The Best 12 Fascinating Thailand Museums

Top 12 Museums in Thailand

Thailand has had numerous kings and political predecessors, so it must have a rich and convoluted history worth knowing. Thailand has tried to provide tourists with information about the country’s history by building various museums. Tourists and Thai tour tourists can watch and receive the traditional religions, kingdoms, culture, and art of this country in these museums.

Stay with us as we reveal some of Thailand’s most excellent and appealing museums.

Top 12 Museums in Thailand

The museums of this country are not only limited to history. But several fascinating museums will make you ecstatic and blow your mind.

  1. Jim Thompson House Museum
  2. Bangkok National Museum
  3. Chiang Mai National Museum
  4. Thai-Burma Railway Centre Museum
  5. Madame Tussauds in Bangkok
  6. Muang Boran Museum
  7. Museum Siam
  8. Hellfire Pass Museum
  9. Erawan Museum
  10. Siriraj Medical Museum
  11. Bangkok Art and Culture Centre
  12. Phuket Trick Eye Museum

Jim Thompson House Museum

Jim Thompson was an American who lived and worked in Thailand. This house has become an important place in Bangkok because Jim Thompson built his house very beautifully and artistically by himself. Jim Thompson’s house consisted of six wooden houses in which Jim collected objects and works of art that he bought from all over Thailand.

Apart from his house, which has now been turned into a museum, Jim Thompson was the person who introduced Thai silk to the world, and after that the silk of this country became very famous! He did many important things for Thailand, but unfortunately, he mysteriously disappeared in the Cameron Islands of Malaysia.

Jim Thompson House Museum
Jim Thompson House Museum

Bangkok National Museum

The National Museum of Bangkok’s lovely and beautiful city includes various buildings. These structures are filled with collections, furnishings, royal boats, works of art, and other relics from Thailand’s past rulers.

In this museum, visitors may see items from King Pinklao’s bedroom and Buddha footprints from the Sukhothai era. The Bangkok National Museum, which has various specialized exhibits on Thai history, crafts, and archeology, was first inaugurated in 1934.

This Bangkok museum has been successful in drawing many visitors from whole of the world. This museum also offers Japanese, French, German, and English guides.

Chiang Mai National Museum

Chiang Mai is a major city in Thailand’s northern region. Between 1296 and 1557, when Burmese conquered it, this city served as the capital of the Lana Empire for nearly 250 years. The National Museum of Chiang Mai now houses all the artifacts and ruins of that empire for visitors to view. Although it appears tiny, the museum has a wide variety of artifacts from that era, including pottery, handicrafts, and works of art.

Chiang Mai National Museum
Chiang Mai National Museum

Thai-Burma Railway Centre Museum

This railway line was built during World War II by several Allied prisoners and Asian workers. This museum is also known as the Death Railway because during the construction of its route, approximately twelve thousand prisoners and between 75 and 100 thousand Asian workers were killed. During the construction of this railway line, the prisoners faced the harsh and strict rules of the Japanese prison guards, hunger, infection, and disease. For this reason, this museum was built in the center of this railway.

Madame Tussauds in Bangkok

This museum has branches not only in Bangkok, Thailand but also in famous tourist cities worldwide. Tourists in Madame Tussauds museum can take selfies with leaders, celebrities, and famous people worldwide! In this mysterious museum, statues of famous people worldwide are made of wax, which is very similar to humans. Madame Tussauds Bangkok is divided into radio and television, music, film, historical, artistic, political, and sports sections.

Muang Boran Museum

Muang Boran, which means “ancient city,” is a magnificent open-air museum with an area of over 240 hectares. This museum is probably the largest open-air museum in the world and has more than 100 miniature copies of famous and old mansions in different parts of Thailand. This museum preserves the architecture, art, and culture of other regions of Thailand with mansions built in it.

Muang Boran Museum
Muang Boran Museum

Museum Siam

Discovery Museum is another name for Siam Museum. This museum is built on questions such as, “Who are the Thai people?” What is their culture like? It was created. This museum traces Thai culture from ancient times to the present. Several rooms of the Siam Museum showcase various aspects of Thai history and culture.

Hellfire Pass Museum

This museum investigates Thais’ issues throughout the conflict. This museum is famous because its inmates were forced to chisel hard rock for eight hours a day using hand drills, picks, and shovels to create the railway. The Hellfire Post Museum depicts one of the most horrible moments in Kanchanaburi’s history.

Thailand established and maintained this museum. This Thai museum is devoted to Allied POWs and Asian laborers who spent their lives in this desolate environment. For tourists, there is a complimentary audio tour guide that provides detailed information about the anguish and suffering caused by the prisoners.

Erawan Museum

This museum was created specifically to protect Thai culture. A massive, almost 200-ton three-headed elephant measuring 45 meters tall and housed in Bangkok, Thailand’s unique Erawan Museum, symbolizes the Hindu god Iravata. This magnificent creature, which took ten years to construct, is mounted on a pedestal and cast in pure green copper.

Many Thai artifacts, pictures, works of art, religious texts, and historical records that aim to preserve Thailand’s legacy may be found at the museum. A stream of water flows around the museum, where you may create a water lily for a keepsake that is considered lucky.

This museum has a series of gardens with some rare plants where visitors can wander around and enjoy the scenery.

Erawan Museum
Erawan Museum

Siriraj Medical Museum

The Siriraj Medical Museum in Bangkok is terrifying but interesting. Especially people who have a special interest in medical science. This museum is rightly known as the Museum of Death in Thailand.

For some, this house is one of the strongest exhibitions that is not considered for the weak, and not everyone dares to go here, from the skulls and skeletons of murders and rape victims to the dead bodies of deformed and sick children preserved in formaldehyde. This museum is very scary and has real corpses. So, it is not recommended for everyone.

In addition, other displays include the development of forensic medicine, brutal photographs of human deaths from disasters, organs infected with diseases, animal organs, and many other artifacts.

Regular visitors to this museum include medical students from Thailand as well as from around the world. Today, you can also find many tourists here who come to check out this unique and informative museum to add information to their knowledge.

Bangkok Art and Culture Centre

This museum showcases most of the local talents. In the museum of culture and futuristic art of Bangkok, the exhibition of the contemporary scenes of Bangkok is displayed with art. This art museum in Thailand displays not only art and design but also music, theater, photography, and films by Thai and international artists.

This massive building consists of nine floors, extensive galleries, and a stunning interior that allows the visitor to indulge in modern Thai art and culture. Many photography exhibitions and award functions are regularly set up in this museum, from large sculptures to the smallest installations to make artists well known. There is an art library in this museum, and around it, there are many small cafes where visitors can chat with their relatives.

Bangkok Art and Culture Centre
Bangkok Art and Culture Centre

Phuket Trick Eye Museum

This art museum has many 3D shows and 3D shapes that visitors will be amazed by. This museum has a 3D, mind-blowing and exotic view of Phuket.

This place promises your family to escape from city life and come to a fun place on the Phuket beaches for the day. This place has more than 100 painting and sculpture scenes that will put you in funny situations.

There are various galleries that include paintings by Van Gogh and Da Vinci. For example, a funny version of the Mona Lisa, which is designed in a completely realistic way, is also available in this museum. Movie-like scenes have been produced by combining colors and scenes from different paintings.

Some displays make you think you are standing somewhere in front of a waterfall, a living person. All this happens when you just walk into this museum. So, there is no chance that this museum will be boring and ruin your weekend.

This museum is fun for children and even adult visitors can be seen in this Thai museum. In this museum, everyone is trying to take completely realistic pictures with these screens. Snacks and drinks are also available at the museum.

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