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12 Best Coffee Shops in Sharjah

Is it nearly impossible to get through the day without a cup of tea or coffee? Cafes and coffee shops throughout the world have long functioned as terrific locations to sip your favorite hot beverage and as gathering places for friends, artists, and intellectuals. While several have arisen in the UAE’s cultural capital, let’s look at Sharjah’s top coffee shops.

Top 12 cafés in Sharjah

Sharjah is a coffee lover’s paradise, with plenty of cafés in this city. There are many alternatives to consider in terms of design, theme, flavors, and blends; whether you want a luxury dining experience for the ideal date or a coffee shop with an artistic flare, these cafés are the best of their kind.

  1. Attibassi Coffee
  2. Ratios Coffee
  3. Pappa Roti
  4. Shakespeare and Co.
  5. Al Atlal Restaurant and Coffee Shop
  6. Fen Café & Restaurant
  7. Molten Chocolate Café
  8. Paper Fig Desserts
  9. Waffee Street
  10. Mara Cafe
  11. Icons Coffee Couture
  12. Storie Café

Attibassi Coffee

Attibassi Coffee bills itself as a Belgian café, yet this coffee shop is a great location to meet locals. You must taste their Turco coffee, which is prepared in the conventional Turkish manner since it is known to provide some of the town’s most addictive coffees. If you like something more traditional, try their espresso Arabica. If you enjoy frappes, then their Nutella frappe is a must-try.

Attibassi Coffee
Attibassi Coffee

Ratios Coffee

Ratios Coffee is noted for its trendy and energetic atmosphere and for serving flavorful blends worldwide. The historic souqs and a stream are besides this cafe, tucked away in the center of Sharjah. Those who enjoy matcha should sip on a Matcha Latte, while those who don’t should try a Macchiato.

Pappa Roti

The most fantastic café in Sharjah is Pappa Roti. This place needs to be on your itinerary because it is well-known for its native coffee and traditional Karak. You won’t regret trying their Caramel Macchiato with Nutella Bun; we guarantee it. If you don’t like sugary beverages, try their famous cheese bun and Turkish coffee.

Pappa Roti
Pappa Roti

Shakespeare and Co.

You’ve probably been to this cafe if you’re from around here. If not, you need to go there right immediately. Shakespeare and Co., which Emirati locals populate, is renowned for its retro atmosphere. Everything is vintage and traditional, even the coffee cups and bowls. You must go to this Instagram-worthy cafe to try their Red Velvet Latte because it offers a fantastic view of the city.

Al Atlal Restaurant and Coffee Shop

Restaurant and coffee shop Al Atlal are situated in the Carlton Hotel. Stop by this location to sip coffee while admiring the tranquil beach scenery. The café provides dark Arabic coffee alongside sweet treats that complement one another perfectly. We guarantee you will not be disappointed if you visit their French cafe.

Fen Café & Restaurant

The city’s cultural crown jewel, the Sharjah Art Foundation, is the Fen Café & Restaurant location, a stunning hotspot whose name is taken from the word “art.” The traditional architecture of this cultural center, which contains furniture with Italian and German designs, is perfectly complemented by Arabic components and finishes.

Those who are allergic to particular substances have several choices at Fen Café. To guarantee that you won’t go hungry while visiting Sharjah, Fen offers vegan-friendly tacos, gluten-free spinach fettuccine, crab tempura made without nuts, dairy-free ice cream, and sugar-free sorbet.

Fen Café & Restaurant
Fen Café & Restaurant

Molten Chocolate Café

If you concur that sweet dreams are made of kinder waffles, fondue towers, fettuccine crepes, crisp chocolate rice, and molten sizzling brownies, then consider Molten Chocolate Café to be your ideal dessert destination. And when you’re ready to drink it all down, sip on some hot cocoa, Turkish coffee, or hazelnut coffee. The café, which was just opened in the lively neighborhood of Al Majaz, is sure to satisfy any sweet tooth needs.

Paper Fig Desserts

Paper Fig Desserts creates an urban atmosphere with rustic charm by paneling the walls with salvaged timber planks and placing chairs beside windows. The tables in this cozy café include miniature terracotta plant pots and wooden box cutlery holders, which lend a new feel to the space. The prominent wall features colorful cubic shelves.

Founded and operated by a family in Sharjah, Paper Fig Desserts offers seasonal specialties that draw inspiration from French, Asian, and Mediterranean cuisines. Some of their delectable concoctions are available for breakfast and all day, including their famous French toast, poached chicken on toast, and a variety of instagrammable desserts and beverages.

Waffee Street

Are you searching for Sharjah’s most incredible crepes, waffles, and pancakes? The best option for you is Waffee Street. Waffee Street in Sharjah, which gets its name from the incomparable pairing of waffles and coffee, offers a wide range of mouthwatering sweets and beverages as well as those two delicious foods.

In addition to serving great superfood bowls, this Sharjah coffee shop also specializes in creating personalized orders with a wide range of berries and toppings. Each restaurant, which has two locations in Sharjah, has a distinct vibe thanks to its eccentric furnishings and cozy English-style ambiance. The diverse wall decor with London-inspired elements and the red phone booth deserves special note.

Waffee Street
Waffee Street

Mara Cafe

Despite being a modest eatery, Sharjah’s Mara Café is one of the city’s hidden jewels when it comes to the variety of foods it offers. In Sharjah, a little café is well renowned for providing foreign food in a pleasant atmosphere. This Sharjah restaurant’s charming appearance is completed with a great combination of warm lighting, white furnishings, green vines hanging from the ceiling, and a gentle melody in the background.

The dishes that really stand out are their famous fries, pink penne spaghetti, triple chocolate paradise, and vividly colored mojitos served in glass beakers.

Icons Coffee Couture

Concerning specialty teas and organic coffees, the German café Icons Coffee Couture in Sharjah is unrivaled. So, if you’re watching your calories and caring about your health, Icons Coffee Couture should be your first choice. European fashion icon Elena Weber created the lifestyle concept for this Sharjah cafe. Low-carb savories, vegan waffle burgers, tiny cakes, sugar-free frappes, and ice cream are some healthy options available at this Sharjah coffee shop.

Storie Cafe

Café Storie One of Sharjah’s newest additions to the city’s café business and coffee culture, Sharjah, has been causing quite a stir among readers and caffeine junkies. Sharjah’s Instagram-friendly library café is the ideal place for you if you believe that unwinding with a book and a cup of coffee go hand in hand. Despite the gorgeous tiny library, the excellent cuisine and unique beverages make for an enjoyable experience. Furthermore, if you’re seeking a comfortable work/study atmosphere, you may consider Storie Café your second home!

Storie Cafe
Storie Cafe

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