Al Wakrah Public Garden: A Picturesque Oasis in the Desert

In Al Wakrah Public Garden, Experience the Unique Flavors and Scents of Arabic Gardens

Among the most significant and oldest parks in the country of Qatar is the 4700 m2 Al Wakra Park, which initially opened in 1989. The lush greenery of the Al Wakrah Public Park is incredibly alluring, making it a treat for the eyes to see.

It’s an ideal area for relishing moments with your fellows. It is a nice area with fresh air and a charming atmosphere if you need a burst of energy and rejuvenation. Flying to Qatar will get you there, where you may then tour the many stunning locations, such as Al Wakrah Public Garden in Al Wakrah.

The breathtaking views of the surroundings from Al Wakrah Public Garden are quite calming to the senses. Spending a day here won’t be a problem at all, and it would definitely be quite peaceful. The park also features sizable shaded green spaces and lounging spots.

Al Wakrah City

Before the oil industry, Al Wakrah was a village where people were engaged in fishing and pearl fishing. This city is very advanced and modern, but you can still see the historical parts of it. Al Janoub Stadium is located in this city and several matches of the 2022 World Cup will be held there. Among other places of interest in Al-Wokrah city, we can mention the beautiful coastline, Souq Al Wakrah, and Public Garden.

Al Wakrah City
Al Wakrah City

Al Wakrah Public Park

Al Wakrah Public Park is fortunate to have a wide range of trees and plants, including attractive shrubs. A sizable swimming pool with a laid-out area for leisure is located next to the café. In addition to this, the garden offers a number of kid-friendly activities.

There is a whole section set out for kids, complete with a variety of rides and swings for kids of various ages. Parents may watch their children play from covered sitting areas that surround the play area. There is a canteen next the swimming pool where people may get fast snacks.

Due to its countless amenities and breathtaking natural beauty, Al Wakrah Public Garden is one of Qatar’s top public parks. Along with a dining space, it also has a diving garden with various levels of difficulty.

Al Wakrah Public Park
Al Wakrah Public Park

Services available

  • cafeteria
  • Water refrigerants
  • Parking garages
  • Toilets
  • A place of worship
  • A play place for children
  • City Games
  • Water pool
  • Sitting places


The park has a sizable canteen in the center, next to the swimming pool.

Scuba garden

A number of covered chairs are included in the diving garden, which is situated exactly to the west of the canteen. It is distinguished by the gradation and descent of its levels typically from the main level of the garden.

Al Wakrah Public Garden
Al Wakrah Public Garden

Component of plant

In terms of the variety of plants, Al Wakra Park is regarded as one of the most significant parks. 71 different tree, shrub, perennial, and seasonal plant species may be found there. The garden’s distinguishing features are palm trees, Washington trees, crimson flowers of paradise, and big, unusual neem trees. There are many different types of shrubs, including municipal jasmine, sedition bushes, several plant species, and different cactuses. The unusual plants are coated in a lot of tiny soils.


  • Running
  • Swimming

Park entrances include

The park has entries on both its eastern and southern parts, one of which lies right across from the sea.

Al Wakrah Public Garden, Qatar
Al Wakrah Public Garden, Qatar

Component of water

Nearby the restaurant is a prominent water feature in the center of the park that has a unique shape and is enclosed by interlocking pavers.

Playing area for kids

The northeastern zone of the park contains an extensive area that is stuffed with a broad range of Play equipment to do to suit the needs of children. In addition, this area has a number of covered seating spots scattered around it so that parents may watch over their kids as they play.

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