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Anything about Florya Aquarium, Istanbul, Turkey

Istanbul can be considered a world of attractions that can satisfy every taste. Florya Aquarium is one of these sites. If you have a positive relationship with fish and aquatic life, or if you are fascinated by the undersea environment, Florya Aquarium will appeal to you.

Istanbul Florya Aquarium is one of the world’s largest aquariums. This aquarium, located in Istanbul’s Florya retail mall, has marine and non-marine settings and a variety of colorful species. Throughout the year, numerous travelers visit this tourist attraction by purchasing plane tickets to Istanbul, and they all depart delighted.

Introducing Istanbul Florya Aquarium

Istanbul Florya Aquarium was created in 2011 with the world’s most modern facilities on two large levels and houses over 17 thousand animal species. You will first enter a 1.2 km long tunnel where you will learn about various fish and aquatic wildlife.

Interior of Istanbul Florya Aquarium
Interior of Istanbul Florya Aquarium

This aquarium is unlike any other in the world, and the newest technology have been employed to create informative and entertaining subjects. In fact, by visiting this aquarium, you will be able to appreciate the deep water while also learning about the culture and history of that area. Furthermore, the space of this aquarium has been reproduced in line with the most recent global requirements for living creatures in a healthy and realistic habitat.

Florya Aquarium was opened in 2011 in Florya, in the southwest of Istanbul, 5 km from Ataturk Airport, and today it is among the most well-known aquariums in the world due to the variety and volume of its aquatic animal species, which is about 1,500 different species. This aquarium is located in a 2-story building and has an area of about 22,000 square meters.

Getting to know the parts of the Istanbul Florya Aquarium

Florya Aquarium in Istanbul has different sections that are located one after the other. By passing through each of them, you will get to know the sea creatures, geographical conditions of the region and vegetation. Note that the length of the route that passes through the seven parts of the Istanbul Aquarium is about 1.2 km. Each of these aspects will be explained separately in the sections that follow.

Black Sea

The first part of the Istanbul Aquarium is the Black Sea. In this section, you will see all kinds of fish and aquatic animals of the Black Sea. It is interesting to know that the restored Noah’s Ark is one of the most attractive sights in the Black Sea region.

Black Sea
Black Sea


Once you see the Black Sea, you will enter the Bosphorus Strait of Istanbul. In this section, you will see all kinds of fish and sea creatures that live in the Bosphorus Strait. The Bosphorus Strait Aquarium is designed as two corridors. The Bosphorus Strait is a place for fish to enter the Black Sea. Part of the ground is glassy in this area. As a result, you can see the fish moving under your feet.

Sea of Marmara

You will encounter a surprise in the Sea of Marmara section. In the design and architecture of this section, the architecture of Istanbul Grand Bazaar is used. So that even parts of the important local mansions of Istanbul Marmara have been displayed in this section in the form of pictures. After seeing the Marmara neighborhood and the Grand Bazaar of Istanbul, you will reach the aquarium tank.

It is interesting to know that this aquarium tank is considered the largest aquarium tank in Istanbul. You will see different types of table fish, sharks and fish from the Marmara Sea in this section.

Dardanelles Strait

In this section, you will see the special types of fish in very large tanks. There are fish such as shank fish, Mullus in this area.

Dardanelles Strait
Dardanelles Strait

Aegean Sea

Aegean Sea is the fifth thing you will see in Florya Aquarium in Istanbul, in this section you can go on a historical journey with the fish. In addition to different types of fish, you will see Heteractis magnifica and crabs and even historical and mythological statues. As you know, Aegean Sea located between Turkey and Greece, and for this reason, the culture and civilization of Greece has been discussed in this section.

Suez Canal

You should not seek for fish in the Suez Canal. This section of the aquarium was not designed only to house aquatic species. Of course, you should be aware that this area is rich in attractions. The statue of Ferdinand de Lesseps, the French engineer who constructed the Suez Canal, is the first item you’ll see.

Red Sea

After watching the Suez Canal, you will enter the Red Sea. The aquariums in this part are filled with small and big and colorful fish. If you are very interested in the world of deep seas and fishes, take more time to watch this episode. In addition to aquatic life, you will see very beautiful and unique coral reefs in the aquarium waters.


In this section, we reach the South Pole. There are many signs of Antarctica in this part of the Florya Aquarium in Istanbul, including a small iceberg, unique fish and aquatic animals of this region, and cute penguins. The temperature of this part of the Antarctic continent is definitely lower than other parts.


Mediterranean Sea

There are many beautiful and amazing fish in the Mediterranean Sea. There are a few caves in this section which gives it a much more natural look.

Strait of Gibraltar, Istanbul Florya Aquarium

Once you visit the Mediterranean Sea, you will reach the Strait of Gibraltar. The aquarium located in this section is very beautiful and unique. You will definitely be surprised by watching the fish in this area. It is interesting to know that in the real world the Strait of Gibraltar is located in the Mediterranean Sea between Morocco and Spain. Aquarium designers have tried to create very real similarities in this part.

East of the Atlantic Ocean

This section of the Florya Aquarium in Istanbul is one of the most appealing and distinctive. This section has a very ancient ship. It was constructed by aesthetic design and refurbishment. This vessel is a Liberty cargo ship. During World War II, these ships represented American industrial strength. There are a lot of fish in this region.

Mid-Atlantic Ridge

In the next part, you will face the Mid-Atlantic Ridge, which is on the Liberty ship. From the windows on the ship, you can see all kinds of sharks, fish, dogfish, and seahorses.

West of the Atlantic Ocean

There are numerous tiny aquariums in these canals, and various types of aquatic species go through them. Each fish is beautiful in its own way.

Pacific Ocean

This section contains numerous aquariums containing Pacific Ocean aquatic species and fish. This section contains a huge monitor that displays different information. You may even see starfish, which is housed in one of these cylindrical tanks in the midst of this part.

Nautilus Submarine

It might be a little unusual for us to be on a real submarine. The good news is that it is possible to ride a submarine for visitors in this section. This is not a real submarine but a very good simulation. When you board this submarine, you will see creatures like hippos at a much smaller distance.

Amazon Rainforest in Florya Istanbul Aquarium

When you reach the Amazon rainforest section, your tour will end in this aquarium. This part has an area of about 1000 square meters and there is Amazon vegetation in a restored state. All kinds of fish from the Amazon are also living in this part of the Istanbul Aquarium.

Amazon Rainforest in Florya Istanbul Aquarium
Amazon Rainforest in Florya Istanbul Aquarium

Exciting entertainment in a cave of the aquarium of Florya Istanbul

In this aquarium, there are 2 5D cinemas that show 3D movies and simulate the elements of water, wind, and fog, creating a unique experience for the visitors. Of course, you have to pay a separate fee to go to the cinemas and watch 3D movies. In addition, there are several cafes along the way so that visitors can rest in them if they wish.

In Istanbul Aquarium, several types of entertainment are provided for visitors, including:

ย Diving with sharks

At the Istanbul Aquarium, you can swim with sharks and get a unique experience. Of course, you don’t need to be a professional for diving, you just need to know how to swim and the rest of the steps are done under the supervision of experienced instructors and a professional team. This tank contains more than twenty types of sharks.

Helicopter Ride Simulator

If you are looking for ordinary excitement, our suggestion is to get on the helicopter simulator, where you have to symbolically get on the helicopter and have a virtual tour.

Feeding the fish

One of the most interesting programs of the Istanbul Aquarium can be feeding the fish and sea creatures. Just note that this work is done at a certain time of the day and you have to be there at 3 pm; Feeding takes place in the western part of the Atlantic Ocean. But if you like to watch fish and sharks eating, you should go to the main tank at 11 am and witness this process closely.

How to go to Florya Istanbul Aquarium?

You can go to Istanbul Aquarium using public transport. All you have to do is take the bus line 73F and go from Taksim Square to Florya.

If you want to use the train, you should enter the Sirkeci station in Eminรถnรผ and go to YeลŸilkรถy. Get off again at Florya station to reach Istanbul. It is interesting to know that there are even free cars that will take you to the Istanbul Aquarium. These machines are located in 4 main stations between Sultan Ahmed and Taksim neighborhoods.

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