Ain Khalid Family Park: Qatar Tranquil Retreat for Families

Escape the City and Enjoy Nature's Beauty at this Southwest Doha Park

Ain Khalid Family Park is a great place for all family members. All Qatar tour passengers can go to this park knowing the Qatari rules and enjoy their time in this Qatari park located in the southwest of Doha. You will be protected from the city’s commotion.

Ain Khalid Family Park with its green space and diverse trees is the best place to escape from the heat of Qatar to sit under the shade of trees. Green grass, playground, basketball court, etc. are just a few of the facilities that are ideal for everyone’s entertainment. In this beautiful park, there is a playground that includes a variety of slides, climbing paths, and other games.

Trees, gazebo, benches in Ain Khalid
Trees, gazebo, benches in Ain Khalid

You will find palm trees near the entrance and inside the Ain Khalid Family Park. The presence of stout and magnificent trees gives this place a special freshness. Everything is not limited to these and tourists can also enjoy the ideal access to the Jurassic Coast. You may also visit local eateries like McDonald’s if you’d want to satisfy your tummy with a variety of delectable foods.

There is just one access gate to the Ain Khaled Family Park, and it faces a mosque and parking spaces. For those who walk or jog inside the park, the entrance opens as early as five a.m.

Children’s play area

When you enter, the kids’ play area will greet you. The playground, which includes several slides, climbing frames, monkey bars, and a miniature amusement ride, takes up a sizable portion of the park. The play area is well-shaded to shield kids from the sun, particularly in the summer. The play area is next to the restrooms.

Children's play area in Ain Khalid
Children’s play area in Ain Khalid

Trees, gazebo, benches

In addition to a row of palm trees near the gate, the Ain Khaled Family Park is home to a large number of magnificent, enormous trees. Additionally, you are welcome to relax beneath the trees’ cover whenever you feel like taking a break from walking or running. The park also has a single gazebo and a few wooden benches.

Basketball/football court

A full-sized arena for play is accessible in the Ain Khaled Family Park, and it has been separated into two halves: one for football and one for basketball. A wonderful place to hone your ball abilities is here.

Walking, jogging track

The road within the Ain Khaled Family Park is a favorite with tourists, whether for a morning jog or a nighttime stroll. You may enjoy the beauty of nature all around you whenever you want while working off some calories on the track because it is well-lit at night.

Ain Khalid
Ain Khalid

Corner green space

This spare room is set aside for special events where a small group of people may meet. However, if you want to have a celebration inside the park, advance permission from the municipality is necessary. Ask the on-duty security guard for more information. Additionally, provided the ball is soft and light, young children can play ball in this region.

What’s not allowed at the Ain Khaled Family Park?

  • Only in the approved areas and with a light ball are youngsters under 10 allowed to play football.
  • Without parental supervision, kids are not permitted to access the park.
  • Inside the park, animals are not permitted.
  • Fireworks, crackers, campfires, and barbecues are not permitted.
  • Inside the park, selling products is prohibited absent local government clearance.
  • Scooters, rollerblades, and bicycles are prohibited inside the park.
  • The absence of a man’s family is prohibited.
  • Without the consent of the municipality, celebrations or festivities are prohibited.
  • It is forbidden to litter, take flowers, harm plants, or damage facilities.
Ain Khalid Family Park
Ain Khalid Family Park


  • Address: Doha, Qatar
  • Visiting time: 5 am to 11 pm
  • Entrance fee: free
  • Recreation is available: Children and adults can enjoy games and rides, a running track, and benches to rest.


Ain Khalid Family Park is situated in a peaceful neighborhood. This park is ideal for families who wish to spend a quiet moment wandering, observing kids play, studying a book, taking in the clean air, or just observing the park’s beauty.

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