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Everything about Balloon ride in Cappadocia

Traveling to Turkey and visiting its famous cities, such as Istanbul, Antalya and Izmir, is a pleasant and exciting thing. One of the pleasures that exists in Turkey but many people do not know is riding balloons.

Cappadocia is one of the most interesting regions in Turkey. This ancient area was built about four thousand years ago. Cappadocia is famous not only for its stone facades but also for its hot air balloon rides. Therefore, in this article, we are going to talk about balloon rides in Cappadocia.

An Introduction of Balloon ride in Cappadocia

Cappadocia is famous for two things: old cliff houses and balloon rides.

Balloon ride in Cappadocia
Balloon ride in Cappadocia

You can visit the strangest houses in the beautiful valley of Cappadocia. Balloon rides over Cappadocia attract every tourist to this area. One of the entertainments and of course the factors that have made this region impress the tourists is its balloon festival and that is why this region is known as the city of balloons. Since the 1990s, when the first balloon flew in this area, until today, the number of Cappadocia enthusiasts has increased every year. Balloons are ready to fly about 250 days a year, which is active most days of the year compared to other countries. April to November is the best time for hot air ballooning in Cappadocia. Because the air temperature is pleasant and the wind speed is suitable. Every day, 100 balloons take more than 2 thousand tourists into the sky. Balloons will take you up to 900 meters above the ground to see the best rock scenery. The speed of the balloons is between 2 and 22 km depending on the wind speed.

Where is Cappadocia?

Cappadocia is a beautiful region in the center of Turkey (Nevşehir province) that is famous and popular for its legendary landscapes, cave houses, impressive cliffs and of course hundreds of balloons that rise in the sky every morning at sunrise. Also, a very attractive walk in this area is also an exciting pastime that actually provides the possibility to explore all the different routes.

Location of Cappadocia
Location of Cappadocia

The Cappadocia region of Central Anatolia may be found smack dab in the heart of a very volcanically active area. Active volcanoes formerly stood atop each of the three mountains that are now known as Erciyes, Hasanda, and Güllüda. These mountains date back millions of years. In reality, the Neolithic era had this kind of activity, and the volcanic eruptions were so powerful that in certain areas the lava was as thick as 150 meters. Over millions of years, volcanoes, wind, and rain have created sculptures in this area. These remaining basalt stones have now become cone-shaped structures, some of which reach 45 meters in height. In the 4th century, people dug a network of tunnels inside the rocks. These tunnels connect the parts of the shelter, residence, warehouse and temples. The whole city is based on a series of tunnels which has made it the largest residential tunnel complex in the world.

It may be interesting to know that the old name of Cappadocia (katpatuka) is derived from the ancient Persian language, which means the land of beautiful horses.

Conditions of Balloon ride in Cappadocia

Due to the existence of different companies in providing riding balloon services, there are different rules and conditions as follows:

    • Balloon rides in Cappadocia start early in the morning and tourists can watch the sunrise from inside the balloons and from a height.
    • Flight time is usually one hour.
    • Before the flight, passengers benefit from insurance services.
    • The number of available capacity is between 14 and 25 people.
    • Participants and passengers are welcomed along the route.
    • When filling out the balloon flight form, the name of the person who placed it will be written as the group leader, and any changes in the flight will be notified to him.
    • Passengers who intend to cancel their flight tickets can notify the relevant company a few days in advance for a refund.
    • Sometimes flights are canceled due to bad weather conditions. However, there is no need to worry and the flight will be done as soon as possible.
    • Passengers who are not satisfied with their service and flight can complain to the central office of the balloons.

The best time for Balloon ride in Cappadocia

Since the most important factor for Balloon ride is the weather, it is better to have complete information about the weather in this area before buying a Cappadocia tour.

In winters, the temperature in Turkey decreases, so the weather in Cappadocia will be very cold. At this time of the year, balloon rides are less, but not stopped. Likewise, if you travel to Cappadocia this season, you will save money.

This region has a very pleasant weather in spring and there is a high chance of rain. In the summer, the temperature of Cappadocia increases, which makes many travelers from different parts of the world travel to this area.

So it can be said that the summer season is the best time for hot air ballooning in Cappadocia. Early autumn can also be suitable for balloon rides in this area. But as we approach winter, the temperature decreases and the wind blows more, so it is better to travel to Cappadocia in October.

Balloon safety

All companies that organize balloon rides are certified and operators must complete a full training course and be healthy. Balloon rides in this city is a safe pastime, but it has its own risks, which can happen to the best company in the best weather and with the best equipment.

Balloon safety of Cappadocia
Balloon safety of Cappadocia

When you are on a balloon and you are away from the ground, as the height increases, you will see unique views, which usually takes an hour to an hour and a half. It is difficult to describe the beauty that you will see during the flight, in this trip you have the opportunity to see the Taurus Mountains from above the river during the sunrise. The view of the old city of Aspendos, which you will see from a height of 700 meters below your feet, will fascinate you.

Types of flights and cost of balloon rides in Cappadocia

When you want to book a balloon flight, you may have a question about how many types of balloon flights there are and what type is suitable for you: standard, luxury or personal.

  • Standard flight

    In each standard flight, usually between 14 and 20 people will ride in a balloon for one hour and will fly among the beautiful and strange rocks of Cappadocia. The starting price of this type of flight is 110 euros per person.

  • Luxury flight

    In this type of flight, you will spend more time with fewer companions; the time of your balloon ride will be 1.5 hours and your traveling companion will be between 10 and 14 people. The price of this flight starts from 200 euros per person.

  • Personal flight

    Perhaps the best type of balloon ride in Cappadocia is private or solo flight. This flight can be booked for special occasions such as birthdays or wedding anniversaries

You will determine the flight time and your fellow passengers; this is perhaps the best experience of the feeling of flying. (The maximum flight time will be 2 hours) The price starts from 1,500 euros per person.

A view of Cappadocia
A view of Cappadocia

Tourist attractions in Cappadocia

Cappadocia is a tourist area that has other attractions besides balloon rides. The following are among the attractions of Cappadocia or the city of balloons:

  • Gormeh village in Cappadocia

    Gormeh, a village that has the most beautiful panoramic view of sunset and sunrise. That’s why it gets very crowded in the mornings and evenings. Despite the crowd, the place where you can capture the best balloon photos at the same time as sunrise and sunset is in Gormeh village.

  • Rose Valley

    The Rose Valley in Cappadocia, Turkey, is widely regarded as one of the region’s most distinctive tourist destinations. This place turns pink when the sun sets, and many Turkish tourists go to Rose Valley to see this sight. One of the characteristics of this valley is that one side of it is exposed to the sun almost all day as a ridge and the other is completely in the shade.

  • The Subterranean City of Kaymakli

    Kaymakli is recognized as one of the most fascinating subterranean towns in Turkey, and the Cappadocia Museum includes extraordinary stone churches. 19 km from the city of Nevşehir, in the Kaymakli citadel, Christians created shelters to avoid Arab operations. Kaymakli Underground City has 8 floors, 4 of which are currently open to the public. You can even live in groups in this underground city.

Staying in Cappadocia

Cappadocia has three hotels in Gorme village. If you plan to stay in this area and want to visit all its attractions, it is better to stay in one of Hiba, Sultan and Kalbek hotels.

The architecture of Cappadocia hotels is cave-shaped, considering the houses in this area. The hotels in question have very good facilities for their guests.

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