Kish Aquarium

Meet the cute fishes and dolphins

One of the most significant touristic places in Iran is Kish Island and every year receives a lot of tourists from all over the country for its amazing tourist attractions and sights. Moreover, this island attracts attention because of its location, shopping centers, and entertainment. Don’t miss the experience of visiting Kish island, it can make a memorable trip for those who travel to here. Kish island is one of the most-visited places in the Middle East after Dubai and Sharm el-Sheikh. Foreign people can get a valid travel permit from the Kish port police and airport for 14 days. Annually, about one million people visit this island.

There are lots of attractions on this beautiful island such as the ancient city of Harira, the Greek ship, diving, water skiing, jet skiing, bungee jumping, camel riding, safari, parasailing, etc. Among the all attractions Kish Aquarium is one of the bests on Kish Island that can attract people. This aquarium can be the perfect choice for those who want to know the underwater life. If you are interested in knowing about Kish Aquarium, one of the most beautiful attractions, we’ve described it right here for you.

About Kish Aquarium

Kish aquarium is a divided area with a capacity of 20 thousand fishes which is made for fresh water fishes and has about seventy various kinds of decorative fishes which has rare shape, color, and appearance.

In some parts of this aquarium, there are many salty water fishes, in other parts, there are different kinds of reptiles like snacks and alligators, and in another part of it, you can see birds and mammals.

Kish Aquarium can consider a must-visited place in Hormozgan port and also can be one of the most well-equipped and complete aquariums in Iran, which attracts many tourists to Kish Island to visit annually. This aquarium creates a wonderful opportunity for those who likes underwater life or cannot dive by walking easily in it and enjoy watching aquatics of the Persian Gulf. Students, children, and researchers are the most of visitors of this aquarium.

turtles and fishes in Kish aquarium
turtles and fishes in Kish aquarium

Where is Kish Aquarium?

Kish Aquarium is situated in the southeast of the island and next to Kish Dolphin Park, but it is not part of this collection. This aquarium is close to the city center and you can easily access to this aquarium by your private car, taxi, minibus, or even bicycle.

Different Sections of Kish Aquarium

The Kish aquarium includes two main parts. One of them is homes to large aquatic animals like sharks and huge fishes and has 50,000 liters volume. And the other one is homes to freshwater aquatic animals and over 70 rare and unique fishes plus large aquatic animals and sharks, it has a 20,000 liters volume.

In this aquarium, there are not only fish, but also snakes, scorpions, crocodiles, etc. you can also find the strange animals here such as the huge two-meter turtle which is one the spectacular parts of this aquarium. And, moreover, the paleontology part of the taxidermy aquatics can be one of the most important sections of Kish Aquarium.

Different Sections of Kish Aquarium
Different Sections of Kish Aquarium

Visiting times of the Kish Aquarium

This Aquarium is open from Saturday to Thursday at 8 am and it will be close at 8 pm. For visiting this underwater world, do not consider Fridays, because it will be close on Fridays.

How much is the ticket price for the Kish Aquarium?

It is strongly recommended to book the ticket for the Kish Aquarium in advance, especially in seasons when lots of tourists come to the island. The ticket for this aquarium starts from 35 thousand tomans and increases slightly every year.

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