Kish Dolphin Park

Dolphin Park, The Best Attraction on Kish Island

Dolphin Park or Dolphinarium which is situated on Kish island is the first dolphin park in Iran. The area of this recreational complex is 100 hectares and it is located in the southeast part of Kish island. This complex has various types of species of plants, a bird garden, and the only Dolphinarium in Iran. In this dolphin complex, there is a green space with various types of species of marine mammals, like northern sea lions, northern sea cats, southern sea lions, penguins, and dolphins, and visitors can enjoy watching the master motions of those trained by Iranian instructors.

About the Dolphin Park

If you are interested in watching dolphins dance, jump, draw, and even talk, you can go to the Dolphin Park Complex when you are in Kish. Dolphins always are considered intelligent creatures and can make everyone wonder. In this complex, you can both visit the lovely dolphins and even after the show, you can swim with them. Not only dolphins but also Northern Sea Cat, Northern Sea Lion, and Penguins are animals that are in this exciting park.

Dolphin Park
Dolphin Park

The location of the Dolphin Park

This complex is situated southeast of Kish island and is close to the city center. You can easily reach there by taxi, minibus, car, or even bicycle. The address of this interesting complex is Kish Island, Jahan St., next to Niloufer Park, Kish Dolphin Park Complex. You can easily get there and make a memorable holiday in your memory.

Close Recreational places to the Dolphin Park

As Kish is not a large island, it is not difficult to reach other places so you can find Ocean Water Park, Marjan beach Park, Large recreational Pier, Simorgh Beach Park, Cyrus shopping center, Nautilus Marine Club, and Pearl shopping center are close to this complex.

The best Restaurant near the Dolphin Park

After visiting this large complex, you will be hungry. If you want to try some of the Persian cuisines, you can choose Simorgh Restaurant, Pars Restaurant, and Foodland Restaurant. And also, Kooh-e Noor Restaurant and Mirmohana Restaurant can be the other options that you can try one day.

The best Restaurant near the Dolphin Park
The best Restaurant near the Dolphin Park

The best Hotels to Stay near the Dolphin Park

Kish as a small island is not difficult to reach to other parts of Kish, so you can stay in the most of hotels. But if you want to be near the Kish dolphin complex, Marina Park Hotel, Kish Simoorgh Hotel, and Shabaviz Hotel are good choices for you.

Marina Park Hotel
Marina Park Hotel

When is the Best Time to Visit the Dolphin Park?

The best time to visit the Dolphin park is the most popular time to travel to Kish island. For traveling to Kish island, autumn and winter seasons are the most balance time and there is no scorching sun on the island. The visiting hours for the dolphin park are from 4 to 8 pm, you should be present there at 3:30, from 4 to 4:45 in the evening, is the time of visiting the bird garden, and from 5 to 6:30 pm is dedicated to visiting the pool of dolphins and sea lions. The last part is visiting the classical show that continues until 8 pm.

How much is the ticket fee for Dolphin Park?

The ticket price for this complex is 350 thousand tomans and you can visit the bird garden, saltwater aquarium, classical show, and dolphin show. For children under two years old, the entry fee is free, and for children between two and four years of age, the entry is half-price. Presenting an ID card is essential for children under four.

Bird Garden, the must-visited Attraction of Kish island

The Bird Garden of Kish is situated in the Dolphin Complex and has over 57 different species of birds. When you buy a ticket for the Dolphin complex, the bird garden contains your ticket. Some of the birds in this park include ostrich, pelicans, various species of storks, African penguins, scarlet macaw, swans, toucans, and rare species of marsh crocodile. One of the significant points of the Bird Garden is the existence of various species from all over the world.

The green space, one of the interesting parts of the Kish island

Over one hundred plant species are available in Dolphin Park. these plants include thousands of palm trees, Hornbeam (Lur) trees (banyan), huge Benjamins, Acacia, Eucalyptus, Prosopis cineraria, Myrtle, Tecoma, Marshmallow, Siahnofild, Callistemon, Conocarpus, Junipers. In this area, there also are 25 kinds of cacti and other plants that are unparalleled in their kind considering the climatic situations of Kish and the coral soil of this island.

The green space of the Kish island
The green space of the Kish island

Kish Aquarium, Another Attraction of Kish island

Kish Aquarium is another part of the Dolphin park which is among the bests spots on Kish Island that is worth visiting. It is a perfect place for those who want to learn and know more about underwater life. Kish Aquarium is located southeast of Kish island, it is not part of Kish Dolphin Park but it exactly is next to this collection.

Kish Aquarium can attract many travelers because this is the complete aquarium in Iran. This attraction has two parts and each part shows a spectacular side of underwater life. You can find many decorative fishes in different colors and shapes in this aquarium which can never find in other parts of Iran. If you want to visit Kish Aquarium, you can find more about it here.

Kish Aquarium
Kish Aquarium

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