The Ecological of Abu Nakhla Park: Flora & Fauna in Harmony

Guidelines for a Safe and Enjoyable Visit: Limitations & Regulations at Abu Nakhla Park

Located in the Al-Shahaniya municipality, Abu Nakhla is one of Qatar‘s districts. There was once a significant settlement here, but by the turn of the 21st century, it had all but been abandoned. It was a separate district in zone 81 in the 2004 census, along with Al Mukaynis. However, both districts were subsequently absorbed into Mebaireek. After the creation of the new municipality of Al-Shahaniya in 2014, Abu Nakhla was relocated there from the Al Rayyan Municipality.

The area is home to the sole water park in all of Qatar. The Hamad Medical Corporation runs a hospital in this area to serve the residents of the neighboring Doha Industrial Area.

In Arabic, “Abu” means “father” and is often used as a place name. As there was just one palm tree in the region, the second word, “nakhla,” was selected because it is the native word for the palm tree.

Flora & fauna of Abu Nakhla Park

The government-funded effort to build reservoirs in the country includes five potential locations, and Abu Nakhla is one of them. The reservoirs, if finished, will have a total length of 650 km and will cost QR 14.5 billion to build, making them the largest in the world in their category. The project’s first stage was wrapped up in June of 2018.

Abu Nakhla Park
Abu Nakhla Park

The area is on the boundary of Al Rayyan Municipality and Al-Shahaniya Municipality and is about 15 kilometers (9.3 miles) from the center of Doha.

A depression (rawda) in Abu Nakhla has been receiving sewage from Doha since 1985. The depression has transformed into a 2–3 km pond as a result of the slow and constant rainfall experienced throughout the rainy season.

Increased bug populations, bad aromas, and seepage into aquifers are just a few of the lengthy list of complaints from locals regarding the pond’s impact on the environment and their health. People also tend to believe that the sewage water is untreated and hence dangerous to their health. The region around the pond was studied in 2014 and 2015 to determine the environmental risks that it presented.

According to the results, the pond’s lithology is made up of two different members of the Dammam Formation, both of which date back to the Eocene epoch. The shallow aquifer, brittle geology, and numerous cracks and fractures in the former member render it vulnerable to pollution by pond runoff.

View of Abu Nakhla Park
View of Abu Nakhla Park

Due to the advanced filtering methods used in Qatar, the pond’s water quality has been confirmed to have minimal levels of bacterial pollutants. Heavy metal concentrations were also shown to be safe.

Frogs, fish, and at least 260 different kinds of birds are just some of the creatures that have made their home in and around the pond. There are about 150 greater flamingos in the region. The area is also rich in plant life, with about 10% of Qatar’s recorded plant species being found here.

Attractions in Abu Nakhla Park (Aqua Park)

In October 2010, Abu Nakhla, Qatar, became the site of the country’s first water park. The park was designed and built by the Cypriot Firm Aqua Masters, and it is managed by the Kuwaiti firm Al Jazeera Entertainment Enterprises Company.

The park’s 50,000 square meters of space may hold as many as three thousand people at once. Next to the park, a 300,000-square-foot (27,900-square-meter) resort is being built.

View of Abu Nakhla Park, Doha
View of Abu Nakhla Park, Doha

Laws & Limitations of Abu Nakhla Park

  • Minors must be accompanied by an adult at all times.
  • They don’t let men in without their families.
  • No animals are allowed inside the park.
  • Children 5-12 years old should only play football in approved areas and with a lightweight ball.
  • No open flames, grilled foods, crackers, or pyrotechnics are permitted.
  • Scooters, roller skates, and bicycles are prohibited.
  • Without the city’s permission, parties, activities, and sales are illegal.
  • It is forbidden to litter, pluck flowers, or otherwise cause damage to the landscaping or infrastructure.
View of Abu Nakhla Park, Doha, Qatar
View of Abu Nakhla Park, Doha, Qatar


Abu Nakhla Park is the place to go if you want to unwind and enjoy some quality sporting events. Located in the Al Shahaniya Municipality, this park is pristine and beautiful, with plenty of open space and peace and quiet for anybody to enjoy.

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