Buyukada Island

All you need to know about Buyukada Island

Buyukada Island is the largest island among the prince islands of Istanbul and has many tourists all around the year. Buyukada Island in English means “Big Island” and it certainly is. This island is the most beautiful one of all and is also the most visited due to its size and the numerous things you can do and experience on this island. Buyukada Island is a perfect place to relax on your trip to Istanbul. You must put into account that during the summer townspeople and tourists invaded the island on the weekends. So, if you want to visit the island, the weekdays of summer will be suggested.

What are the Prince Islands?

Prince Islands, well-known as “Adalar” include 9 islands that are situated off Istanbul’s coastline. These islands are among the most popular destinations and you can find them on any traveler’s plan. It is interesting to know that only 4 of them are dedicated to the public, Heybeliada, Bukayada, Kinaliada, and Burgazada, and all of them are situated in the Sea of Marmara and also are the biggest and most famous.

the Prince Islands
the Prince Islands

How much is the Cost of Visiting Buyukada?

The costs of visiting Buyukada Island depend on how long you stay on the island, you can plan both a full-day and a half-day trip to Buyukada Island. An approximate budget for a full day trip on this island is around 370 TL which includes 10 TL for a bike, 20 TL for Ice cream, coffee, and tea, 120 TL for Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner, 50 TL for swimming, 150 TL shopping, from 16 to 20 TL for Ferry tickets.

How you can go to Buyukada Island?

Recently, there are only 2 choices for travelers to visit the island. Eminonu and Besiktas docks are the 2 options that you can commenced your journeys to Buyukada Island. The Kabatas ferry docks were the best way for reaching to this island but it has been closed for the construction of a new dock.

Why it is recommended to visit Buyukada Island?

The cute boutiques, great cafes, ice cream parlors, Bohemian paradise, Serenity, and breathtaking views are some of the reasons for visiting this spectacular island. Moreover, on this beach, no cars are allowed and this is a perfect destination for beach lovers and photoshoots. Generally, Buyukada Island is like heaven on Earth, and numerous amounts of shopping malls sell a variety of items, so travelers can find whatever they want.

What to do on Buyukada Island?

When you are in Istanbul, one of the spots worth visiting is Buyukada Island. You can get to this island easily by ferry where no cars are allowed, and even on a short trip, you can enjoy the best. When you are on this island, there are some activities to do like: Exploring the island on a rental bike, Trying the Jumbo ice creams, and Swimming on the beaches. Visiting the Aya Yorgi Church and its sunset, Go shopping.

Buyukada Island's beaches
Buyukada Island’s beaches

The best time for visiting Buyukada Island

The best time to visit this island is between April and May, just before the summer seasons start. Because Buyukada Island is crowded in summer when every individual wants to spend their vacation on this island. And also, from September to October travelers can visit this island, because it is just before the winter starts and you can spend your holiday in tranquility.

Buyukada Island's summer
Buyukada Island’s summer

How long it takes time to discover Buyukada Island?

This island is a beautiful place for relaxing and enjoying a holiday but it is not that big to take several days for exploring. One day would be enough for discovering the island but if you are short on time and you want to take a look at this island, you can visit it on a half-day trip. On the other hand, if you want to hang out more on this island, you can stay one or two nights at the hotels here.

What you should pack for Buyukada Island?

These suggestions are for summer days because no one doesn’t want to visit this island in the winter season, winters in Buyukada Island have really cold and gloomy weather. So, for summer, make sure you have all of these on your list, a hat or a cap, sunglasses, flip-flops, a swimsuit, a backpack, sports shoes, sunscreen, a comfortable dress or jumpsuit or shorts and a t-shirt, and finally a camera for taking photos in this spectacular island.

What you can eat on this island?

Cute cafes and restaurants are available all around the island. Turkish breakfast is one of the grabs you should not miss on this island. Moreover, it is strongly recommended to try Turkish tea, coffee, sunflower seeds, and more importantly ice cream, you can have 3 big scoops of the jumbo waffle in 5 TL.

Buyukada Island's restaurants
Buyukada Island’s restaurants

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