing traditional markets, and desert landscape can attract attention. Whether you’re looking for family-friendly services or just a relaxed place to refresh yourself, there absolutely is a beach in Qatar to suit.

This land with the rich culture and art is so much more than you can think of. Qatar is offering not only a luxury and class to relax but also an adventure to enjoy. So, we’ve come up with some great beaches to hit up either over any time.

the best beaches in qatar
the best beaches in qatar

Al Khor Beach in Qatar

This beach is a bit crowded during weekends because of the pleasant weather before summer. Mostly only families are allowed to use the beach. It is a great spot to enjoy a day with family.

There are endless facilities in Al Khor Beach that can make it a great hangout spot like kayaking, picnic, barbeque lunch, kids’ play area, shower, changing rooms, and barbecue grills. This magnificent beach is the best place to experience leisure and adventure.

NOTE: The entry fee for Al Khor Beach is QR15 for adults and QR10 for children under 10 of age.

Simaisma Beach

Simaisima beach is another family beach that has the most popular attractions in Al Khor inviting people to spend a day at leisure with their families. This also is a safe beach in Qatar, you can swim or play beach games there.

The whole area is protected by fencing, which makes it a safe place for kids. The texture of the sand is muddy. So, if you are okay with messy play, your kids will have an amazing experience with the mucky, squidgy sand.

Simaisma Beach
Simaisma Beach

Al Ruwais Beach in Qatar

Al Ruwais Beach is a peaceful place for you when you want to escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. It is located in the northern part of Qatar. This serene place is the best one for people who want to enjoy their own privacy.

Several reasons make Al Ruwais a popular location to visit in Qatar. For instance, historical places that are settled close to the beach area. Shallow and clear water that makes it a safe place for kids to play.

Particular cafés around Al Ruwais Beach that are popular for their food and ambiance. And finally, sunset and sunrise views which seem more special in Al Ruwais Beach.

Al Thakira Beach

Al Thakira beach is known for its biggest mangrove protection, and it is one of the most beautiful beaches in Doha. There are some public activities for individuals to enjoy on the beach like swimming, kayaking, and fishing.

Kids can play in the area and revel in eating fish. The most wonderful activity that tourists can enjoy is bird watching. These special kinds of birds will not be found anywhere else. And also, you can watch some rare and migratory flamingos in a certain season. Al Thakira beach has rich wildlife which attracting nature lovers.

Al Ghariya Beach

Al Ghariya is part of a series of alluring islands that is a perfect place to spend a fun day with family and friends. It is a popular weekend destination for both locals and visitors. Travelers can enjoy many activities which are presented at the beach same as barbecues, camping, and swimming.

This beach also has a luxury option, Al Ghariya Resort, so those who are not a fan of camping can stay at this luxury lounge in Qatar. Located on the northeast of the peninsula, you will discover original sands and an idyllic environment that enhances outdoor activities.

Al Ghariya Beach
Al Ghariya Beach

Umm Bab Beach in Qatar

Umm Bab is full of small clusters of Palm trees and also well-known as Palm Tree Beach. This beach is the best spot for travelers to enjoy a family day among the cluster of Palm trees.

Palm trees not only add to the overall beauty of the beach but also provide considerable shade to visitors. And it also is secured with fences that make it the right space for kids. Because of these reasons camping at Umm Bab beach is the first thing that guarantees the utmost fun and safety.

Moreover, hiking or cycling around the shore can add more joy to your holiday. If you’re looking for a perfect spot to spend a day out with family and friends, Umm Bab Beach in Al Shahaniya can be the spot that you want.

Wakrah Beach

Al Wakrah allows you to visit the best spot of one of the largest cities in Qatar. The elegant natural landscape together with the interesting local culture is a special thing that makes Al Wakrah an extraordinary place to explore.

Al Wakrah was a peaceful fishing village in Qatar but now it is famous as an expanded city with the most beautiful Qatar beaches. Whether you’re interested in gazing at the seaside view or immersing yourself in the local life, Al Wakrah is the right area for you.

Al Wakrah as a famous place for family and friends offers facilities like barbecue, showers, toilets, and the like.

Wakrah Beach
Wakrah Beach

Sealine Beach in Qatar

Sealine beach is the most popular public beach in Qatar which has golden sand dunes. Because of its unique position, you can find the widest variety of activities, for instance, sand bashing, scuba diving in the water, desert safaris, and camel riding in Sealine beach.

The wide range of activities made it a spot where people will never get bored and will back there every year. The Sealine beach is situated along the beach and offers the complete comfort you need with a luxury accommodation option. You can spend the best moment at this beach.

Inland Sea

Inland beach is an ideal place for fishing, sand surfing, swimming, and camping. Inland beach makes the opportunity to have fun with so many activities in one place. Tourists can enjoy the taste of fresh grilled seafood, and much more.

The Inland Sea which is well-known to the Khor Al Adaid is a place of rare wildlife that enhance the beauty of the place.

For example, turtles, ospreys, cormorants, flamingos, desert foxes, and antelopes are passing every moment. And due to low rainfall and high temperature, the seawater is saltier than other water in the adjacent.

Inland Sea in Qatar
Inland Sea in Qatar

Zekreet Beach

Located on the west coast of Dukkan, Zekreet beach is a place to admire the peace of the Gulf of Zekreet. It is an idyllic attraction in Qatar, that provides travelers with everything for having the perfect time of their lives.

This beach is all known for its charisma, quietness, and peaceful environment, taking you away from the babel of the city. Its unusual area and the beauty of the ruins make the place so popular.

NOTE: Carry enough facilities and essentials because there are no facilities near Zekreet.

Katara Beach

Katara Beach Doha is the right choice for those who want to hit the beach but don’t want to lose their comfort. It is a calm, safe, and great beach, and you can spend a perfect time with your family.

Katara beach is the only public beach in Doha and also one of the safest. It is one of the best beaches in Katara with the finest restaurants, cafes, and food stalls at your disposal.

Inter Continental Beach in Qatar

The Intercontinental beach is a private place, offering travelers a perfect beach landscape, and belongs to the famous Intercontinental hotel in Doha. At this beach, women are allowed to wear swimsuits.

Travelers who are staying at the hotel, get access to the beach and they can choose to experience beach adventure or just relax.

It is the longest private beach and is situated in magnificent gardens, and features 14 restaurants and bars, a wide range of enjoyment facilities, a free-form swimming pool, and the particular Spa Inter Continental.

NOTE: The entry fee for Inter Continental Beach is QR200 for adults and QR100 for children

Fuwairit Beach
Fuwairit Beach

Fuwairit Beach

Fuwairit Beach is situated in the city of Al Ghariya in the northeast of Qatar. If you have not watched turtles lay eggs in the Middle East, Fuwairit Beach is the right place for you. This beach is famous for the turtles that lay eggs. The beach is closed from April to July every year to protect sea turtles.

During this period, The Qatar Sea Turtle Conservation Campaign does not allow tourists to enter. Fuwairit Beach is one of the most breathtaking beaches in Qatar and presents the ideal environment to spend an entire day away from the hustle and bustle of life.

NOTE: You can enjoy the beach from 9 am to 6 pm.

Al Maroona Beach

Al Maroona Beach Qatar is settled in the Northeastern part of the state of Qatar. The beach is about 80 kilometers from the capital city, Doha. Soft sands with a golden hue and the warm, clear, and shallow sea are the best part of the beach.

Moreover, the waters are so clear that you can see all kinds of sea life like starfish, tiny hermit crabs, jellyfish, and turtles. This beach sand is perfect for building sand castles, so take your bucket and spade. If you are looking for a perfect swimming spot, this is one of the finest beaches in the country.

Dukhan Beach

Dukhan beach is located in the Persian Gulf region and is open to everyone for leisure. This beach is one of the most elegant beaches in the country. People can enjoy several activities same as snorkeling, camping, swimming, football, and barbeque meal on the beach.

Kids can also enjoy the water because is not very deep and so to the fullest and you won’t have to worry about anything. Dukhan beach is a perfect spot for families and friends.

Umm Tays Beach

According to the members of Qatar Natural History Group, Umm Tays Beach is one of the most spectacular beaches in Qatar which is situated near Fuwairit Beach. The pleasing view of its nature and the soothing feature of this place make it famous in Qatar.

Moreover, the old forts, mangroves, the fishing village, and a few run-down homes add to its splendor. When the tides are low you can walk to a little peninsula and watch the calm waves of the sea.

Al Mafjar Beach
Al Mafjar Beach

Al Mafjar Beach

Al Mafjar beach is the most wonderful and unspoiled beach in Qatar. It has various mangroves and a sandbank. Al Mafjar Beach also is the right beach for water sports and people can enjoy swimming, snorkeling, and hiking.

Near the beach, people can see the remains of a tiny hamlet that was built in a colonial style. Furthermore, it is one of the important protected habitats for birds and other animals. Maybe you are lucky and see a few birds on the beach.

Al Jassasiya Beaches in Qatar

Al Jassasiya beach is famous as a hidden gem of Qatar, it has relatively easy access and boasts clear water and soft sand. Al Jassasiya beach is an idyllic beach for relaxing with family and friends.

If you are looking for adventure, can visit the Jassasiya Rock Carvings nearby or enjoy making sand castles and swimming in turquoise water and on the beach. Please bring trash bags because it is one of the most elegant beaches in Qatar and everyone should contribute to maintaining it.

Al Sultan Beach

Al Suntan Beach is a private beach in Qatar where you can relax and embrace peace. The beach is resembling a Bedouin fortress and offers pleasure with luxury and excitement.

You can also do some activities like swimming or beach games on this beach. Al Sultan beach is not a public place and you need some passes to visit the beach.

Al Sultan Beach
Al Sultan Beach

Doha Corniche

The corniche in Doha is one of the eye-catching spots for witnessing the coastal beauty. There is a waterfront where you can stride around, see the beauty of the Gulf, and enjoy the sunset. There also is possible to use a cruise which is starting from the corniche and covering the best places nearby.

You can enjoy many luxury hotels and restaurants where is located near the Corniche and Qatar hospitality. The beach is not just an attraction, also it is a place for taking place as a venue for some national festivals.

Qetaifan Island Beaches in Qatar

Qetaifan Island beach is a private island that is the epitome of luxury and beauty in Lusail, Doha. This area with 19037 sqm, is an architectural wonder showing excellent facilities and features.

The Qetaifan luxury beach is designed to lend an advance and luxurious living and it is about the high quality of living through activities like a spa, gym, pool, beach games, and Cabanas. Qetaifan Island beach lies in the most picturesque archipelago.

Banana Island

Banana Island is the epitome of comfort and thrill which offers every excitement and adventure you need. From boat riding to swimming and beach activities same as snorkeling, diving, windsurfing, and canoeing, you can try everything at this beach in Doha, Qatar.

It also allows travelers to dive. Although this island is a piece of beauty and elegance, the resort enhances its features too and makes it a wonderful beach.

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