Qatar Bedouin Camp: A Cultural Retreat Under the Starry Sky

Captivating Evenings in Qatar's Bedouin Camps

When Arabs are mentioned in history, they are all known as Bedouins. Bedouin means desert. Before there were large buildings and lofty structures in Dubai and other Arab nations, Arabs used to live in tents in the desert. This lifestyle was called nomadism.

Interestingly, even though the Arab countries, including Qatar, had made a lot of progress; they still respect their old traditions. They remember their history with respect. For this reason, you can see all kinds of Bedouin camps in the deserts around Qatar. In these camps, you can experience a night of traditional Arab life.

Stay in the Bedouin camp

One of the most unforgettable excursions in Qatar is staying in a Bedouin camp. The Bedouin camp is one of the best sights in Qatar and will become a good memory for you. In these camps, all kinds of amenities and entertainment are available to tourists.

Qatar Bedouin Camp
Qatar Bedouin Camp

Bedouin camp nights are the best times. At night, you sit around the fire and enjoy listening to traditional Arabic music. Enjoy the best traditional Qatari food and sit around the fire and listen to music. Visitors can enjoy the night here, sitting, relaxing, and gazing up at the stars from the center of the Bedouin camp. Off-road vehicles can be used to explore nearby areas during the day. Bedouin camps are part of overnight safaris in the Qatari desert, often organized near the sea. You can enjoy hosting music nights and dance shows, which showcase Arab culture and its vibrancy.

Location of the Bedouin Camp of Qatar

The initial thing you ought to understand about the Bedouin Camp in Qatar is that it is now easily accessible. In the Ash Shaqra desert just below, heading south of Doha is where you may find the Bedouin Camp of Qatar.

There are also several transit options that can get you up close to the attractions of the Qatari Bedouin Camp, but you will then need to go a distance using off-road vehicles because normal cars and trains won’t cut it and you will only be supplied. So, be sure to hire an off-road vehicle or use one of the service vehicles available in Doha.

The Bedouin Camp of Qatar is a type of desert camp with tents and other structures. This site may develop to up to 50 different tents and therefore, rooms, and each of the rooms and tents is furnished with heating and cooling apparatus. Additionally, you should be aware that this resort is near to the sea, so you may go there by ship.

View of Bedouin Camp in Qatar
View of Bedouin Camp in Qatar

Pricing range of Bedouin Camp of Qatar

The costs associated with the lodging, meals, and other amenities like Wi-Fi are the second topic we need to talk about. The Qatar Bedouin Camp’s costs are pitiful, so even if you spend money there, you won’t have to pay much.

For each night you stay at the Bedouin Camp of Qatar, you must pay a minimum of 119QAR or $32.69 per person. If you book a two-bed tent, the cost will be twice. However, by the time you read this blog, the tents will likely be taken and reserved because of the season we are in.

However, you should also be aware that the Bedouin Camp of Qatar does not manage food expenses similarly. As a result, you will have to pay for whatever food you request, whether it is comfort food brought to your tent or supper at the resort.

Bedouin Camp, Qatar
Bedouin Camp, Qatar

Best times to visit Bedouin Camp of Qatar

As we’ve already stated, the Bedouin Camp of Qatar is a desert camp, so expect scorching days and chilly nights. If you’re staying in a tent, the resort will provide some heating equipment to help you combat the cold. However, the days might be difficult, so you must pick a time when you can withstand the heat.

The greatest times of year to visit the Bedouin Camp of Qatar are spring, fall, and winter, according to the opinions and experiences of many visitors. Despite the fact that you may go throughout the summer while on vacation, the desert will be quite hot at that time.

Additionally, bear in mind that you must reserve your tent through your agency or the authorized Bedouin Camp of Qatar contact at least one month prior to the commencement of your journey. For instance, there are now just two spaces available at the resort as we speak.

Bedouin Camp in Qatar
Bedouin Camp in Qatar

Additionally, this resort provides a few services that you should be aware of:

These are additional services that come with booking a tent at the Qatari Bedouin Camp.

  • The location offers alcoholic beverages.
  • Every day, two complimentary meals are provided: a morning meal and a nightly BBQ.
  • There are dishes from the majority of Middle Eastern countries.
  • There are gluten-free and vegetarian choices accessible.
  • You’ll always have access to a 4WD vehicle.
  • Screenings of World Cup 2022 Qatar matches in each tent
  • Entertainments (live)
  • Transportation
Night-View of Bedouin Camp in Qatar
Night-View of Bedouin Camp in Qatar

Advice and tips when visiting the Bedouin Camp of Qatar

You should be aware of some details regarding the Qatari Bedouin Camp to make the most of your visit:

  • Since every employee speaks English, there won’t be any communication issues.
  • Multiple currencies, including USD, QAR, and IRR, are accepted for payment of the charge and even the cost of the meal service.
  • Visit while the weather is nice to avoid getting into trouble.
  • To be safe, always carry some local cash with you.
  • Find the guides if you are having trouble communicating with some staff members since they have received training in English.
  • Even at night, you may swim as one of your pastimes. Although the ocean is welcoming and pleasant, be cautious of the open waters.
  • Sandboarding and other activities cost money, and you can only purchase them after moving in.
Qatar's Bedouin Camp
Qatar’s Bedouin Camp


One of the most enjoyable things to do when traveling to Qatar is to spend a whole night in the desert. Visiting the Bedouin camp gives you this permission. Spending the night in the heart of the desert with its unique silence and starry sky fascinates every tourist. Along with this peace and beauty of dance, music, and delicious food will make your night memorable.

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