Exploring the Serenity of Safa Park in Dubai

Finding Peace and Relaxation in the Heart of Dubai at Safa Park

Safa Park is a large city park that spans 64 hectares and can be found along Sheikh Zayed Road, 10.53 kilometers southwest of Dubai’s historic downtown. Sheikh Zayed Road, Al Wasl Road, Al Hadiqa Street, and 55th Street form the park’s outskirts. There are three mermaids, over 200 bird species, and 16,924 plant species in the park.

The park is mostly composed of grass-covered ponds, but it also features a small forest and a hilltop overlooking the grounds. A waterfall cascades down the hillside, while the largest lake is home to a fountain and speedboats. There are 4 entrances to the park, one from each street bordering it.

History of Dubai’s Safa Park

Let’s take a peak into the park’s past before we examine the park’s hive of activity in further depth. Located on the fringes of modern Dubai, it first opened its doors in 1975.

Safa Park, Dubai
Safa Park, Dubai

Established in 1975, Safa Park is located in a remote area of Dubai. Illegal immigrants from South Asia inhabited the area prior to the start of construction. They stayed in makeshift dwellings without running water. The government of Dubai bent over itself to accommodate the employment needs of these undocumented workers. Later, amnesty was granted to the immigrants, and they were relocated away from the park’s construction site.

The park underwent revitalization in 1984 and again between 1989 and 1992. The initial improvement included new restroom facilities and an indoor play area. The park has just been upgraded with brand-new recreation and service facilities. Today, Safa Park is only 3.05 kilometers from the Burj Khalifa and is located at the city’s epicenter. Due to Dubai’s rapid development, skydivers are taking over the park in record time.

Dubai's Safa Park
Dubai’s Safa Park

Highlights of Safa Park in Dubai

Families staying in villas in Al Wasl, Al Safa, or Jumeirah will appreciate Safa Park’s convenient location. In the fall and winter, this makes the location a gathering place for locals. Safa Park features a football field, BBQ grills, a jogging track, an amphitheater, train rides, and a play area for youngsters, among many other attractions.

Because of its position, the park is a verdant haven surrounded by urban sprawl. It’s a break from the chaos of daily life for those in Dubai. More than 200 species of birds and 16,924 types of vegetation, shrubs, and trees call Al Safa Park home.

Many species of migrating birds stop at the park each season before continuing their journey. The park’s convenient location, beautiful landscaping, and an array of amenities make it a top pick among Dubai’s parks.

Highlights of Safa Park in Dubai
Highlights of Safa Park in Dubai

The park is one of the popular spots for families with children. Kids may enjoy the outdoors in safety and comfort thanks to the specially built play spaces. Children may have fun on the park’s slides, monkey bars, see-saws, and swing sets.

The train rides that take guests on a round of Safa Park Dubai are extremely well-liked. The train stops at more than 9 different locations around the enormous 64-acre park in Dubai. Green, groomed lawns with a variety of flowers and trees comprise more than 80% of the park. If you don’t feel like walking, the park’s train will carry you to several locations, including the Safa Park gates.

Safa Park in Dubai
Safa Park in Dubai

Women may relax and spend time with their families in a special garden in Safa Park. Fencing surrounds the women-only area for safety reasons. The park is made more beautiful by the abundance of trees and plants, and taking a break in the shade is a great way to unwind.

Safa Park is popular among locals and tourists alike since it is adjacent to the stunning Dubai Canal. While out for a run or a stroll, take in the serene waters of the Dubai Canal from one of the many pedestrian bridges that cross over it. Photographers will love the stunning backdrop of the glittering Dubai Canal.

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