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Anything a Tourist should know about Antalya Aquarium

Turkey’s Antalya Aquarium is one of the largest aquarium collections in the world. When you hear this name, you may only think of dolphin shows and other water activities; But this vast complex of 3 hectares with 40 exciting and different aquariums does not fail to keep you entertained; This aquarium has a restaurant and cafe and everything you need for a short trip, come with us to learn more about this amazing aquarium.

The world’s largest aquarium tunnel in Antalya Aquarium

Antalya Aquarium is located 70 meters from Konyaalti Beach in the west of Antalya. This aquarium has the world’s largest underwater tunnel and various species of aquatic animals. The tunnel of this aquarium is 131 m long and 3 m wide. Also, the capacity of this aquarium is more than 5 million liters. The construction of Antalya Aquarium started in 2011, and on August 15th, 2012, after the finishing stages of this aquarium were completed, they opened its doors to the public. Due to having 40 sections with different topics, this aquarium has been well received since its opening day.

outdoor of Antalya Aquarium
outdoor of Antalya Aquarium

Special interior design Aquarium

Artist designers who worked on the tunnel project and the Antalya Aquarium complex from 2011 to 2012. The aquarium tunnel with a length of 131 meters and a water storage capacity of 5000 tons forms the main part of this water complex. 40 types of aquatic live in this aquarium.

It may also be interesting to know that if you wish, it is possible to swim next to the fish with special equipment and clothes and watch them from a closer distance. You can also see the strange and very colorful and beautiful species of the Antalya Aquarium in the Wild Park section. Visiting countless types of fish and small and large sea creatures, from tiny creatures to sharks, is a different experience that may not happen for a long time. So, we suggest that you step into this dream space with great care and patience.

In the middle of the tunnel there is a place to rest if you get tired during the visit. Antalya aquarium tunnel is so attractive that from 2012 to 2014 more than 2 million tourists have visited it, which is a large number for an attraction like an aquarium. The first part of the aquarium tunnel is one of the largest rocks in the world and the second part is the city Lost Atlantis and in the third part you will see a shipwreck.

Antalya Aquarium, Turkey
Antalya Aquarium, Turkey

Antalya Aquarium; in nature

Watching a part of nature is prepared in this aquarium, even after watching aquatic animals, you can watch terrestrial and poisonous animals. Antalya Aquarium complex provides you with the opportunity to get to know the wildlife and aquatic life in addition to seeing these animals. By seeing these aquatic animals, you will feel the life of this aquarium in the depths of the ocean.

Antalya Aquarium Facilities and Entertainment

Antalya Aquarium has well provided everything visitors need. While walking in the aquarium, you will probably need a cold drink, ice cream, delicious food, etc. Cafes, restaurants, various stores and other facilities such as wheelchair rental and a suitable path for wheelchairs, events, stores, zoo, parking, restaurants, children’s playground, toy store, scenery for photography, diving, are available for the well-being of tourists.

1. 3D cinema; Experience life with sharks

Interestingly, Antalya Aquarium also has a 3D cinema. This 3D cinema is very suitable for people who don’t want to see the aquarium and want to sit in a chair. Experience sitting on a boat, swimming next to beautiful whales, etc. in this realistic 3D cinema. Watching canoeing and swimming with fishes in 3D cinema tempts you to swim in the deep ocean with fishes.

2. Feeding Aquatic Animals

You will be constantly surprised at this famous attraction in Antalya. If you go to a part of the Antalya Aquarium and encounter a huge flood of people standing in line, you can be sure that this part is supposed to feed the aquatic animals. At the beginning of entering this section, they give you a big bottle of milk and then you have to feed the huge fish that have stuck their heads out of the water. Of course, there is no fear or worry, these fish are calm like children and start eating as usual. This part is considered one of the exciting and comedy attractions of Antalya Aquarium.

fishes of Antalya Aquarium
fishes of Antalya Aquarium

3. Hyper luxury and well-equipped fish world

Antalya city aquarium is not only dedicated to fun and entertainment, and it is not bad to know that you are facing a luxurious and well-equipped store in this huge complex where you can buy all your necessities in the form of gifts and souvenirs. In this store, you are facing a variety of items that allow you to make an attractive purchase. Imagine you are shopping and a clownfish is watching you obsessively. This store is an opportunity for people who are not interested in the world of fish or who get bored easily. If you go to Antalya Aquarium, don’t forget to visit and shop at this store.

4. A deep thrill in confrontation with reptiles of the Antalya Aquarium

One of the interesting points in this aquarium is the presence of reptiles next to aquatic animals. In the reptile section, you will encounter all kinds of strange creatures that you may not have seen up close even once in your life. Some of them are so calm and motionless that you will definitely not notice their presence at first. But if you are a little patient and of course curious, after a few seconds you will be eye-to-eye with them. The reptile section of the Antalya Aquarium houses rare species of animals that you may not see in the real world until the last moment of your life.

A deep thrill in confrontation with reptiles of the Antalya Aquarium
A deep thrill in confrontation with reptiles of the Antalya Aquarium

5. Swimming with fish in the deep ocean

Antalya Aquarium is one of the attractions of Antalya that attracts many people. If you are tempted to swim and you want to swim in the heart of the aquarium and among the fish and sea plants, just put on a special diving suit and hit the sea and experience a different swimming experience.

6. Snow Game in summer

One of the most attractive parts of the aquarium for foreign tourists is a 1500-meter hall made of snow. If you travel to this city in the summer season, do not miss this exciting entertainment.

7. Watching the plane wreckage in Antalya Aquarium

Everything that can be found in the depths of the ocean is in this aquarium. In order to make this aquarium look more natural, the designers of this collection took the help of an Italian sculptor and made a large airplane wreckage along with a shipwreck. Visiting this aquarium is no different from seeing the depth of the ocean.

8. Eskimo House and Santa Claus Hut

Yes, there is also an Eskimo House and Santa’s Hut at Antalya Aquarium. Sit in Santa’s cabin for a while. Drinking a coffee will be a good addition to the aquarium tour.


9. Sea taxi

To reach this aquarium, you can use the sea taxi bus station of Kemer city. Kemer sea buses will take you to this yacht port at 10:30, 13:30, and 17:30. After arriving at the port, all you have to do is take a bus on Cumhuriyet St. and head towards Tagat Dumplupinar and take a short walk to the aquarium.

10. Serving food in the presence of the chef; Swordfish

Undoubtedly, exploring the aquatic world will make you hungry, and it is exactly at this moment that a well-equipped restaurant will save you. Antalya Aquarium Restaurant will surprise you with its delicious food. The existence of a restaurant near a tourist recreation space will make everyone feel at ease that if they are tired, hungry, and thirsty, they can easily regain their lost strength and energy without wasting time. We recommend that if you happen to pass by Antalya Aquarium, you must visit its restaurant and surprise yourself by tasting the delicious food of this restaurant.

Inside view of Antalya Aquarium
Inside view of Antalya Aquarium

Restaurants, hotels and entertainment places around Antalya Aquarium

Within one to two kilometers of Antalya Aquarium are attractions including Antalya Beach Park, Ataturk Cultural Park, Dolphin Land Antalya Water Park, and Flamingo Beach Complex Antalya. Additionally, this aquatic entertainment facility is 400 meters from Hotel Su, 1 km from Perla Mare Hotel, and 2 km from The Corner Park Hotel. Of course, don’t forget that there are also a number of restaurants within a 1-kilometer radius of Antalya’s aquarium, including McDonald’s, Oz Sut Park, Karamezi, Mehmet, and Madu. These eateries offer travelers and tourists a variety of mouthwatering regional, international, and Turkish seafood dishes.

Antalya Aquarium’s incredible facilities for children

We all know very well that traveling with children is a bit difficult. Children usually don’t have the patience for long journeys and they want hassle-free relaxation. However, a trip to Antalya can be a fun trip for children. If you have a child with you and want to provide them with a good time, visiting this aquarium will be the best way for you. It is better to know that in this place various and wonderful facilities are included to entertain children more than before and make them happy for several hours.

Large playgrounds, game consoles, small cinema, three Eskimo huts, a cafe and Santa’s house are among the things that can be seen in this place. It is enough to step into this aquarium so that you can be busy for hours and enjoy your time.

Antalya Aquarium's incredible facilities for children
Antalya Aquarium’s incredible facilities for children

Antalya Aquarium, a real journey deep into the ocean

Sometimes some people do not have much desire to do attractive water activities and even swimming and diving in the sea or pool due to their fear of water or tight and dark places. For this reason, fun and attractive complexes like Antalya Aquarium are an exceptional opportunity for everyone, especially these people, to enjoy seeing the fascinating and amazing underwater world while creating a sense of security and peace. If you travel to Antalya, we recommend that you definitely visit the colorful and amazing underwater world in this water entertainment complex.

Access ways to Antalya Aquarium

To reach the Antalya Aquarium, you can use public transportation such as buses and taxis. For example, if you decide to take the bus, you should buy tickets for TK 36 or VF 2 buses and get to your destination. Of course, the small number of buses should not worry you, because although there are few buses on the way to Antalya Aquarium, every 10 to 15 minutes a new bus comes to the station and transports passengers and tourists to this huge entertainment complex.

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