The Childhood Fantasy: take a Hot Air Balloon Ride in Doha

Capture Unforgettable Memories: Take Stunning Photos as You Float Above Doha

A hot air balloon flight is a must-do event that comes true fantasies, offers breathtaking vistas, and leaves memories to remember forever. It may be the fulfillment of a childhood fantasy, a thrilling experience, or a romantic journey. A hot air balloon journey of a lifetime will provide you with breathtaking views of the Doha skyline.

Enjoy breathtaking 360-degree vistas as the nation is enchantingly lit up by daybreak. Whether you are thinking of a balloon ride with friends or family or alone, with the various packages, the needs of every passenger can be easily met. One of the finest things to do in Qatar is take a balloon ride above the city of Doha, which may be a unique and thrilling experience when there.

A hot air balloon flight will allow you to experience the dawn in the Arabian sky, breathe in the morning air, and take in breathtaking views of the desert, the sea, the Persian Gulf, and the neighboring cities. Each tourist’s demands are met by a variety of packages that come with a range of circumstances to enjoy this thrilling activity. Typically lasting 45 minutes, you can participate in this intriguing experience alone, with friends, or as a couple.

Balloon Ride in Doha
Balloon Ride in Doha

What to expect in balloon ride above the city of Doha

  1. Fly high and take in the beautiful scenery with a 360-degree panoramic of Qatar.
  2. Take part in a special adventure by hot air ballooning above Doha.
  3. Fly early in the morning to capture the splendor of the dawn and indulge in its brightness.
  4. Take to the sky in a hot air balloon, and capture some breathtaking images for memories.
  5. Whether traveling alone or in a big company, experiencing is one of the greatest ways to explore Qatar. Rides on Private Hot Air Balloons Our personalized hot air balloon rides are the ideal choice for an anniversary, wedding, or engagement gift for your favorite pair. Enjoy some of Qatar’s most breathtaking vistas while feeling like a VIP in your very own private basket! A very wonderful present idea to celebrate any special event.

    hot air ballooning above Doha
    hot air ballooning above Doha
  6. Daily sunrise hot air balloon rides are offered. You can also reserve private transportation.
  7. You should wear cozy clothing and strong enclosed footwear, such as sneakers or shoes. You will need to get into and out of the basket, so wear pants.
  8. Time in the air: About 45 minutes or more. The wind is a factor.
  9. About five distinct takeoff points are available for Asfary in Doha. Each balloon trip is different because it follows the wind.
  10. The balloon flight comes to an end elsewhere. Then, transportation is given back to the starting location.
  11. Children under the age of eight cannot be flown. Only when a competent adult is present and the youngster is over 4’6″ tall will a child under the age of 16 be allowed to fly.

    hot air ballooning above Doha, Qatar
    hot air ballooning above Doha, Qatar
  12. Flights may be postponed till the next morning if the weather does not permit.
  13. Asfary conducts balloon flights as soon after sunrise as possible, but the experience is reliant on the weather and wind.
  14. At the current moment, the ride costs QAR 999 per person on weekdays and QAR 1499 per person on weekends. For a group of six, a family package or private ride is available for QAR 5999.
  15. Since the city is tranquil and quiet on the weekends, it is advised that you visit.
  16. At the conclusion of the ride, Karak, water, and a sandwich are served.

When to go

All 12 months of the year, hot air balloon rides over Doha’s skyline may give breathtaking views, but you’ll need to verify with the operator for available dates. The most stunning view of the city may be captured just before daybreak. A stunning array of pink, orange, and purple hues fill the sky. You won’t want to put down your camera ever again!

Doha, Qatar
Doha, Qatar

Field tips

  • Considering how cramped the hot air balloon is, be kind to others.
  • Bring a versatile lens (24-70mm). As you soar in the hot air balloon, you won’t be able to swap lenses.
  • When constructing your photo, keep the rule of thirds in mind; fascinating subjects to focus on include the sky, the cityscape, and low-lying structures.
  • Continue taking pictures! The vibrant sky will be continually changing color at sunrise.

Terms & Conditions

1. Safety Requirements for Travel

Outdoor adventure activities include hot-air ballooning. You should wear cozy clothing and securely enclosed footwear (boots, sneakers).

Even if they are carried out under the supervision of pilots who take all necessary safety procedures to ensure their safety, ballooning activities necessarily carry the possibility of physical hazards larger than those faced in daily life. Passengers participating in such ballooning activities are deemed to be fully aware of these hazards.

You must make sure that you are fit to travel because we lack the authority to validate your suitability. If you have newly had surgery, primary medical circumstances, or both, you cannot travel without a doctor’s certification of your competence to do so. If you are expecting or under the influence of drugs, you cannot fly.

hot air ballooning, Doha, Qatar
hot air ballooning, Doha, Qatar

2. Minimum Age Requirement

Children under the age of eight cannot be flown by us. Only when a competent adult is present and the youngster is over 4’6″ tall will a child under the age of 16 be allowed to fly.

3. Changing dates

You may switch your reservation to any other date with “no additional fee” with 7 days or less notice.

4. Weather Cancellation / Delays for Balloon flights

Flights may be postponed till the next morning, depending on the weather, if it permits. You always have the option to choose another adventure if you can’t postpone. An amount equal to the return will be treated as a credit note that may be applied to any experience that Asfary offers. From the date of cancellation or revision, the credit note is valid for 6 months. Utilization of the credit amount is contingent upon experience being available.


Viewing Doha from high altitudes with a hot air balloon ride should definitely be interesting. Incredible views of the desert, the city, the Persian Gulf, and beyond, having a panoramic image makes a Qatar tour even more exciting. Experience the sunrise in the sky of Qatar and enjoy the fresh morning air in the first hours of the day.

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