Thi Lo Su Waterfall, Thailand

Anything a Tourist should know about Thailand's Thi Lo Su Waterfall

The 300-meter-high Thi Lo Su Waterfall is thought to be Thailand’s biggest waterfall. There is a growing reputation among domestic and international tourists for the breathtaking landscape’s magnificence and beauty.
It is suitable for those who want an adventure because the journey to the waterfall is very challenging. Observing the cascade of waterfalls tumbling towards the sheer cliffs is the highlight of this waterfall’s splendor. The tremendous sound of the waterfall, combined with the sound it makes when it falls onto the rock, inspires wonder and beauty in everyone who sees it.

“Thi Lo Su Waterfall” can be found in Tak’s Umphang Wildlife Sanctuary. Thi Lo Su is a Karen word that means “the Black Waterfall.” The waterfall is a massive limestone fall that is situated at an elevation of 900 meters.

Klo Tho Creek’s water drops over the rock, a powerful torrent coursing through it all year. The waterfall is roughly 300 meters in height and 500 meters wide. The fall is encircled by a fruit-producing tropical rainforest. Its magnitude is confirmed by the notion that Thi Lo Su is Asia’s sixth-largest waterfall.

Get to Know Thailand’s Thi Lo Su

The Klo Tho Brook, which originates in the west woodland close to the Thai-Myanmar border, runs into Thi Lo Su Waterfall. The entire river plunges down the steep rock into a thick, expansive tropical evergreen forest. The waterfall is regarded as a distinctively beautiful cascade, and from June 1 to November 31 each year, more precipitation fills the stream, making the fall’s path fuller than at other times. However, it is also the time when the road is shut down to protect the passengers from danger and accidents, as well as to keep the road in good condition.

Thi Lo Su, Tak, northwestern Thailand
Thi Lo Su, Tak, northwestern Thailand

Many travel firms provide trip packages that include traveling by inflatable rubber boat and engaging in a 12-kilometer hike because most visitors would want to avoid using this route. However, guests can go by automobile during the colder months of December 1 through May 31. It is, therefore, the most convenient time to visit the location, whether on a day trip or while camping.

The Tourist Authority of Thailand has announced that Thi Lo Su Waterfall is one of the nine Sun Destinations that will be included in the tourism promotion. A magnificent rainbow at Thi Lo Su is also a highlight.

The background of Thi Lo Su

In the lush jungle, the waterfall known as Thi Lo Su is concealed behind a folded cliff. After Karen Huntsman found it, the border patrol authorities conducted a search of the area and found the waterfall. Later, the area was designated as the Umphang Wildlife Sanctuary by the Royal Forestry Department. After that, a party from a travel magazine conducted a trip to the region in 1985 to investigate everything, including the waterfall. The location’s narrative was then included in the magazine. And so, marks the start of the well-known Thi Lo Su to outsiders.

What to see

Right in front of the waterfall is a 1.5-kilometer nature walk that winds through bamboo and mixed forests. The ground is covered in Siam Tulip or Kra Jiew flowers, and there are signs describing the types of plants so that visitors may learn more about them; visitors may see the gorgeous diffuse rain that covers the stones below during the fall. And see how the stream emerges from the limestone cliff that is encircled by a lush forest.

View of Thi Lo Su, Thailand
View of Thi Lo Su, Thailand

The region is separated into three sections, the tallest and most important portion of the fall being on the left. There are several streams that cross the cliff’s foot. After that, the middle group is where the water flows from the cliff, which is the same height as the first group, but the stream is not level and is smaller. Additionally, there is lots of water in the right half, and the cliff there is lower than it was before.

The combination of all three components creates a stunning and interesting waterfall that anybody should make an effort to visit. There is also a lookout located on the top of the cliff opposite the fall. It is an excellent place for seeing the waterfall in all its glory. Round way travel time from the waterfall to the viewpoint is 2 hours.

The Trip to Thi Lo Su Waterfall

During the rainy season, which lasts from June to November 1, travelers must go by rubber boat from Umphang town down the Klong stream. Throughout the route, guests may observe a beautiful view of the lush forest, including a hot spring, Thi Lo Su fall, and Rainbow fall. In terms of the Rainbow Fall, if tourists come at the right moment, they may view the rainbow created by the reflection of sunshine and precipitation from the waterfall.

The journey takes 3 hours until the tourist arrives at the destination, which serves as the beginning point for the 9-kilometer route. The tourist must walk to the Wildlife Sanctuary’s camping area. The path is difficult, with hills and hollows. The waterfall is roughly 1.5 kilometers away from the camping area. As a result, this is an excellent excursion for everyone who likes adventure and hiking trails.

Verdant of Thi Lo Su, Thailand
Verdant of Thi Lo Su, Thailand

What you need for a Trip to Thi Lo Su

Well, preparation is essential for the excursion to Thi Lo Su Waterfall, particularly physical fitness. And, especially during the rainy season, there are many important items to pack for the trip, such as a raincoat, plastic bag, lozenge, inhalant, cap, and especially suitable shoes. The sneakers are inappropriate for use while sailing since they are likely to become wet and make your feet unpleasant.

In any case, a pair of sneakers are appropriate for the hiking portion of the excursion; otherwise, sandals or other shoes that allow you to stroll easily are OK. Also, because you have a long journey ahead of you, you should wear socks. Furthermore, the socks may provide support and protection for your feet from shoe pinch. You should also include a bandage on your list.

The tourism season of the location extends from November to April each year, and it enables automobile access until the camping point at the Umphang Wildlife Sanctuary Office. Alternatively, the visitor can travel on the rubber boat to observe the magnificent environment along both banks of the Khlong Current before arriving at the automobile transit point. The latter is suggested since the visitor may enjoy the wonderful scenery of the forest, including numerous little streams and other waterfalls, before arriving at the destination, and it is a unique route to the waterfall that is worth your time.

You must trek an additional 1.5 kilometers after reaching the camping area in order to reach Thi Lo Su Waterfall. The water in the fall during this season is exceptionally clear, especially from the middle of November to December, when both its quantity and color are excellent.

Height of Thi Lo Su, Thailand
Height of Thi Lo Su, Thailand

How to Get to Thi Lo Su Waterfall

You can use two ways to get to the waterfall while the road is available to cars. Getting on a journey in a rubber boat to the land is more common among visitors than driving to the camping location. As for the return journey, it was simple to drive the car to the city without any walking on the route.

Another alternative for visiting the waterfall that is ideal for those with limited time and funds is to drive from Umphang to the camping location. Then, stroll to the waterfall to enjoy the scenery before driving back.


Accommodation options abound in the vicinity of Thi Lo Su Waterfall.

If a tourist wants to experience a true adventure, the Wildlife Sanctuary of Umphang provides a camping area with restrooms.

And there are several motels in Umphang. The tourist may enjoy their stay regardless of whether it is near the river or not.

Facilities at Thi Lor Su Waterfall

Nearby basic amenities may be found around a kilometer from Thi Lor Su waterfall. A campsite, restrooms, showers, and a tiny store selling simple food and beverages are all there. A walkway connects the campground to Thi Lor Su waterfall; it takes 15 minutes to go there from the campground.

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