A Day in Green Island: Sun, Sand & Fun Under Arabian Sky

Escape the City Hustle and Bustle: Explore Green Island's Aquatic Life and Serenity

The first studies for the construction of four recreational and residential zones in Kuwait have been initiated by the architectural companies Archipelontwerpers and KOW. Henk Kool (PvdA), The Hague’s City Councilman for Economics & Business, presided over the contract signing with representatives from the government of Kuwait.

The renovation of the Kuwait Towers is a part of the mandated work. These three water and electricity towers are arguably the most recognizable structures in the whole Golf Region and for a good reason. The goal here is to give the towers a fresh, useful purpose. Another is the offshore amusement park known as Green Island. The Island will be renovated into a park for the people of Kuwait to enjoy.

In addition, an amusement park and resort in southern Kuwait has commissioned Archipelontwerpers and KOW to assist with its extension and refurbishment. Located on the Gulf Road, The Green Island is one of TEC’s most recognizable Sea Front properties.

The Island, built in 1988, was the first artificial Island of its sort in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) area. The three-kilometer-long artificial Island is Kuwait’s premier outdoor recreation and entertainment complex.

Green Island in Kuwait
Green Island in Kuwait

The man-made lake on Green Island is one of its most notable features. It gets its water from the Persian Gulf and is set in a serene, verdant area with wide pathways. The 35-meter-tall observation tower provides breathtaking views of the Persian Gulf and the cityscape of Kuwait to visitors.

Near Kuwait Towers, over a maritime area of 785,000 square meters, the Tourist Enterprises Company built the first artificial Island in the Persian Gulf: Green Island.

A 35-meter-tall tourist tower, a promotional castle for children complete with trenches and small waterfalls, a spiral coil in the shape of a small circular hill crossed by a spiral road, restaurants, and other service centers in the shape of a Roman amphitheater all make up the 134-meter-long corridor that connects the Island to the mainland.

Attractions and highlights of Green Island of Kuwait

Green Island is a great alternative for a weekend getaway or a family day in the sun, thanks to its many recreational amenities and entertainment opportunities.

Attractions and highlights of Green Island of Kuwait
Attractions and highlights of Green Island of Kuwait

The Green Island Roman amphitheater seats more than 700 people and is available for any type of entertainment.

A Kid’s Castle, a train trip, and a playground around the entire Island are just a few of the kid-friendly activities available on the Island. Green Island also has bike rentals for kids and grownups.

The Island is not only a fantastic spot for outdoor picnics, but it can also host a variety of public or private events, such as plays, shows, and musical events in the ancient Roman amphitheater. Within Green Island, you may rent a variety of different types of bicycles and tuk-tuks (both small and large).

Bear in mind that grilling anywhere on Green Island is completely prohibited.

A swimming pool ranging in depth from 2.5 to 3 meters runs along the Island’s eastern coast.

Green Island
Green Island

The Island is home to a water tower that stands 35 meters in height. From the tower’s vantage point, sightseers may survey the whole Island.

There is a restaurant and a fully-stocked service center on both ends of the Island. Soap football, a playground for youngsters, inflatable bouncy castles, train rides, a decent walking route, bicycle rentals, and an opportunity for an outdoor picnic lunch are just some of the family-friendly activities available.


  • What is the direct address of Green Island?
    Gulf Street،, Green Island Persian, Kuwait City, Kuwait.
  • What are the opening hours of Green Island?
    Every day from 9 AM to 10 PM.

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