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Terracity Shopping Mall of Antalya

Antalya is one of Turkey’s most popular beach cities, attracting many international tourists who come to enjoy the beautiful weather and tranquil and attractive hotels. In addition to the natural attractions, tourists may come and enjoy shopping in the city’s various retail complexes.

Terracity Shopping is one of the most important ones located in Lara area. Lara is the closest resort area to Antalya city center and is located 6 km east of Antalya and has beautiful pebble and sandy beaches.

Introducing Lara district in Antalya

Antalya is a city in the southern Mediterranean that borders Serik to the east and Kokotli to the west. The Lara area, where Terracity Shopping Center is also located, is mostly a tourist destination. Hundreds of hotels and entertainment centers have been built in this area for the purpose of local and foreign travelers, making Antalya one of Turkey’s most major tourism destinations. Antalya has been able to give numerous investments for Lara city and area since 2000, as well as attract many local and global investors to this region.

Lara beaches are also among the greatest and most famous in the region, attracting tourists who take a cheap Antalya trip every year. The Lara region features a beach that is around 2 million square meters in size, with two soccer fields, a beach soccer field, a beach volleyball field, a water park, a magnificent park, a skating rink, numerous sports clubs, and ten restaurants and cafés.

This location also offers a range of water sports such as jet skiing, surfing, boating, and sea paragliding. The Titanic Hotel, Royal Wings Hotel, and Club Sera are among the most well-known hotels in the Lara area. After Terracity, we can mention Magros and Depo shopping centers in this area, where reputable brands have sales representatives.

outdoor view of Terracity Shopping Center
outdoor view of Terracity Shopping Center

Introducing Terracity Shopping Center

Be sure to visit Terracity Shopping mall if you visit Turkey and the city of Antalya. You can shop with ease at this retail complex because of its great amenities and high-quality equipment and accessories. The boutiques at this upscale shopping mall are quite fashionable. More than 5000 square meters of space make up this sizable shopping mall.

This mall offers many discounts on items in different seasons of the year and you can take advantage of these discounts. This shopping center has four floors and there are all kinds of food, clothes, etc. in it. Since this shopping center is very big and wide, you can do most of your shopping from this center and save your time. This shopping center has 185 stores and has a very high variety of products.

This shopping center has a lot of restaurants where you can eat a variety of foods while you relax. A playground for kids is also located in this complex. It contains a variety of games to keep your kids occupied. To improve the security of passenger automobiles, this shopping center also offers a sizable parking area. The first retail mall to be constructed on the Antalya coast is the Terracity Shopping Center. Due to the long history of this center, good progress has been made and a better space has been provided for passengers.

Make sure to visit this shopping center and purchase a variety of products, including food, from this store. This center offers sells a range of branded, high-quality toys for your kids. It is best to purchase from this center’s shops if you want to get a selection of high-quality souvenirs because they are affordable and offered fresh.

view of outside of Terracity Shopping Mall, Antalya
view of outside of Terracity Shopping Mall, Antalya

The price of products in Terracity Mall

The cost of various goods at this store varies according to their quality and brand. Except in rare circumstances where highly costly goods are marketed, pricing at this retail mall is generally not excessive. Although it is impossible to give exact pricing for the products, this shopping center typically offers seasonal discounts when it is available, which can sometimes result in savings of up to 70% on the items.

Every year, many people take advantage of these reductions, which are offered for many days. The best time to shop is during this center’s sale festivals when the various businesses’ merchandise prices are set in accordance with the kinds of things they offer.

All kinds of products in Terracity

Terracity has a wide range of items. In this center, you may buy most products for people of all ages. All sorts of clothes, glasses, bags and shoes, audio and video, electrical gadgets, cosmetics, jewelry, many decorative things, sports clothes and goods, varied toys for children and teens, and many more goods are for sale at this shopping complex. Because of the exceptional quality of the items, not only tourists but even Antalya people visit this place to shop.

An inside-view of Terracity Shopping Mall, Antalya
An inside-view of Terracity Shopping Mall, Antalya

Recreation in Terracity Shopping Center

This shopping center’s top level is dedicated to recreation and relaxation. Among the finest aspects of this shopping mall are various sorts of activities for children and the availability of restaurants with large capacities. You’ll be spending a lot of time at this shopping complex, and your children, as well as yourself, will be hungry and exhausted.

It doesn’t take much for you to want to go to the hotel and come back; so you can easily go to restaurants and cafes and eat to your heart’s content. All kinds of Asian, Turkish, and fast food dishes are prepared in restaurants with the best ingredients.

Restaurant hygiene is really excellent, and you can order and consume many types of cuisine in a nice and clean environment. To improve the quality of the cuisine, many restaurants hire highly qualified chefs to prepare a range of meals. They work quickly, and the waiters are kind and nice.

Different parts of Terracity Antalya shopping center

There are many sections in the Terracity shopping complex where you may make individual purchases. The divisions of this store are well divided, and thanks to their excellent organization, it is simple to locate them. You navigate to the various sections based on your needs and then make your purchase. They provide a variety of accessories and have many divisions that are all divided up in this way. Together, let’s go through this shopping center’s key features.

Terracity Shopping Mall, Antalya, Turkey
Terracity Shopping Mall, Antalya, Turkey

1. Clothing:

Terracity clothing dealers, which account for more than 50% of the stores in this shopping center, are located on three floors. In these stores, there are foreign brands such as ZARA, BENETTON, GAP, MANGO and other famous brands, and in addition to them, there are also Turkish brands such as KOTON, which have more reasonable prices. For children’s clothing, there are famous brands such as PANCO, ADIDAS KIDS, Mother Kerr, B&G and CHICCO, which parents can visit and buy for their children.

2. Cosmetic:

This part, which is one of the most popular parts of the Terracity shopping center among women, has approximately 12 stores with the latest products of famous brands such as BODY SHOP, GOLDEN ROSE, FLORMAR, M.A.C, MEY KUAFOR, KIEHLS’S, OPTICITY, EMO OPTIK, SEPHORA, SEVIL, WATSONS and YILMAZ OPTIK, which are all top specialized brands of cosmetics and hygiene supplies.

3. Jewelry, Bags and Shoes

In Terracity, there are about 20 stores that offer a variety of bags and shoes products, among them, which are among the most famous brands in the world, we can mention Aldo and Nina West stores on the first floor, and Vetrina, Hotik and Desa on the ground floor of Terracity shopping center. In the jewelry and jewelry department, there are 15 stores in Terracity that offer the best and latest jewelry in Turkey. Among these stores, we can mention Pandora and Swarovski stores on the ground floor, Six on the first floor and Roberto Bravo on the second floor.

4. Home appliances and audio-visual

Tafal store, English Home and Apple store on the first floor, Zara store on the first floor and Samsung store on the second floor sell the best brands of home appliances and audio. Most of the space of Terracity shopping center is dedicated to the sale of these products. Audio and video equipment have many fans and many men go to these stores to buy.

The facilities of the Terracity commercial complex in Antalya

As it was said, this shopping center is one of the biggest shopping centers in Antalya and has great facilities for its buyers. Car parking, cinema, playgrounds for children and minors, and a food court with a capacity of 1000 people are among the other notable features of Terracity. We will discuss some of these facilities below.

1. Cinema Pink of the Terracity commercial complex

Terracity shopping mall features a very nice Cinema Pink brand cinema collection, which is one of the best in Antalya. This place offers five separate halls, one for animation and movies for children and teens and the other four for movie screenings. Cinema Pink theaters have up-to-date and sophisticated audio and video equipment, and with comfortable seats and a beautiful setting, they will provide you with a terrific experience for seeing appealing and current movies. Unfortunately, one of the shortcomings of this collection is the lack of 3D cinemas. There is no need to book a seat at this cinema, and if it is not an important movie in the first few days of its release, you can usually just buy a ticket and sit down to watch it. Also, to prepare drinks and snacks, you can buy them from the stall next to the cinema.

Cinema Pink of the Terracity commercial complex
Cinema Pink of the Terracity commercial complex

2. JOI Kids Playground

JOI Kids, which has a park in Istanbul, is a playground for children and offers games for this age group. The space of this park is well secured so that children can play safely for a few minutes. Also, the beautiful decor and attractive atmosphere. It makes these games more enjoyable for children. The slides that lead to the ball pool, several arcade games suitable for children, board games, computer games, etc. are among the games of this small park. There is also a large cafe next to the park. It is intended for adults to order a variety of drinks or food while watching their children.

3. Food and Drink

If you are a fan of famous fast food chains, then go and have a good time in Terracity. KFC, McDonald’s, and Burger King are all located in Terracity, as is a major Starbucks location. In total, this place has 17 cafes and restaurants, including ice cream shops, fruit juice shops, various cafes and several places to order sandwiches and Turkish fast food. There is a lot of variation in this sector, and an amazing sushi establishment named Sushi’m is also available in Terracity to round things off.

How to access Terracity Antalya shopping center

This shopping center is located next to the Mediterranean coast in the Lara area of Fener neighborhood. It has a very simple address and it is not difficult to find it. You can reach the Mediterranean coast by taxi or bus and walk to this shopping center after a few minutes. The exact address of this shopping center is in Muratpaşa, Fener neighborhood, Tekelioglu Caddesi Street. Every day of the week from ten in the morning to ten in the evening, it is at the service of travelers and buyers. This shopping center may be closed on some days of the year and holidays.

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