Luxury Redefined: The Burj Al Arab Hotel Experience

Delve into a world of lavishness & pampering as you indulge in the ultimate hotel experience

Many people do not require an introduction to the Burj Al Arab. The 5-star hotel, standing at 920 feet, has become a cultural landmark because of its near-constant inclusion in movies, TV shows, and other forms of popular culture.

Built on a man-made island and styled after a ship’s sail by architect Tom Wright, the building sees millions of visitors annually and continues to draw more and more people.

We could all use a little vacation. But have you ever fantasized about unwinding at a hotel that showers you in luxury the moment you step through the door, providing you with nothing but the best in service? The Burj Al Arab certainly fits the bill.

The hotel’s location, on a man-made island barely 280 meters from Jumeirah Beach, is a fitting metaphor for the hotel’s unattainable level of luxury. From the infinity pool on the terrace to the hotel’s very own man-made beach, the Burj Al Arab is filled with examples of cutting-edge technology and innovative architecture.

Burj Al Arab Hotel Interior
Burj Al Arab Hotel Interior

While there is no limit to the variety of activities available at the hotel, learning more about what sets it apart will show you why it is considered a symbol of Arabian luxury across the world. Read on to find out why a visit to the Burj Al Arab’s interior should be on every Dubai visitor’s to-do list.

The unique design & architecture of Burj Al Arab

The plan from the start was to create a one-of-a-kind luxury vacation spot where guests could feel like celebrities for a few short days.

Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid al Maktoum commissioned Tom Wright to design the hotel, and Wright had to contend with a 590-foot layer of sand that covered the stony, stable ground below. The Burj Al Arab was built using specialized rock blocks and 230 foundation piles, and it welcomed its first guests in December 1999.

Burj Al Arab means “The Tower of Arabs” in Arabic, and this gleaming skyscraper, which is 321 meters tall and shaped like an Arabian dhow sail, certainly lives up to its name. The “mast” consists of two “wings” arranged in a “V”; between them is the highest atrium in the world.

The unique design & architecture of Burj Al Arab
The unique design & architecture of Burj Al Arab

Khuan Chew, a Chinese interior designer, is responsible for the Burj Al Arab’s breathtaking interiors, which feature elements of Arabian heritage and vibrant colors. He used expensive materials like Statuario marble, 24-carat gold leaves, and 86,500 pieces of hand-fixed Swarovski crystals.

The hotel’s Rebecca Gernon-designed helipad has served as a tennis court, racetrack, and boxing ring, among other things.

Burj Al Arab Hotel’s rooms and suites

The Jumeirah Group is in charge of the hotel’s operations. There are 199 luxurious suites in the hotel, and each one is attended to by a team of eight employees and a butler available around the clock. Suite sizes range from 169 square meters (1,820 square feet) for the lowest to 8 hundred square meters (8,400 square feet) for the biggest.

The suites’ decor features a fusion of Eastern and Western influences. Mosaic tile designs are often used as an accent in bathrooms.

Burj Al Arab Hotel’s rooms and suites
Burj Al Arab Hotel’s rooms and suites

CNN Go ranked the Royal room, which costs US$24,000 per night, as the 12th most expensive hotel room in the world in 2012.

Twenty-five percent of Burj Al Arab bookings in 2011 and 2012 came from the Chinese market, proving the hotel’s popularity in China.

Spacious lounges with two-story windows and large electric blinds may be found in luxurious duplexes decorated in Pharaoh-inspired blue, purple, yellow, and gold. The first-floor guestrooms may either look out over the Persian Gulf or at their own reflections in the mirrors above the beds.

Bathrooms with mosaic tiles complement opulent whirlpool tubs, walk-in showers, and twin basins with gold-plated taps, and televisions rise at the touch of a button from beautiful cupboards.

Computers, scanners, and fax machines are commonplace in the workplace. For those who want more from their suite, premium options include a private theater and a games area with a professional snooker table.

Burj Al Arab, Dubai
Burj Al Arab, Dubai

Inside Burj Al Arab Tour

To fully experience the Burj Al Arab, visitors must reserve a stay at the hotel. However, what if there was a way to get a glimpse of the hotel without spending the money? You may see the hotel’s most exclusive spaces, including the 25th story, with the Inside Burj Al Arab tour tickets.

Experience the glow of opulence as you stroll through golden halls on the Inside Burj Al Arab Guided Tour. This comprehensive experience begins in the Royal Suite, where you and your butler may bask in the opulence that permeates the whole trip.

Your tour guide will show you around the Burj Al Arab’s private 25th-floor Boutique and other areas while educating you on the hotel’s never-before-seen design details. Take as many pictures as you like while strolling through the lap of luxury.

The Inside Burj Al Arab Boutique is a great addition since it sells a wide variety of souvenirs, clothing, and other items so that you may bring a bit of your visit home with you.

View of Burj Al Arab
View of Burj Al Arab

Highlights of Inside Burj Al Arab Tour

The Burj Al Arab’s Royal Suite may be found on the building’s illustrious 25th story. The paper napkin on which Tom Wright drew the original design for the Burj Al Arab is also on exhibit here.

The Royal Suite is a two-story, 8,395 square-foot luxury hotel suite with its own private elevator and a gold and marble stairway with gigantic pillars on either side; all plated in 22-karat gold. There’s a separate dining room and a lounge decorated in Arabic style in the suite.

The UMA lounge is the pinnacle of elegance and sophistication. Experience a fusion of traditional Arabian hospitality and cutting-edge innovation while gazing at the stunning skyline of Dubai. Enjoy the sunset views with a complimentary beverage or glass of wine from the lounge.

The Boutique, located within Burj Al Arab, is a high-end shopping experience that provides products, souvenirs, and fashion accessories in a cozy setting complete with mirrored ceilings and low lighting, befitting the hotel’s luxurious reputation.

Outdoor of Burj Al Arab
Outdoor of Burj Al Arab

The Inside Burj Al Arab tour includes access to the hotel’s 25th floor, Royal Suite, Uma Lounge, and The Boutique, but guests also have the option of purchasing and registering for a wide variety of additional activities.

Indulge in a free breakfast and relax in the Cabana on the terrace when you rent one of the hotel’s opulent rooms or suites. Visit the underwater restaurant, Ristorante L’ Olivo, play tennis on the highest court in the world, swim in the terrace pool, or relax in the Talise Spa after a day of adventure.

There are numerous additional restaurants serving a wide variety of cuisines in Burj Al Arab. If you’re looking for a fancy place to eat lunch or afternoon tea, visit Sahn Eddar, or try out the open kitchen at Bab Al Yam.

Gilt is a gastro pub where you may get a drink, and Al Muntaha serves delicious Italian food. Try something new by signing up for the Culinary Flight at Burj Al Arab, where you may sample five courses from each of the hotel’s four restaurants.

Interior of Burj Al Arab
Interior of Burj Al Arab

some information & tips to know before visiting Burj Al Arab Hotel

  • WiFi may be accessed everywhere without spending a dime.
  • On-site private parking is available without charge (reservations are not required).
  • This is a pet-free zone.
  • All ages of kids are welcome.
  • Free accommodations are provided for children under the age of 4 who use an accessible crib.
  • The use of an existing bed is free of charge for children up to the age of 11.
  • If there is an available spare bed, guests above the age of 12 will be charged AED 1,500 per night.
  • Requests for cots, cribs, and other types of additional beds are subject to the hotel’s availability and must be verified by management.
  • All supplements are not included in the base charge and must be paid for individually at the time of service.
Burj Al Arab, Dubai, UAE
Burj Al Arab, Dubai, UAE

How to get to Burj Al Arab Hotel?

The Burj Al Arab Hotel is a 9-minute walk from the Burj Al Arab Hotel Bus Stop 2, which is served by Buses 8, 81, and X28.

Sharaf Dg Metro Bus Stop 2-1, the station 350 meters from Burj Al Arab that are served by the M2, is the most convenient stop for guests traveling by subway. From the hotel, you can walk to Al Ras Metro Station in 8 minutes or to Burjuman Metro Station in 25 minutes to catch the M1.


The Burj Al Arab, with its distinctive sailboat design, is a well-known symbol of Dubai, UAE. The Burj Al Arab has lived up to its billing as the world’s most magnificent hotel by providing guests with all they could want and more. Information about this Dubai hotel is provided in this article.

The unique design & architecture of Burj Al Arab
The unique design & architecture of Burj Al Arab

Not everyone is able to book a room at the luxurious hotel of Burj Al Arab. But every person has the option to book an inside tour of this world-famous marvel and witness its glamour, as well as drink a beverage to experience its luxury for a few hours. We’ve created a complete guide to Burj Al Arab’s amazing features as well as its interesting inside tour.

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