Experience Al-Rashid Stadium: Dubai’s Finest

Al-Rashid Stadium's Rich History: Hosting the Under-20 World Cup

Al-Rashid Stadium ranks as one of the most notable stadiums in the Arab world. 1948 saw the beginning of its construction, while 1949 saw the beginning of its use. The grass of these stadiums is a combination of artificial fibres and natural grass and has a capacity of 12,000 people.

Al Rashed stadium is very well-equipped and modern, and important games have been held there, and it is still the preferred choice for holding essential matches. This stadium has hosted games such as the home games of the Shabab al Ahli club, and in 2003, it also hosted some of the under-20 world cup soccer games.

Who plays at Al-Rashid Stadium?

Al-Rashid Stadium is host to the United Arab Emirates team al Ahli fc.

Al-Rashid Stadium
Al-Rashid Stadium

What is the capacity of Al-Rashid Stadium?

As of 2023, the al-Rashid Stadium can accommodate 9,415 spectators for football games.

When was Al-Rashid Stadium opened?

Al Ahli fc plays in the official al-Rashid stadium built in 1948.

Are there any covid restrictions at the stadium?

You can encounter covid restrictions if you go to Al-Rashid Stadium in 2023. For complete details on the modifications brought on by the coronavirus, please visit al Ahli FC’s official website.

Al-Rashid Stadium, Dubai, UAE
Al-Rashid Stadium, Dubai, UAE


Al-Rashid Stadium, also known as Al-Ahli Stadium, is a multiple uses sports arena established in 1948 that may seat 9,414 people. It is primarily used by al Ahli club Dubai, who play in the UAE Persian Gulf football league, to hold football and rugby matches.

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