Olympus and Çıralı in Antalya

All a tourist should know about Olympus and Çıralı of Antalya

In the list of places to visit in Antalya, there are two beautiful villages called Olympus and Cirali, which make the view of the sea and the forest of these two villages special. If you are a party person, Olympus will welcome you until late at night. On the contrary, if you are looking for a quiet and peaceful place, Cirali will be suitable for you. Cable cars, paragliders, diving, historical sites, rock climbing, hiking, and tree houses are just some of the entertainment in this area.

In the following, these two villages will be explained:

  1. Olympus City
  2. Çıralı Village

An Introduction of Olympus and Çıralı in Antalya

1. Olympus City

Olympus is one of the most valuable and beautiful historical places in Antalya, which is visited by many tourists every year. There are special and different points in this attractive area that will be very enjoyable to visit and there are many activities that you can do there. Even athletes who are active in rock climbing and diving choose this place for climbing or diving in Turkey.

Olympus City
Olympus City

The History of Olympus

Historians do not have accurate and reliable information about the time of the initial creation of the ancient city of Olympus; however, it is obvious that this magnificent old city belongs to the Hellenistic civilization or era, which is a period of ancient Greek history.

This ancient and beautiful city is one of the six cities with voting power in Lycia and historically and strategically it was very important for Antalya.

But the location of the ancient city of Olympus on the coast, unfortunately, made it vulnerable to pirate attacks. The river that flows by the ruins of the city of Olympus has now changed into a lovely everglade, but throughout history, large ships used to travel on this waterway.

Sightseeing places of the ancient city of Olympus

This area has unique scenery along the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, which consists of hair trees, beach trees, tall pines, wild figs, very beautiful palm trees, etc. Also, its clean and unique beaches have attracted the attention of many Antalya tourists.

Olympus, Antalya, Turkey
Olympus, Antalya, Turkey

Suluada Island

It is not without reason that the island of Suluada is known as the Maldives of the Mediterranean. This spectacular island, located in Olympios, is one of the most beautiful places you will see on a tour of Turkey. White beaches, clear and spectacular blue waters, the possibility of swimming and diving, and many other things are available on this island, and the interesting thing is that it is not even from land. Of course, you should keep in mind that during the day, only 60 boats and a total of 1000 people are allowed to go to this place.

Historical centers of Olympus

Many people go to this place just to visit historical places. The ruins of ancient cities are the same parts of Turkey that are mentioned in mythological stories and are of great importance to many tourists in the world. The history of some from these places, it goes back to several years before Christ and to the Hellenistic era.

Paragliding on Tahtalı Mountain

If you happen to be near the mountain, you can reach the top of the mountain by cable car. There is a paragliding company at the top called Escape Adventures that allows you to see all the beauty that Antalya tours have to offer with a beautiful view. Another good thing about choosing Tahtalı is that the highest point It is for skydiving. Don’t be afraid, you don’t need any experience at all – all the pilots in the team are pilots of the Turkish national team and they are all experts.

Paragliding on Tahtalı Mountain, Olympus
Paragliding on Tahtalı Mountain, Olympus

Watching the sunrise on the beach of Olympus

One of the most beautiful sights you will see in Olympus is the beautiful sunrise that you will see on the beach of Olympus. Of course, to see this unique beauty, you have to participate in the tours that are going to this area very soon, but it will be really worth going.

There is a temple gate in this city, the construction of which dates back to the period of Marcus Aurelius. Also, the presence of a part of the Roman Bridge (Trier) in this city is considered a part of the historical buildings there. The city walls and protective castles date back to the middle Ages.

Other parts of this ancient city include the Acropolis hill, Bandar memorial tombs, Vespasian bath, church and a number of cemeteries. Olympus National Park is also located near this city and with many species of plants and animals, it is a protected sightseeing place near the city of Olympus.

2. Çıralı Village

There is a beautiful village called Çıralı in Kemer region of Antalya. If you are very interested in natural scenery and recreation, you can choose Çıralı village of Antalya for your outing and recreation. The green slopes of Chirali village in Antalya is one of the most beautiful parts of this city. Due to the facilities of this village, many people come to this place at different times of the year, to enjoy both the scenery and the clean air.

Çıralı Village
Çıralı Village

Introducing Çıralı Village in Antalya

Chirali Village of Antalya is an agricultural village located near the ancient ruins of Olympus, the famous Mount Chimaera, in the ancient Lycia region of Anatolia. People can walk to the end of the beach in this area and see the ruins of Olympus. This village is a quiet area, if you like peace, you can experience the most peace in this area.

This area has been able to provide facilities such as the best and most luxurious hotels and residences, international and traditional restaurants, traditional and stone cafes, beautiful beaches, very exciting and attractive water parks, and very ancient historical and ancient monuments and places. The spectacular and most desirable local markets of Antalya attract countless tourists, and at the same time, it is interesting to know that one of the most important reasons for choosing this region by tourists is its very moderate and wonderful weather.

Sights of Çıralı village in Antalya

Çıralı Beach

Çıralı Beach is a pristine beach away from the crowd, which has a dreamy image in front of the audience with beautiful high mountain views. Very clean and clear water, which is very suitable for swimming, is one of the characteristics of Antalya’s Çıralı Beach. There are many cafes and restaurants on Çıralı Beach in Antalya, which welcome the guests of Çıralı Antalya Village with their attractive design and style as well as different menus.

Endangered turtles

Çıralı beaches are the spawning grounds of an endangered species of turtles. These rare turtles are 40 million-year-old inhabitants of the planet that have chosen the warm sands of Çıralı Beach to lay their eggs. It is very beautiful and spectacular to watch this endangered and rare species on the shores of Chirali.

Endangered turtles in Çıralı's Beach
Endangered turtles in Çıralı’s Beach

Visiting Yanartaş, the eternal flame that remains from the 6th century

This strange and extraordinary fire, which is located in the north of Çıralı beach, has not been extinguished for centuries due to the natural gas that comes out of the ground and has remained like this. This fire was culturally very important for the civilizations that arose in this region.

Entertainment of Çıralı Village, Antalya

Çıralı Village of Antalya has many activities and different ages can benefit from these activities by paying their specific fees. There are entertainments such as diving, beach volleyball, cycling, yachts, etc. in this village. The very beautiful atmosphere of this village has attracted the attention of many tourists. Anyone who goes to this village will benefit from its many entertainments. Çıralı village of Antalya is one of the most pleasant areas of Antalya and not going to this area will be one of the bad lucks of a traveler.

Facilities of Çıralı Village, Antalya

There are many hotels in Çıralı village of Antalya so that travelers can easily stay in these hotels. The services of each hotel are different from each other and they have facilities that you can get information about from the hotel reception. There are many gazebos in this village for travelers to rest and stay.

Other facilities of this village include elegant cafes and restaurants that provide travelers with a variety of meals in different meals. These restaurants cook different high-quality dishes with the best ingredients and skilled chefs. You can come to the restaurant to enjoy a delicious meal.

Ways to access Çıralı

The nearest airport to Çıralı village is Antalya city airport. Tourists can easily get to Çirali from Antalya using public transportation. It is about an hour’s drive from Kemer Antalya to Çıralı. Also, if the main destination of your trip is Antalya, you can visit this area by using Antalya daily tourism tours; and spend one of the most exciting and memorable days of your trip in this region.

The Best Time to travel to Çıralı

The best time to visit Çirali Village in Antalya is spring and summer. Çirali is considered one of the most pleasant parts of the Antalya region, which is known for its very clean air and quiet beaches away from crowds.

The best hotels in the Çıralı region

1. Azur Hotel

A rustic bungalow and cabin surrounded by tropical gardens and only minutes from the beach.

2. Arcadia Hotel

Arcadia Hotel consists of 11 cottages, located between the Mediterranean Sea and the Arcadian forest. Therefore, this hotel has a beautiful view in both directions.

3. Olympos Lodge

The grounds of this hotel are surrounded by lush gardens and also have a private beach.

Olympos Lodge
Olympos Lodge

4. Villa Lukka

This residence is located on the spectacular Cıralı beach. This hotel is one of the best Cıralı beach accommodations to spend an attractive beach vacation.

5. Palm Konak Hotel

The Palm Konak Hotel with a terrace and a beautiful view of the mountains is another Cıralı hotel located 150 meters from the beach.

6. Cıralı

Cıralı hotel, which is surrounded by lemon and orange trees, is located within a 5-minute walk to the beaches of Cıralı.

7. Aida Hotel

Offering spacious rooms with balconies and an outdoor pool surrounded by palm trees, Aida Hotel provides an attractive and romantic setting for a memorable stay for tourists.

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