Best 10 Thailand’s Touristic Cities

Top 10 Thailand Touristic Cities

Thailand is a touristic country with dreamy beaches, numerous museums, beautiful cities, historical temples, traditional markets, rich culture, and amazing history that all together helped this country become one of the tourist hubs of Asia. Thailand is located in the EastWest of Asia between India and China.

In this article, we are going to introduce some of Thailand’s most popular cities among tourists. Keep reading to get more information about Thailand’s best cities for tourists. Hope it helps you plan a better trip to this gorgeous country.

Top 10 Thailand Touristic Cities – Basic Information

  1. Bangkok
  2. Pattaya
  3. Phuket
  4. Krabi
  5. Chiang Mai
  6. Ayutthaya
  7. Hua Hin
  8. Chanthaburi
  9. Chiang Rai
  10. Sukhothai Thani

Bangkok – Capital of Thailand

Bangkok is the most popular destination among tourists not only in Thailand but also in cities in EastWest of Asia. Bangkok is also the capital of Thailand which makes sense because with being the most famous city in this country. Every person visiting Thailand for the first time plans to stay in Bangkok for at least two or three days.

Bangkok, with skyscrapers, numerous temples, amenities, attractions, and traditional and modern markets, attracts a lot of tourists every year. The tourism industry is one of this charming city’s main income sources.

Bangkok is probably the most westernized city in Thailand, yet it has a lot to offer from the history and heritage of Thailand. Another beauty of Bangkok is its gorgeous nightlife. Some famous attractions of Bangkok are Wat Phra Chetuphon, Temple of Dawn, Jim Thompson House, floating markets, etc.

Pattaya – the coastal city of Thailand

You can’t possibly talk about Thailand’s popular cities and not mention Pattaya. Pattaya is a coastal city that plays an important role in Thailand’s economy and industry. Beaches are the main attraction of Pattaya, and most people recognize this city with its glamorous beaches. Some of Thailand’s most popular attractions are in Pattaya. You can’t leave Thailand without visiting Pattaya.

Pattaya – the coastal city of Thailand
Pattaya – the coastal city of Thailand

Pattaya is only two hours away from the capital of Thailand, Bangkok, and it is famous for its luxurious hotels and beaches. Pattaya’s famous attractions are the sanctuary of truth, Art in paradise museum, Nong Nooch Tropical, Koh Larn, CentralFestival Pattaya Beach, Big Buddha Temple, Underwater world Pattaya, etc.

Phuket – Thailand’s largest island

Phuket is another beautiful city in Thailand which is an island and the capital of Phuket province. Phuket is one of the must-visit cities of Thailand as it has just the right amount of anything you could ask for from a Thai island city. Phuket is also known as “the pearl of the Andaman Sea” for its beauty.

Some people comprise Phuket with Bali in terms of its beauty and attractions. Phuket is famous for its heaven-like nature, fresh seafood, its exciting nightlife, etc. Despite its scenic nature and beautiful scenery, Phuket offers an exciting nightlife experience to its visitors.

Krabi town – the cultural hub of Thailand

Krabi town is another must-visit city in Thailand with a lot of attractions and scenery. Krabi surprises you with its beauty and the number of natural attractions that you see in this small town.

Krabi town was able to stay as much away from the process of modernization and westernization as you can still see most of the traditions and culture of Thailand in its most original way.

Despite the natural beauty of Krabi, it is famous for its cultural scenes. Most people traveling to Thailand like to visit Krabi to see the Thai culture in its most original way possible. You can explore the traditional markets of this small town or experience a relaxing Thai massage in Krabi.

Although Krabi is a beautiful town and has enough attractions to stay for a couple of days, most people use Krabi as a gate to get to other tourist attractions located nearby, like Railay Beach, Ban Ao Nam Mao, etc.

Krabi town – the cultural hub of Thailand
Krabi town – the cultural hub of Thailand

Chiang Mai – city of temples

Chiang Mai is another famous tourist city in Thailand that you must visit on your trip to this fascinating country. Chiang Mai is home to hundreds of ancient temples and plays an important role in the culture and history of Thailand.

The main tourist part of Chiang Mai is its downtown, with narrow streets that date back hundreds of years ago. You may think that the only attractions of Chiang Mai are its numerous temples. Apart from the temples, Chiang Mai is great for walking in the streets and exploring its narrow old streets.

Chiang Mai has about 300 temples, but the most famous one is Wat Phrathat Doi Suthep. Elephant riding, visiting famous tribal villages, walking in the forest, and seeing gorgeous waterfalls are some of the many experiences you can have as a tourist in Chiang Mai.

Ayutthaya – a survivor of Thailand’s golden age

Ayutthaya is another must-visit city in Thailand that is very popular among tourists visiting Thailand. Ayutthaya was once the world’s biggest city in 1700. Although nowadays this city has lost its rank among the world’s biggest cities and most of the cities are ruined, the ruins that remained from the golden age will take you back to that era. Ayutthaya is full of historical sites that all of which show you the greatness of this city in the past.

After visiting the historical attractions of Ayutthaya, it is recommended that you go to this city’s floating market, where you can float on the calm waters of the river and enjoy the sight of locals selling goods. Some famous attractions of Ayutthaya are Wat Phra Si Sanphet, Wat Phu Khao Thong, etc.

Ayutthaya – a survivor of Thailand’s golden age
Ayutthaya – a survivor of Thailand’s golden age

Hua Hin – a beach resort town

Hua Hin was nothing more than a small fishing village, but nowadays, it is one of the most popular destinations among tourists traveling to Thailand or locals who want to go away for a weekend or holiday. Hua Hin is the first beach resort in Thailand that attracts a large number of tourists annually.

Hua Hin is the perfect spot to enjoy a Thai-style beach holiday. It has just the right amount of beach attractions, water sports, and water activities available in Thailand. Hua Hin is a beach resort town that is perfect for a relaxing holiday with its many amenities and recreation options.

Chanthaburi – a collection of Thailand’s most scenic nature

Chanthaburi is another popular destination among tourists visiting Thailand. Although Chanthaburi is a small town, it has a lot to offer to its visitors. The main attractions of Chanthaburi are its scenic and pristine nature. There are several forests and charming waterfalls in the suburbs of Chanthaburi that you can visit when staying in this beautiful city.

Another reason that Chanthaburi is so popular among tourists is that it is the closest town to Ko Chang. If you want to visit Ko Chang, you have to choose Chanthaburi as the beginning of your path. Chanthaburi is the home to some of Thailand’s most pristine natural sights. Namtok Philo national park is the perfect place to see the natural beauty of Chanthaburi.

Chiang Rai – a collection of cultural and artistic attractions

Chaing Rai is another popular destination among Thailand’s tourists, which is famous for its weird attractions. Some places in Chiang Rai are very strange and focus on some uncommon parts of Thailand’s culture for foreigners.

Chiang Rai – a collection of cultural and artistic attractions
Chiang Rai – a collection of cultural and artistic attractions

Some of Chiang Rai attractions that are even some of Thailand’s top attractions are the Golden Triangle Park Hall of Opium which showcases the history of drug use in Thai culture, and the Wat Rong Khun, or the White temple of Thailand. These are just two famous attractions of Chiang Rai. There is much more to explore in this exciting city.

Sukhothai Thani – the historic hub of Thailand

Sukhothai Thani is the last but not least famous town in Thailand among tourists. This small town amazes you with its amazing historic sites and attractions. Sukhothai is the first capital of the first kingdom of Siam in the time period of 13th to 15th centuries. Sukhothai is an ancient city where you can see the ruins of a whole ancient city.

In this charming city, you can see the glory of the Siam kingdom and Thailand’s history. Sukhothai is a must-visit for those who are curious about Thailand’s history and culture.

Sukhothai Thani – the historic hub of Thailand
Sukhothai Thani – the historic hub of Thailand

Final words about Thailand’s top tourist cities

Thailand has become one of the most popular destinations among travelers from all over the world in the latest years, and its popularity is increasing. Thailand is a beautiful country with 32 cities, and every one of them is gorgeous in its own way.

In this article, we’ve made a pocket list of Thailand’s most popular cities among tourists and shared a brief profile about them to help you know these cities in a better way. Hope this information helps you plan a better itinerary to Thailand. Have a great time!

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