Chiang Mai 3D Art Museum

All about 3D Art Museum in Chiang Mai + Its 8 Zones

The Chiang Mai 3D Art Museum is a delightful and interesting experience for people of all ages. Interacting with the artwork on the walls and floors, let your imagination run wild. It appears as though you are a part of the scenario because of the 3D effects that are visible on the images. The paintings come to life thanks to optical illusions.

There are no restrictions at this museum, so you are free to go about, take pictures, and participate in the fun as you choose. The sizable, air-conditioned gallery is home to 130 works of art. A great activity to do on a rainy day or to pass some time in the shade is Art in Paradise. Posing and taking absurd photos might easily take two to three hours.

The show Chiang Mai Art in Paradise is fantastic; it’s lively, colorful, and, most importantly, it’s hilarious and a lot of fun! The perspective painting is great even if there are no moving components, a rich history, buttons to press, or anything else of cultural significance. You may spend your time shooting a ton of pictures, admiring the incredible exhibitions, and laughing along the way if you travel with friends or family.

Chiang Mai's 3D Art Museum
Chiang Mai’s 3D Art Museum

The largest 3D art museum in the world, dubbed “Art in Paradise,” was recently presented in Chiang Mai. It was inaugurated in July 2013. The North of Thailand has never seen anything like this. A team of artisans traveled all the way from Korea to hand paint this gallery. Jang Kyu Suk, a Korean, established and provided funding for it.

The museum in Pattaya, which was Thailand’s first 3D art museum, is distinct from the one in Chiang Mai, according to the founder. He went on to explain that the new one had more innovative, colorful, and artistic paintings in the style of “interactive art,” which required interaction from spectators.

3D Art Museum – Fun Activity in Chiang Mai

This museum is more a portion with a theme! You might need to stay here for a full day because there is so much to see. Although the cost of the ticket may seem excessive in comparison to many other things you may do in Thailand, it is unquestionably worthwhile. Not only will you be able to view and engage with the artwork at this location, but you’ll also be indoors, out of the scorching tropical sun.

You might initially believe that there isn’t much to do at this museum, but the deeper you explore, the more fun you’ll have. Once you get beyond the “learning curve,” you’ll start using your own creativity. It takes some time to fully understand how the illusions operate.

T-Rex painting in 3D Art Museum in Chiang Mai
T-Rex painting in 3D Art Museum in Chiang Mai

The finest aspect is that you may take images of the art with the aid of guidelines and tips. As long as you stand or set up your camera in the proper area, at the right angle, you’ll start obtaining some great looking shots. There are some tips and techniques on where to position your image from. Before you go, conduct some internet “research” to help you decide which artwork and how to pose with it. You’ll have more enjoyment when visiting this illusion museum if you do this.

A wide variety of artwork is shown, including enjoyable 3D scenarios and traditional replicas. Nothing disappoints as water drips from canvases, petals fall on the ground, and butterflies, flowers, and music mysteriously materialize and ring as you jump through them.

Explore the aquatic environment, surf huge waves, walk through parks, traverse shaky wooden bridges across waterfalls, and fend against dinosaurs. Investigate the enigmatic region. This attraction, which is billed as the biggest interactive art museum in the world, is indeed hilarious and will provide you with lots of chances to take amusing photos with your family and friends. The museum is a fantastic place for humor and play. Enjoy yourself and don’t be shy.

Enjoy your visit at the Chiang Mai-based Art in Paradise 3D Gallery. If you adore shooting pictures and all the crazy things that you can do with illusionist and three-dimensional artworks. This is a fantastic spot to pass an hour or two having fun, suitable for both adults and children. Something unique to include on your trip to Chiang Mai.

A bridge painting in 3D Art Museum in Chiang Mai, Thailand
A bridge painting in 3D Art Museum in Chiang Mai, Thailand

8 Zones of the Chiang Mai 3D Art Museum

The three-story museum houses a range of paintings depicting deserts, extinct species, aquatic environments, animal lands, and the well-known Pharaoh’s tomb. There are 130 3D paintings overall on the walls, distributed among eight zones:

  1. Aquarium Region
  2. Zoo Region
  3. Dinosaur Region
  4. Surrealism Region
  5. Classic Art Region
  6. Lanna Region
  7. Thai Region
  8. Egyptian Region

Art in Paradise Admission Costs

Children are 200 Baht and Adults 400 Baht. The height determines a kid’s classification.

3D Art Museum, Chiang Mai, Thailand
3D Art Museum, Chiang Mai, Thailand

How to get there?

The Sea Suan Plaza Building on Changklan Road, not far from The Shangri-La Hotel, is where you’ll find Art in Paradise, which is close enough to stroll there from the Night Bazaar. You can go about this area in a red truck or a tuk-tuk.

The hours of visiting

It is open every day from 9:00 till 19:00 in Chiang Mai Art in Paradise.

10 Best hotels near Chiang Mai 3D Art Museum

  1. Duangtawan Hotel (SHA Plus+)
  2. Yaang Come Village Hotel (SHA Extra Plus)
  3. Hotel Loy Chiang Mai
  4. Maladee Rendezvous Hotel Chiang Mai
  5. Empress Premier Hotel Chiang Mai (SHA Plus+)
  6. CH Hotel (SHA Extra Plus)
  7. Empress Hotel
  8. POR Daowadung (SHA Extra Plus)
  9. Movenpick Suriwongse Chiang Mai
  10. Royal Lanna Hotel (SHA Extra Plus)
A tiger painting in 3D Art Museum, Chiang Mai, Thailand
A tiger painting in 3D Art Museum, Chiang Mai, Thailand

Some more information about The Chiang Mai 3D Art Museum

  1. Accessible for wheelchairs
  2. Small toddlers and infants can travel in a pram or stroller.
  3. There are local public transit choices.
  4. Wheelchair-accessible transportation alternatives are available.
  5. Wheelchair access is available to all areas and surfaces.
  6. All physical fitness levels are suitable
  7. Children who are under 100 cm tall can enter for free.
  8. Children who are 101cm to 135cm tall are eligible for the kid ticket.
  9. No food or drink is permitted within the gallery.
  10. In public spaces, guides must wear masks
  11. Both visitors and employees have access to hand sanitizer.
  12. Social distancing exclusion throughout experience
  13. Sanitized often high-traffic regions
  14. routine worker temperature checks
  15. Gratuities and extras can be paid via contactless technology.

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