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Exploring Failaka Island's Cultural Heritage & Traditions

Located in the Persian Gulf at the mouth of Kuwait Bay, Faylakah is a Kuwaiti island that has an area of 15 square miles (39 square kilometers). It has been occupied by humans from prehistoric times, making it a significant archaeological site with evidence of human occupation dating back to 2500 BC. Also, Near the remains of an ancient Greek temple on this island is now a museum.

The island’s population is concentrated in the settlement of Az-Zawr, which is located at its most northern point. The island’s main industries are tourism and fishing, with many locals also working on archaeological digs.

Although Kuwait is not widely known for its attractions, there are a few hidden jewels, most of them connect to the 1991 war with Iraq. One such prize is Failaka Island. This is the definitive guide to Failaka in the YPT format.

Failaka Island, Kuwait
Failaka Island, Kuwait

Failaka Island was mostly a residential area and a popular tourist destination prior to the war. Outpost is said to be the original meaning of the word Failaka, which has been traced back to ancient Greek. Since ancient times, this location has played an essential role in the development of both colonial Kuwait and the independent State of Kuwait.

The Gulf War, the short-lived Republic of Kuwait, and Kuwait’s subsequent integration into Saddam Hussein’s Iraq all served as cruel interruptions to this norm.

Easily accessible by ferry, private boat, or helicopter, this location is only 45 minutes away from the shore of Kuwait City. The ferries run on a somewhat regular schedule. However, reservations are required, and times may fluctuate.

Despite the island’s beauty, you don’t want to miss the final ferry back from Failaka at midnight. The trip on the boat itself is uneventful, although winter months may be rough and downright chilly.

View of Failaka Island

History of Failaka Island

Failaka was a thriving tourist and family destination with 200 residents and two schools when it was invaded in 1990. The conflict arrived in 1990, and the island was not only conquered but severely damaged and the site of a fierce battle.

After the conflict, many of Failuka’s displaced citizens moved elsewhere in the hopes of returning to their homeland. However, contemporary Failaka Island exists in a peculiar vortex, making their return impossible.

Following its evacuation, contemporary Failaka has become a tourist destination, a resort, and a memorial to the Gulf War. The resort and beaches are stunning, and the beachfront eateries all give off a positive vibe for vacationers. Unfortunately, it’s dry, and the few visitors are either locals or those on a Young Pioneer Tours excursion.

These draw visitors, but locals in Kuwait can’t agree on how to best utilize the country’s future; some say it should be a tourist destination, while others say it should be developed for residential usage.

History of Failaka Island
History of Failaka Island

Attractions and highlights of Failaka Island

Kuwaitis visit here on the weekend or for a day excursion, and the Failaka War Tour attracts both international and domestic visitors. This rather brief bus trip takes you past two car graveyards and through a completely destroyed neighborhood on Failaka Island.

When you’re done, you’ll be dropped off at the main resort, where there’s just one mediocre restaurant, or you can walk down to the beach, where there are several better alternatives and the ferry dock.

Traditional Kuwaiti fares such as rice, beef, and kebabs are served, but sadly, despite the tropical ambiance, there will be no Pina Coladas here. Still, YPT claims it’s the top attraction in all of Kuwait.

highlights of Failaka Island
highlights of Failaka Island

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