Shams Tabrizi Tomb and Mosque

An Introduction of Shams Tabrizi & his Tomb

The name of Konya is related to the name of one of Iran’s best poets. The most notable tourist destination in Konya is Maulana’s Mausoleum; however, historical attractions in Konya do not stop there. Shams Tabrizi mosque and tomb is one of the many attractions in Konya that attract tourists from all over the world each year. The Shams Tabrizi shrine, which is housed inside the mosque, is the major reason for its reputation. Of course, there are doubts about the burial place of Shams Tabrizi, and in most sources, his burial place is mentioned as Khoy city. However, visiting this mosque is not without pleasure.

Who is Shams Tabrizi?

Mohammad bin Ali bin Malik-e Dad, who we know as Shams Tabrizi, is one of the famous Iranian Sufis. The best description of Shams Tabrizi is the same sentence that Aflaki said about him: “The group of travelers who have a heart called him a bird because he traveled the land he had.” There is no information about Shams’ life, and the only surviving work of his is Shams’ articles, which include Shams’s speeches in Konya. These words of Rumi’s disciples were collected. Shams Tabrizi’s fame is mostly due to his meeting with Rumi and the effects he had.

The meeting of Shams Tabrizi and Molavi

Shams and Rumi first crossed paths in the year 642 AH. Rumi was one of Konya’s outstanding academics at the period, with a large following. Rumi transformed after meeting Shams and became interested in hearing and poetry. Shams and Rumi’s tight friendship, as well as his alterations, infuriated Rumi’s disciples to the point where Shams fled Konya. After a few months, Shams came to visit Rumi again, but this time he was a temporary contact. Shams left Konya for the second time and was not heard from after that.

Shams Tabrizi Tomb, Konya
Shams Tabrizi Tomb, Konya

History of Shams Tabrizi Tomb in Konya

Shams Tabrizi Mosque, which is known as “Shams maķāma” among the people of Konya, is a part of the Sharafuddin Mosque. This mosque is located inside Shams Park in Konya. Sharafuddin Mosque is one of the most important mosques in Konya and is said to have been built in the 12th century.

Shams Mosque was built a century after the construction of Sharafuddin Mosque on its northern side. This building was renovated in 1510 by Amir Ishak-Beg. There is a tomb inside the Shams Mosque, which is attributed to Shams Tabrizi.

Architecture of Shams Tabrizi Tomb

The first thing that is visible in Shams Mosque is the conical roof and two very beautiful windows located at the top and bottom of the building. This mosque consists of parts. The inner mosque has a simple roof. The tomb is located inside the mosque and is built in the form of a porch. This mausoleum is connected to the inside of the mosque by a beautifully carved Bursa wooden arch. The tomb of Shams Tabrizi is cone-shaped and made of stone. It is said that there is a mummy stored under the tomb.

Among the different parts of Maulana’s tomb in Konya, we can mention:

Mevlana’s tombstone

There are ten graves in this museum. A talakub cloth (gold-covered) is drawn over Rumi’s grave, and on his tombstone is the sentence, “Do not mark our grave on the ground; our grave is inside bright hearts.”

Venue of the event

The mystical ceremony of this tomb is held in three parts: the small mosque, the kitchen, and the paved area. These celebrations are accompanied by music, dancing, tambourines, violins, cymbals, guitars, bell rings, etc. All around Mevlana’s tomb in Konya, there are glass showcases in which valuable Qurans are kept.

Recitation room

Reciting an Arabic word means singing with a beautiful voice, but the recitation room has another use. In ancient times, this room was used for reciting the Quran, and in recent years, it was used for displaying historical and exquisite books.

The exterior of Shams Tabrizi Tomb, Turkey
The exterior of Shams Tabrizi Tomb, Turkey

Tomb Room

In this room, verses of the Qur’an can be seen in beautiful handwriting, and all its parts are decorated with inlays, stone carvings, paintings, and calligraphy.


In this mausoleum, a place called a kitchen is designed for Sufi beliefs and ceremonies. This place is located in the southwest part and has statues of traditional Turkish and Sufi clothes. The Sama dance ceremony is held in this part of the tomb.

Dervish cell

The Mevlana Museum has 17 cells, which were the place of soul cultivation for disciples, but today its use has changed!

The first four cells are used as the administrative department and the ticket counter, two cells are used for storing exquisite books, and the rest of the rooms are used for selling carpets and handicrafts.

Suggested Cost and Time to Visit the Tomb of Shams Tabrizi

There is no need to pay to visit Shams Mosque and Tomb, and you can visit the building for free. About 1 hour seems to be enough to visit the tomb of Shams.

Shams Tabrizi statue, konya
Shams Tabrizi statue, konya

When is the right season to visit the tomb of Shams Tabrizi?

The ideal season to travel to Konya in terms of weather and festivals is autumn. Also, in the winter season, due to fewer tourists, it is easier to find a cheap plane ticket and book a hotel at a reasonable price.

How to go to the tomb of Shams Tabrizi?

Shams Mosque and Tomb is located on Shams Street in Konya. Fortunately, this street has good access to public transportation, by using which you can easily visit the tomb of Shams.

Other Interesting Places near Shams Tabrizi Tomb

  • Mevlana Museum: 1.2 km
  • Ince Minare Museum: 1.3 km
  • Karatay Medresesi Museum: 1.6 km
  • Alaaddin Hill Park: 1.6 km

What hotels are there to stay near Shams Tabrizi tomb?

  • Mevlana Hotel: 260 meters
  • Basak Hotel: 260 meters
  • Hotel Ottoman: 280 meters
  • Selcuk Hotel Sems-i Tebrizi Konya: 450 meters

What restaurants and canteens are close to Shams Tabrizi tomb?

  • Havzan Etli Ekmek Restaurant: 700 meters
  • Bolu Lokantasi: 750 meters
  • Ali Baba Firin Kebap: 850 meters
  • Beyaz Döner Konya: 1.6 km
View of Shams Tabrizi Mosque, Turkey
View of Shams Tabrizi Mosque, Turkey

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