Aspendos Theatre

An Introduction of Aspendos Theatre

One of the top attractions of Antalya that makes this city unique is Aspendos Theatre. Aspendos theatre is a Roman amphitheater, and there has yet to be a consensus on its construction date. Some believe Aspendos theatre’s construction date is about 1000 BC, and some say that its construction and inauguration date back to 800 BC.

Aspendos theatre is a unique attraction and one of the world’s most well-preserved historical sites. If you are eager to see a Roman-style amphitheater that has been preserved ever since its construction back in the day, you must visit Aspendos theater. Stay with us to learn more about this fascinating site and its beauty.

History of Aspendos Theatre

Many years ago, King Aspendus had a beautiful daughter. But the girl could not decide whom to marry. Then the king announced, whoever does the most beautiful thing for the people of my land, I will give my daughter to him. a fierce competition took place at the time, and in the end, two twin brothers made it to the finals.

One of them designed a water system that takes water several kilometers away. And the other is the creator of the world’s best acoustic theater, Aspendos Theatre. If you throw a coin on the theatre’s floor in this orchestra, you can hear the sound of their fall, even from the higher seats.

Seeing the aqueduct, the king wanted to give his daughter to the architect who built this amphitheater. But when he entered the theater and heard a voice coming from inside, he changed his mind.

The second brother sang a song in the theater he built, and the king was impressed by the structure’s acoustics. The king admired her and gave his daughter to the architect Zeno. They also held their wedding at Aspendos amphitheater.

Aspendos Theatre, Turkey's historical site
Aspendos Theatre, Turkey’s historical site

The city was occupied by Alexander the Great in 333 BC. the reason for its occupation is that it refused to pay tax to the Macedonian king. During the Battle of Sipyllum in 190 BC, the Roman Empire used Aspendos theatre as an ally, and in 133 BC, he officially entered the Empire.

The theater was built in honor of Marcus Aurelius. He was a famous emperor that ruled from 161 to 180 AD. Aspendos Theater has remained largely intact and is the most well-preserved structure in Turkey.

The architecture of Aspendos Theatre

Zeno created Aspendos theater of limestone, and later they added bricks to the structure. In the meantime, the spectators’ tribune was divided into two parts by a horizontal corridor called Diazoma. The lower section contains 20 rows of seats, while the upper section of the theatre has 21 rows.

The theater’s capacity is estimated at least 7,300 to 7,600 people, and if you are willing to use the stairs as seats, there is room for 8,500 spectators. They used lime to make The whole theatre.

In addition to the first row of seats for merchants and judges, the second row was for the city’s celebrities. Women sat in higher seats decorated with marble, and men sat in the lower row of seats, and the king and the royal family had a special place because of their privilege.

Zeno designed Aspendos theater to look like a circle from the outside, but when you enter it, it looks like an oval.

View of Aspendos Theatre, Antalya
View of Aspendos Theatre, Antalya

Accessibility and timings of Aspendos Theatre

Location: Sarฤฑabalฤฑ, Aspendos Yolu, 07500 Serik/Antalya, Turkey.

Timings: every day from 8 am to 7 pm (in the year’s first half). Every day from 8:30 am to 5:30 pm (in the year’s second half).

Tourists who have booked an Antalya tour can reach this beautiful historical monument by public transport in the city or by car, but the best way to get to this place is by bus.

You can use the city bus stations and get off at the bus station of Aspendos Theatre, which is 550 meters from this famous amphitheater.

Some facts you didn’t know about Aspendos Theatre

  • Due to its great acoustic features, Aspendos Theatre hosts several concerts every year.
  • Aspendos theatre is one of the world’s best well-preserved Roman amphitheaters, with fewer ruins.
  • Over 400 thousand tourists visit Aspendos Theatre annually.
  • Aspendos Theatre has a capacity for 15000 viewers.
  • Aspendos theatre was registered on the UNESCO World Heritage list in the year 2015.
  • The annual Aspendos Opera and Ballet Festival is held in Aspendos theatre of Antalya from mid-June to August.
Aspendos Theatre, Antalya, Turkey
Aspendos Theatre, Antalya, Turkey

Final words about Aspendos Theatre

The ancient city of Aspendos, 50 kilometers east of Antalya, is one of the major historical attractions for tourists visiting Turkey’s turquoise coastal region. We tried to give you a perspective of this ancient city and guide you through an online tour of Aspendos Theatre. have a great time!

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