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15 Best picturesque beaches of Antalya

Antalya is one of the most gorgeous coastal cities in the world with a large number of picturesque beaches that adds to the beauty and charm of this city. You don’t need a pocket full of money or to spend a large amount of cash to spend a good time in Antalya. This magical city is full of natural sights and most of them are coasts.

Antalya is one of Turkey’s most popular destinations among tourists and is considered a tourist attraction in Turkey. This glamorous city is full of attractions and scenic places that attract a large number of tourists.

Top 15 picturesque beaches of Antalya

We’ve made a pocket list of Antalya’s most amazing coasts for those of you who are not familiar with this magical city and planning to visit it for the first time.

  1. Lara Beach
  2. Cleopatra Beach – Damlatash Beach
  3. Olympos Beach
  4. Cirali (chirali) Beach
  5. Belek Beach Resorts
  6. Tekirova Beach
  7. Side Beach
  8. Patara Beach
  9. Moonlight Beach
  10. Kaputas Beach
  11. Mermerli Beach
  12. Adrasan Beach
  13. Phaselis (Turquoise) Beach
  14. Konyaalti Beach
  15. Kemer Beach
  16. Beldibi Beach
  17. BLM Beach
  18. Kargicak Plaji (Beach)
  19. Örnekköy Sahili (Beach)
  20. Suluada Beach
  21. Kral Koyu Beach (Delik Deniz)
  22. Incekum Beach

Lara Beach

Lara beach is one of the most popular beaches in Antalya city and one of the famous spots that the locals and tourists like to spend their vacation in. this 12-kilometer length beach is located in the eastern part of the city and it is easily accessible by bus or personal car.

Lara Beach
Lara Beach

The soft and clear sands of Lara beach alongside its warm and clear waters have created the perfect spot for sunbathing or relaxing under the beautiful sky. In the summer and spring of Turkey, Lara beach’s land area is filled with sun umbrellas and beach chairs. Lara beach is the most famous spot for a pleasant picnic in the hot and humid summers of Antalya. Lara beach is near Duden Waterfalls and adds to the charm of this landscape.

Cleopatra Beach – Damlatash Beach

Cleopatra beach is another striking beach in Antalya province named after the Egyptian queen, Cleopatra. Narratives believe that this beach was the secret spot where Cleopatra and her lover would meet and greet. Cleopatra beach is located in the city of Alanya which is one of Antalya province’s cities.

You have the opportunity to try all kinds of water sports on Cleopatra beach like kite surfing, sailing, scuba diving, etc. this coast is also known with the name Damlatash beach. Locals know this coast by the name Damlatash beach and the reason is its closeness to Damlatash cave.

Cleopatra Beach - Damlatash Beach
Cleopatra Beach – Damlatash Beach

Cleopatra beach is not only a charming landscape but also an interesting area with a number of attractions nearby. Damlatash cave, Antalya archeological museum, and a cable car that takes you up and down castle hill are some of the closeby attractions to Cleopatra beach.

Olympos Beach

Olympos beach tops the list of picturesque coasts in Antalya city. This magnificent is not just a beautiful and normal beach as it is also a historic place. The ruins of the ancient city of Olympos are located in the southern part of this charming beach.

Olympos beach is the perfect spot for a quick getaway from everyday life in modern cities. This charming beach is filled with the most gorgeous vegetation. The unique and beautiful vegetation alongside the jaw-dropping historic site of Olympos is the highlight of this fascinating beach in Antalya. You can enjoy the scenery or explore the historic site of Olympos.

Olympos Beach
Olympos Beach

Cirali (Chirali) Beach

Cirali beach is one of the greatest beaches in Antalya city. This Glamorous beach is more than a normal beach as it is also a grand historical site surrounded by all kinds of natural attractions. Cirali was able to top the list of Antalya’s most popular and most crowded beaches in latest years.

Cirali beach is the perfect spot for a family weekend as it is safe and calm with a lot of cabins that are surrounded by gorgeous gardens. This charming beach is filled with pristine nature which makes it perfect for basic water sports like swimming.

Cirali beach is located next to Olympos beach as we mentioned earlier. The pristine and picturesque nature of Cirali beach will amaze every visitor.

Belek Beach Resorts

there’s a perfect option in Antalya for those of you who are looking for a beach resort full of luxurious hotels and recreation options. Belek beach resort is probably the most modern coast in Antalya city full of modern amenities.

Despite the hotels and resorts, there’s a great gulf club and several restaurants on this gorgeous beach. Some of Antalya’s top historic sites like Perge and Aspendos are located near these luxurious beach resorts. this beach resort started its business from the year 1990 and expanded ever since.

Belek Beach Resorts
Belek Beach Resorts

Tekirova Beach

Another picturesque and pristine beach in the city of Antalya that managed to get on the list of Antalya’s greatest coasts is Tekirova beach. This charming beach is 10 kilometers away from the central area of Kemer city and 58 kilometers southwest of central Antalya.

This calm and lovely coast is mostly covered with hotels and all kinds of resorts. tekirova is the perfect spot for those of you who are traveling with a child as its shallow depth on the shoreline makes it a safe place for children. There are several cafés and restaurants as well as a large area filled with sun beds.

Side Beach

Side beach is another glamorous beach in Antalya that gets in Antalya’s top 5 beaches. This coast is located 65 kilometers away from Antalya city near the ancient city of Side. Side beach is a calm beach with fewer crowds than other beaches of Antalya city but with more attractions and recreation centers.

You have the option to experience all kinds of water sports in several water sports situated on this charming beach. A fun fact about Side beach is that some of Antalya’s best beaches like Lara and Cora are located next to this coast. Side beach is full of attractions including, eateries, bars, water parks, water sports, 4- and 5-star hotels, beach clubs, etc.

Side Beach
Side Beach

Moonlight Beach

Near one of the most glamorous bays in the city of Kemer, there’s a great park that is located on one of the most beautiful beaches of this city. Moonlight beach is a scenic coast located within moonlight park.

The proximity of Moonlight beach to an interesting park is the reason that made this coast so special among Antalya’s many beaches. There are a number of facilities on Moonlight beach and park that makes it an ideal spot for a family vacation including a public pool and several eateries.

Patara Beach

Patara beach is not only one of the greatest beaches in Antalya city but the largest coast of Turkey. Patara beach with 18 kilometers of coastal area is the largest coast in Turkey and one of Antalya’s main attractions.

Patara beach is the longest beach in Antalya and Turkey but unlike the length of the coast, some parts of this beach are 500 or even 300 meters wide with a steep slope. Some parts of Patara beach are closed in the summer due to the spawning of Caretta turtles.

Patara beach is mostly desert-like and doesn’t have very much green space. Patara beach is less crowded than Antalya’s other coasts due to its large land space and picturesque nature.

Patara Beach
Patara Beach

Kaputas Beach

Kaputas is not only one of the greatest beaches of Antalya Turkey, but also one of the most picturesque beaches in the world. This small beach is located somewhere between Kas and Kalkan city. The clear and turquoise waters of Kaputas beach alongside its soft sands and steep cliffs create the perfect backdrop for taking pictures.

Kaputas beach is the ideal spot for those of you who are looking for a quiet beach far away from the hustle and bustle of modern cities. This fantastic beach is surrounded by scenic nature and far enough from the city that you can easily relax and have a memorable time with your friends or family.

Mermerli Beach

Mermerli beach is another charming beach located in the heart of Antalya city. Mermerli beach is a calm and quiet beach located just next to Antalya’s marina in the old town of Kaleici. The water of Mermerli beach is so clear and clean that you can easily see the marine species and habitat from above.

Mermerli beach might get crowded in summer times due to its closeness to the city. This amazing coast is filled with sun beds located next to each other where you can relax and take a sun bath. Unlike Antalya’s most beaches that we mentioned earlier, You don’t have to go to the suburbs to get to Mermerli beach. That’s why this coast is very famous among locals and tourists.

Mermerli Beach
Mermerli Beach

Adrasan Beach

Adrasan beach is one of Antalya’s beaches that has lately become famous among tourists. Every year more and more visitors come to this beach for a relaxing picnic. The clear and cool waters of Adrasan beach will help you get away from the hot summers of Antalya for a while.

Adrasan beach is the perfect place for a peaceful vacation and a pleasant swim in the cool and clean waters of Antalya’s coastline. Adrasan beach is near Kemer beach. This beautiful coast is the best spot If you want to get away from the crowd of Kemer beach and still enjoy its natural attractions.

Phaselis (Turquoise) Beach

Phaselis is not only one of the best beaches of Antalya, but also one of the main historical sites of this wonderful city. Phaselis is a Roman city where its ruins have remained ever since. Some ancient ruins and historical sites like Roman baths and an ancient amphitheater are located on Cirali beach.

Ruins remaining from ancient Roman and Greek cities are all over Cirali beach. Make sure you visit this charming coast on your trip to the magical city of Antalya.

Konyaalti Beach

Konyaalti beach is one of the most famous beaches of Antalya city which attracts a large number of visitors and tourists. Konyaalti beach has the safest and calmest water for swimming within a little distance to some of Antalya’s best recreation centers including several hotels, cultural centers, Antalya aquarium, Tunektepe, etc.

Konyaalti Beach
Konyaalti Beach

Konyaalti beach provides the perfect spot for taking pictures or just simply enjoying the natural sights of Antalya city. Konyaalti beach is one of Antalya’s beaches which is completely public. Konyaalti beach is full of attractions where you need a whole day to explore most of them. It is considered one of the main touristic places of Antalya city that pleases every visitor from any generation.

Kemer Beach

Kemer beach is another fascinating beach in Antalya city with a large number of tourist attractions. Due to its less salty waters, Kemer beach is the perfect spot for swimming. Kemer beach is very crowded most of the year and the reason is its natural attractions like waterfalls and natural fountains.

Kemer beach is one of the main reasons that every year a lot of tourists choose Antalya as their travel destination. Kemer beach is easily accessible from Antalya city with public transportation. You can try swimming, scuba diving, yachting, fishing, and so many other water sports on Kemer Beach.

Final words about Antalya’s beaches

Antalya is the heaven of beach lovers. This coastal town is a dreamland full of glamorous beaches and picturesque landscapes. Some of Turkey’s greatest beaches are in Antalya. In this article, we’ve listed down some of Antalya’s top beaches to help you get a glance at this marvelous city’s glamorous coasts. Hope it comes in handy when you are planning a trip to the city of Antalya.

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