From Etisalat Tower to Masfout: Top 11 Attractions in Ajman

Explore Ajman's Rich History and Culture with These 11 Tourist Hotspots

The lovely emirate of Ajman may be found tucked away on the United Arab Emirates Gulf coast. Ajman is a visual delight with its breathtaking beaches, thriving culture, and cutting-edge conveniences.

Ajman is home to some of the world’s most impressive shopping complexes and centers, providing a wealth of options for the fashion-conscious. Tourists flock to Ajman because the city is recognized for its welcoming atmosphere and pleasant inhabitants.

Ajman is proof that sometimes the best things in life may be found in unexpected places. Ajman, one of the major cities in the United Arab Emirates, may only be 260 square kilometers in size, but it is jam-packed with amazing sights.

When compared to other Emirates like Dubai, Abu Dhabi, or Sharjah in terms of glitz and wealth, Ajman might not cut it. But if you’re considering a trip to the United Arab Emirates, Ajman is home to some fantastic attractions that shouldn’t be missed. The top attractions in Ajman are listed below.

Top 11 tourist attractions in Ajman
Top 11 tourist attractions in Ajman

Top 11 tourist attractions in Ajman

If the preview sparked your interest, check out our Ajman attractions collection to learn more about and experience the best of this wealthy region.

  1. Etisalat Tower
  2. Ajman Marina
  3. Ajman Corniche
  4. Ajman City Center
  5. Sheikh Zayed Mosque
  6. Masfout
  7. Al Zorah Natural Reserve
  8. Ajman Dhow Yard
  9. Ajman National Museum
  10. Seneyah Island
  11. Dreamland Aqua Park

Etisalat Tower

Near the Ajman Immigration and Ajman Police General Directorate lies the 17-story Etisalat Tower, which is designed like a giant spherical. This is a public structure that stands out as a national treasure for its stunning design.

The distinctive architecture and architectural features of a mosque make it stand out. The blue and pink colors are a sight to behold for every visitor to the city. This building’s cutting-edge design is symbolic of the progress made in this part of the emirate. The Tower is one of the most known in Ajman because of the enormous golf ball perched on its roof.

The Etisalat Tower, a 17-story landmark in Ajman that is capped with a massive spherical, is a popular attraction in Ajman. Its distinctive mosque-like design sets it to distinguish it from other skyscrapers.

Etisalat Tower
Etisalat Tower

Ajman Marina

You may stroll to Ajman Marina from Ajman Corniche in just a few minutes. Cyclists, pedestrians, joggers, and families with young children enjoy this area. There are about 30 structures here, including a yacht club that seems amazing. A visitor may discover a wide variety of entertainment options, hotels, shops, and restaurants, as well as a large shopping center, in this area. The abundance of amenities in this lace makes it one of Ajman’s top attractions.

Ajman Hotel by Blazon Hotels, Ajman Saray, a Luxury Collection Resort, and many others are only two of the several 5-star hotels in Ajmal Marina. Tourists flock to this area of Ajman because of the warm welcome they receive, the abundance of fun things to do, and the delicious food. Sheikh Humaid Bin Rashid Al Nuaimi Street is also home to the Ajman Beach Hotel.

Ajman Corniche

Only by taking a stroll along the Corniche can one appreciate Ajman’s stunning coastline. You may take the kids for a stroll and have a beach picnic here. The majority of the emirate’s social gatherings take place here.

The greatest time to visit and take in the sights is on the weekend when the nightlife is at its peak. The nighttime views from here are some of the best in all of Ajman, making it one of Ajman’s best attractions.

Beach Zora and Ajman Beach are both great places for tourists to swim and relax. Don’t leave without trying the local fare at one of the many beachside restaurants. Ajman’s municipal government has revamped it to attract a larger audience.

Ajman Corniche
Ajman Corniche

Ajman City Center

Ajman City Center is one of the top attractions in Ajman if you enjoy shopping. The smallest emirate’s best options for shopping with kids may be found here. Here you may shop at stores including Aido, Charles & Keith, Carter’s, H&M, Mothercare, R&B, Axiom, Share DG, Damas Jewellery, Jawhara, and Centrepoint. The area also features a number of specialist shops, like Emirates Driving Institute and Carrefour.

If you feel hungry or weary of walking about the mall, you may stop for a bite to eat at one of the area’s many foreign fast-food chains that call this location home. Fun activities, including games and rides, may be found in plenty at this shopping center. The nine-screen Vox Cinemas multiplex is open to moviegoers.

Sheikh Zayed Mosque

Located near Ajman University, the Sheikh Zayed Ajman Mosque is around 25 kilometers from both Sharjah and Dubai and about 7 kilometers from the nearest bus stop. This is one of Ajman’s most popular attractions, and it’s also one of the top places to see the city’s stunning scenery without spending any money.

Humaid bin Rashid Al Nuaimi, the Ruler of Ajman, is rumored to have constructed this mosque in honor of his late father, Sheikh Rashid bin Humaid Al Nuaimi. The intricate design and intricately carved walls of this mosque have made it famous.

There is enough room for 2500 worshipers in the mosque’s main prayer hall. Ajman is home to a number of important religious buildings, making this one of the city’s most visited attractions. Visit this holy place and soak in the Lord’s presence with every breath you take.

Sheikh Zayed Mosque
Sheikh Zayed Mosque


Masfout, with its tranquil atmosphere, pleasant temperatures, and stunning mountain vistas, is one of Ajman’s best attractions. Its location in the stunning Hajar Mountains is hard to beat. Among the various activities available in Ajman, visiting this landlocked village is high on visitors’ lists.

Furthermore, it’s developed into an exciting tourist spot with an abundance of fun activities to do for the whole family to do and beautiful sights to see. The area is situated close to Hatta, around 90 minutes from Ajman proper. Additionally, the community emanates deep cultural feelings due to the historical origins of the UAE’s tribes.

Al Zorah Natural Reserve

Luxury villa residential neighborhoods, beachfront hotel resorts, and recreational amenities, including a golf course and boat marina, make up the new Al-Zorah coastal development on the northern side of Ajman Creek.

However, the Al-Zorah Nature Reserve is the major draw for tourists who aren’t staying in the resorts and is one of Ajman’s top attractions. About two kilometers of mangrove forest are preserved here because they provide critical habitat for migrating birds like flamingos.

Quest for Adventure, a local firm based out of Al-Zorah’s marina, offers very educational guided kayaking excursions of the mangrove jungle.

The trips (which must be reserved in advance) are enjoyable for those who are interested in bird-watching as well as those who just like to enjoy the natural sights of the stunning mangrove forest.

Tours may be taken during the day or at night, and for those who aren’t sure how to paddle a kayak, an electric canoe is offered. Tours are led by knowledgeable naturalist guides who focus on the mangrove ecosystem. It’s a terrific family-friendly outdoor activity for kids over the age of four.

Al Zorah Natural Reserve
Al Zorah Natural Reserve

Ajman Dhow Yard

Located in Ajman Marina on the northern bank of Ajman Creek, the Dhow Yard is one of Ajman’s popular tourist destinations and the largest dhow-building hub in the world. Dhows are constructed without the use of plans or modern machinery, instead relying on the tools and expertise of previous generations.

Although these lateen-sailed vessels are still used to move cargo between ports in the UAE, dhows are now more commonly constructed for tourist cruise purposes and other recreational applications than for their original function as pearling boats and cargo ships.

The speedboats that race in Dubai are also built at the Dhow Yard in Ajman. It is one of the few areas where a significant number of traditional dhows are still being made.

Ajman National Museum

About 25 kilometers from both Sharjah and Dubai can be found the Ajman National Museum, which can be found in the Al Bustan area of Ajman and is just 500 meters from the Ajman bus station. It is widely assumed to be among the top tourist attractions in Ajman and the United Arab Emirates.

The fort’s magnificent doorway is defended by two cannons; besides, the structure comprises two watchtowers and two wind towers. Ancient artifacts and ways of life from the past are on display in this museum.

Documents, photographs, and official manuscripts are on display in one gallery to chronicle the history of Ajman’s rise to Emirate status. One gravesite had artifacts as old as 3000 B.C., including ceramics and burial ornaments.

Ajman National Museum
Ajman National Museum

Seneyah Island

Migratory birds use the chain of islands off the coast of Ajman city, which is bordered by mangrove woods. Seneyah Island, the largest of the group, is a stunning natural refuge from the bustling metropolis of the United Arab Emirates. It is also home to Al Qaram trees, which are endemic to the country.

The island is a popular day excursion for Dubai residents who are interested in the natural environment of the Gulf and also is one of Ajman’s top attractions to visit. This is one of the top p in the UAE for birdwatchers.

Avid bird watchers can see a variety of species on the shallow mud flats, such as flamingos, herons, terns, and plovers. You may possibly get sight of a Socotra cormorant. Located 19 km from Umm Al-Quwain and 39 km from Ajman, the island is within easy reach for a day excursion by boat.

Dreamland Aqua Park

The Al Zorah Reserve, established in 2004 to protect the area’s natural resources, is home to over 102 species of local and migratory birds, including the endangered pink flamingo making it one of the best attractions in Ajman. The area’s abundance of native flora and fauna, as well as the abundance of corals, fish, mollusks, and other marine life, draw visitors and researchers alike.

The Grey Mangroves are visible in this area. The tranquil waters are ideal for adventurous water sports like wakeboarding and stand-up paddleboarding, while kayaking provides the finest access to the mangroves. At the end of the day, relax at one of the many riverside cafés or restaurants serving delicious, fragrant cuisine.

Dreamland Aqua Park
Dreamland Aqua Park

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