Dine with a View: Al Mamzar Beach Park’s Best Food Options

Whether you're craving fresh seafood or international cuisine, the park's restaurants & cafes offer delicious dining options with scenic views

The five beaches of Al Mamzar are suitable for swimming and sunbathing. Al Mamzar has three beautiful pools for families to enjoy on its 106 hectares of land instead of the beach.

You have to get across the well-kept grass with its curving foot and bike pathways lined by swaying palm trees before you can get to the powdery white beach. The outdoor amphitheater and playground are great places for kids to run about and explore, and they regularly hold special events.

Al Mamzar Beach Park is a popular location for families in Dubai, stretching across an astounding 106 hectares along a long stretch of coastline near Deira. There are plenty of activities for kids and their families to enjoy, including supervised play areas, train rides, professional lifeguards at the pool, and free barbecues. There are five different public beaches in the beach park where people can swim, sunbathe, and engage in other water-based activities.

Roller skating, basketball, swimming, running, and even biking are all possible at Al Mamzar Beach Park. There are many places to eat in the park, from fine dining to casual eateries. An amphitheater is available for concerts and other performances.

Al Mamzar Beach Park
Al Mamzar Beach Park

Al Mamzar Park is available only to women and children on Wednesdays. On certain occasions, only mothers and other female family members, including children under the age of seven, are permitted to bring their sons along. Fridays are usually the busiest days here because businesses and educational institutions are closed.

What to do at Al Mamzar Beach Park?

You may relax in the sunshine while enjoying a barbeque dinner in the cooler months on one of the many grassy picnic sites that dot the coastline. More than 1,600 palm trees, approximately 300 coconut trees, and 55,000 square meters of verdant lawns may be seen in the gardens. Rentable air-conditioned chalets are also available for those who like the VIP treatment.

Rent a Beach Cabin – Prices range from AED 200 to AED 150 per night, depending on the size of the cabin. Chalets with air conditioning and a view of the beach are available for rent. The daily rate for a big chalet is AED 200, while the rate for a small chalet is AED 150. The park admission price does not include these charges.

Loungers are available for hire, along with beach umbrellas, for those who like to bask in the sun. These can be yours for just AED 20!

View of Al Mamzar Beach Park
View of Al Mamzar Beach Park

There is a public pool where you may go swimming. There is a fee of AED 10 for adults and AED 5 for children to enjoy these amenities.

Enjoy the park from the Comfort of a Train: The train ride service at Al Mamzar Beach Park is a lot of fun for kids, and adults will appreciate the opportunity to see the park from a different perspective.

You may do roller skating, wave surfing, or skateboarding in the park’s skate park. Next to it is a playground equipped with swing sets and slides for the kids.

Sports Fans may make use of the beach’s volleyball court, basketball court, and moderate-sized football field. One must provide their own tools.

Approximately twenty public grills and picnic spots are among the park’s most popular amenities.

Take in a Show at the Amphitheater: The Amphitheater frequently offers events such as open mic nights, comedy shows, and live music performances.

Al Mamzar Beach Park
Al Mamzar Beach Park

Are you hungry? There are several food shops spread out over the beach area, so you can easily grab something to eat as you relax by the surf. The neighborhood boasts a plethora of cafeterias and restaurants providing Mediterranean cuisine, and there’s even a FiLLi Cafe not far away to satisfy the appetites of beachgoers.

The first of its kind, Al Mamzar Beach Park combines high-tech beach and park amenities to create a unique recreational experience for city residents. It charges only AED5 per person to enter and is open from 8 am to 10 pm every day of the week (later on weekends). To get the most out of your day in the sun, plan ahead and rent a chalet or other facility through the official website.

How to get to Al Mamzar Beach Park?

The following modes of public transportation will bring you to Al Mamzar Beach Park:

The Al Mamzar Beach Park station on the Dubai Metro does not serve the park. However, the Al Qiyadah Green Line Metro Station has a bus service to this location.

You can get to the park easily by bus; the C15 and C28 both have stops not far away.

Take Exit 69 off of Al Ittihad Road/E11 and travel in the direction of Mamzar Beach Park if you’re driving.

View of Al Mamzar Beach Park
View of Al Mamzar Beach Park

Final words about Al Mamzar Beach Park

In search of a tranquil spot to spend time with loved ones? You may have a great time with your loved ones in Al Mamzar Beach Park, a hidden treasure in Dubai. There is something for everyone in Al Mamzar Beach Park, whether you want to skateboard in the park or take a dip in the pool.

Curious about what all the fuss is about Dubai’s Al Mamzar Beach Park? We’ve created a full guide about this amazing park in this article. Tell us what were your thoughts on this place through our social media accounts.

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