Art Consultancy by Anima Gallery: From Concept to Installation

A comprehensive approach to art consultation, from initial design to final installation, tailored to each project's needs

In March 2012, Anima Gallery was founded with a focus on the two primary facets of exhibiting and art advice. Paintings, sculptures, works on paper, and prints are just a few of the genres and mediums represented in the gallery’s collection by emerging, seasoned, and recognized artists.

On the Pearl of Qatar, a man-made island off the coast of Doha, the private Anima Gallery hosts five shows of modern art every year in its spacious open area. This gallery hosts exhibits as well as a program of gallery talks and casual lectures that deal with local, regional, and worldwide contemporary art.

The Anima Gallery has swiftly established itself as a significant player in Qatar’s cultural art scene with to its high-caliber exhibits, collection displays, artist commissions, educational tools, and stylish art lounge. The works of Lebanese sculptor and painter Nadim Karam and female conceptual artist Amal Al-Atem were included in this gallery’s earlier shows. The museum also houses Anima Lounge, a spacious café with a focus on nutritious food.

Anima Gallery, Doha
Anima Gallery, Doha

Anima Gallery | Eruption

In front of the creative community, visitors, and media representatives, Anima Gallery and Msheireb Properties opened the art show “Eruption,” which featured one-of-a-kind pieces by international artists.

The moving art show “Eruption” draws on the transformative power of art to foster conversation and introspection on the themes of change, upheaval, and transformation that characterize our day. In order to investigate the myriad influences that influence our lives, it draws on the hazy border between reality and fiction.

The exhibition features a vast assortment of artists from across the world, including new talents and recognized masters, and covers a wide spectrum of creative disciplines, from sculpture and painting to digital and sculptural installation. Each artist approaches the idea of the eruption from a distinctive point of view, weaving together a rich and varied tapestry of perspectives that reflect the complexity of our world.

Anima Gallery in Doha
Anima Gallery in Doha

The exhibition is a component of the art and cultural fairs that Msheireb Downtown Doha sponsors in order to support Qatar’s creative movement. These fairs are organized in partnership with renowned national and international organizations. Such occasions provide attendees and the general public with a distinctive opportunity to experience the newest trends in both traditional and modern arts.

Eruption Artists

The engaging artists, listed in alphabetical order, are Amal Al Aathem, Anachar Basbous, Anastasia Nysten, Clara Carvajal, Houmam Al Sayyed, Jean Boghossian, Jumanah Abbas, Mahmoud Obaidi, Maryam Al Homaid, Morrison Pierce, Nadim Karam, Nicolas Panayotou, Nourbanu Hijazi, Peter Zimmermann, Said Baalbaki, Tamara Haddad, Yasmina Nysten, and Zheng Lu.

From 10 May to 10 June 2023, a dedicated gallery in Sikkat Alwadi (near the MGallery Hotel) in Msheireb Downtown Doha will host the “Eruption” exhibition. Daily hours of operation for the exhibition are 10 AM to 5 PM.

Anima Gallery in Doha, Qatar
Anima Gallery in Doha, Qatar

Art Consultancy

A wide variety of specialist services are provided by the Anima Gallery art consultant, each of which is catered to the unique requirements of a given project. They provide complete art consultation solutions, from idea through design, manufacture, and global installation.

Their extensive project management experience guarantees that each project is carefully planned, carried out, and delivered within the allotted timeline and budget. From the earliest design to the final installation, their knowledgeable team mentors the Project Team and provides insightful guidance at every level.

They maintain strong communication with their customers and invest the necessary time to fully comprehend their specific needs and expectations. They obtain a thorough awareness of the crucial aspects required by the project by working closely with artists and designers.

Anima Gallery, Doha, Qatar
Anima Gallery, Doha, Qatar

They also carefully evaluate the advice of structural experts and do a lot of studies on installation techniques. Their knowledge includes giving data required for the efficient progress of site construction, including lighting and landscaping. They painstakingly create thorough building and assembly drawings as well as precise construction and installation schedules.

They give their clients a final cost quote that takes into consideration all pertinent elements in order to ensure transparency and clarity. Their dedication to expertise and competence guarantees that your art project is performed properly and has a significant effect.


Anima Gallery is located on the pier of The Pearl artificial island and deals with local and regional art, but also exhibits international contemporary art. In this gallery, there is also a very good cafe where you can enjoy healthy foods and juices.

View of Anima Gallery, Doha, Qatar
View of Anima Gallery, Doha, Qatar

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