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All a tourist should know about Ao Yon Beach in Thailand

In actuality, there are two Ao Yon Beaches south of Cape Panwa that are divided by a rocky section. Although there is a sizable shrimp farm on the smaller Ao Yun beach, it is still incredibly charming and practically uninhabited. The view of Chalong Bay and Lun Island from this area is distinctive. On the far western end of the beach, where a cool breeze blows from the top of the hill to the sea, locals sit in the shade of trees, and kids play. Behind the beach, there is a waterfall.

The bigger Ao Yun Beach is accessible by ascending the slope behind this beach and turning around the road’s bend. Here, it is preferable to leave your car parked on the main road and proceed to the beach on foot through one of the several seaside walks. The Ao Yon beach is a jewel that shines at all times of the day. If someone had created it, he would undoubtedly have come under fire for employing too many clichรฉs, such as the fine white beach, the swaying coconut palms, the sunlight-glittering waves, and the clear blue sea.

Ao Yon Beach facilities

This beach is inhabited by locals, so establishing a business there is not appealing to them. So, this beach has no facilities, however, if you want to rent a long boat you can ask the locals.

Ao Yon Beach, Thailand
Ao Yon Beach, Thailand

Ao Yon Beach activities

On the weekends, Thai people enjoy having a picnic at Ao Yun Beach since it’s a nice location to unwind in the shade. Just remember to take all your belongings and trash with you when you leave because the locals are tired of cleaning up after tourists leave Thailand.

This cove is an excellent area for them to anchor, and it is home to the Phuket Yacht Club. There are many boats here, and the local youngsters may enjoy lots of entertaining events on the weekends. Although swimming is permitted, there is nowhere to snorkel. Swimmers should be aware that they shouldn’t go near the 150-meter-off-the-shore pearl fields.

Ao Yon Beach scenery

The thick woods and high limestone cliffs that surround Ao Yon Beach are breathtaking. There are several coral reefs to explore, and the water is immaculately pure.

Ao Yon Beach restaurants and hotel

On the bigger Ao Yun beach, there are no restaurants, but on the smaller beach, a little booth serves food. There is a pizzeria at the top of the hill. On a Thailand vacation, you may book accommodations at the Panwa Boutique Beach Resort, Cape Panwa Hotel, or the opulent Sri Panwa Phuket Hotel to be the closest to the beach.

View of Ao Yon Beach in Thailand
View of Ao Yon Beach in Thailand

How to Get There

There are various options to get to the beach. Here’s a sample:

Access the Cape Panwa east coast road (Novotel Hotel side). It is possible to get there by taking Sakdidet Road into Cape Panwa and turning right at the Novotel Hotel signage. On Cape Panwa’s east shore, you will come across Khao Khat Road.

After passing Khao Khat Beach and continuing south along Khao Khat Road, the road will bear a left and descend to Ao Yon after climbing a hill.

You will eventually reach the average side of the beach if you keep going. Before that, though, there should be a model giraffe and a sign that reads “Beach Bar” and points down a hill. You should leave your car parked on the side of the road and stroll a hundred yards to the lovely beach.

Thailand's Ao Yon Beach
Thailand’s Ao Yon Beach

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