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All a Tourist Should Know before Travelling Turkey

Turkey is one of the most tourist countries in Middle East after UAE. This charming country with its numerous attractions attracts a large number of tourists every year. If you are one of those many people that like to visit Turkey and planning a trip to this glamorous country, weโ€™ve made a pocket list of some basic information that might help you in your visit to this country.

Stay with us to tell you all about the facts and tips that help you have a more pleasant stay in Turkey.

Cultural aspects of Turkey

  • Official language: Turkish
  • Capital: Ankara
  • Religions: more than 98% of Turkeyโ€™s population are registered as Muslims. The other 2 percent are recognized as Jews and Christians.
  • Population: around 85 million.
  • Weather: Turkey has 4 distinct climate zones which are black sea climate, Mediterranean climate, Terrestrial climate, and Marmara climate.
  • Currency: Lira is the official currency of Turkey.
  • Location: Turkey is a transcontinental country located both in western Asia and southern Europe. Turkey is a Middle Eastern country neighboring Iran and Iraq.
Tips for Travelling to Turkey
Tips for Travelling to Turkey

What to pack for a trip to Turkey?

As we mentioned before, Turkey has different climate zones and you have to determine your destinations and where you are planning to stay and pack your bags based on that locationโ€™s climate.

Turkey experiences the most rainfall in winter and spring. It also gets a bit chilly in winter and late fall. On the other hand, the summers of Turkey are not that hot. Turkey is a country with various kinds of vegetation from desert to coast and jungle. Make sure you are prepared to face all of them.

When is the best time to travel to Turkey?

The answer depends on whether you prefer cold and snowy weather or warm and humid weather. The other element that matters is the kind of recreation that you are planning on doing.

If you are a sun lover that enjoys water sports then you should visit Turkey in the summers and springs. If you are more comfortable with cool weather and like to experience winter sports then you should plan your trip to this country in winter or autumn.

Turkey Scenery
Turkey Scenery

Probable difficulties you might face as a tourist in Turkey

Toilet is a part of your trip that might be one of the uncomfortable parts of your stay in Turkey, especially for women. In tips for traveling women to Turkey, we told them that itโ€™s better that you always have some toilet paper with you when staying in Turkey.

Another thing that might cause you difficulty on your trip to Turkey is English speaking. Although in tourist cities and places of Turkey people understand English at least basic levels. But in some less popular places among tourists in Turkey, you will probably face a problem in communicating with locals.

PayPal and Wikipedia are banned in Turkey. PayPal is a very common platform worldwide but unfortunately, it is banned in Turkey. So, make sure that you find an alternative for it before you travel to Turkey. Add Wikipedia to that list.

Cultural norms and considerations you have to be aware of in Turkey

Turkey is very friendly to cats. You have to be aware that you Donโ€™t disrespect or bother them.

Most Turks are Muslim but they have a multicultural society and welcome every religion and culture.

Turks are very nationalist and have a strong sense of patriotism. Be aware of that when you are communicating with a Turk.

Turkey's official flag
Turkey’s official flag

Final words

Turkey is a picturesque country with a multicultural country and numerous attractions that please and attract a large number of tourists every year. We tried to give you a perspective of Turkey that might confuse a first-time visitor. Hope it helps you have a better stay in Turkey.

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