Qatar visa Guide

Qatar Visa Requirements

If you decide to come to the State of Qatar you should know the type of Qatar visa that suits you in advance. In most cases, travelers who want to enter Qatar need a visa. Normally, applying for Qatar’s visa is easy and you can do it online through the Ministry of Interior (MOI) website. Nationals of 33 countries can receive immediate visas on arrival but nationals of countries who cannot obtain immediate visas must apply for visas ahead of arrival. The best time to apply for your visa to Qatar is 1-2 months before your travel date. And here you can find everything about Qatar’s visa.

Who Needs a Visa to Travel to Qatar?

Nationals of some countries are members of the visa-free regime. The citizens of countries who can gain a visa on arrival include the United States, France, Italy, Canada, Britain, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Austria, Sweden, Norway, Singapore, Portugal, Ireland, Greece, Andorra, Spain, Switzerland, Monaco, the Vatican, Iceland, Finland, San Marino, Lichtenstein, Brunei, Denmark, Malaysia, Hong Kong, and South Korea. Citizens of countries who are eligible to enter Qatar visa-free can stay for up to 90 days in a period of 180 days.

Qatar Visa
Qatar Visa

Qatar Visa Types

Generally, Qatar’s visas include business visas, tourist visas, Gulf Cooperation Council resident visit visas, family visit visas, family residence visas, transit visas, and education visas. Single or multiple entry visas are adjusted in agreement with the existing visa regimes between countries.

Qatar Tourist Visa

Citizens of more than 80 countries are able to apply for tourist visas on arrival via an online application on websites. A tourist visa application can be made in 3 categories, an employer, Qatar Airways, and hotels, and a Qatar-Oman tourist visa which is issued for citizens of eligible countries, they permit to travel between two countries for stays up to one month. All types of visas that are mentioned before can be suitable visas for citizens of the 33 approved countries. It is valid for only one month, and the Qatar-Oman tourist visas allow tourists to travel freely between Qatar and Oman.

Qatar Business Visas

A business visa lets non-Qataris manage their business and work in Qatar on a temporary basis and it can be accessible in two categories and allow for managing a business for a temporary term in Qatar. One of them is a 72-hour business visa which is exported for short-term travels with the possibility of extending it for another 72 hours. The other one is a business visa which gives entry permission to emigrant workers or individuals who tend to incorporate in contractual work for the short term. It can be valid for 3 months maximum and must be arranged by an approved company operating in advance. Applicants are needed to carry specific documentation to prove the purpose of their trip.

Family Residence Visa

Emigrant workers who tend to visit their families on a short-term basis for periods of up to six months can apply for a Family Visit Qatar Visa. The visa is valid for only one month but the immediate family like wife, sons, or daughters can be extended for up to six months, and other relatives can be extended for three months.

Qatar's Visa
Qatar’s Visa

Family Residence Qatar’s Visa

Emigrant employees who are tending to bring their immediate family to live with them in Qatar can apply for a Family Residence Qatar Visa. but it needs some specific situation, for instance, they should earn QR10,000 or more a month, and have to complete six months of employment in their company. In fact, the visa is granted under your employer’s supervision.

Education Residence Visa

foreign students who tend to spend academic years in Qatar for short-term education can also apply for a tourist visa which is supported by the host institution. All visa processes are controlled by the Ministry of Interior. but, if the visitor tends to stay for a longer term, he/she should obtain an education visa.

If you have an approval letter from an educational institution and tend to stay in Qatar during your study, you should apply for an Education Residence Qatar Visa. This type of visa is controlled by the Committee Reviewing Recruitment Applications of the university and is issued free of charge.

Qatar Transit Visa

If you want to temporarily stop in Qatar maximum of 24 hours on your way to a certain destination, you can apply for a transit visa before you start your travel. This kind of visa is valid for 24 hours and allows you to stay in Qatar. but you cannot use it for business or tourist visits. The Transit Visa is useful for truck drivers who are passing through Qatar and needs a short stay in Qatar. It also can be arranged through online websites or your local Qatari embassy.

Qatar visa Guide
Qatar visa Guide

General Requirements for Qatar’s Visa

Tourists Qatar’s visa requirements are completely explained below. Please pay attention to the fact that the demanded documents may be different according to the term and purpose of your stay. Be aware of the fact that the Consulate always asks for additional documents and depending on your employment position, specific documents were required. But in general, you should carry the below documents:

  1. Copy the first page of your passport that is valid for at least six months and a minimum of 90 days after the end of travel.
  2. Signed visa application form plus two new photos (they shouldn’t be older than 6 months).
  3. A passport copy and personal photo should completely match the guidelines provided online.
  4. documents of travel with both-way tickets which are confirmed.
  5. Bank account details that are proving that the passengers are able to fund their travel.
  6. The document shows that the applicant was not accused or convicted of a crime.
  7. An invitation letter or proof of your hotel reservation
  8. Your travel health insurance.

Reaching Qatar Visa can be easy if people know the right steps of that. We provide complete information on Qatar visas and now you know how you can get to Qatar. Moreover, be aware of the fact that Qatar does not accept dual nationality it means that travelers who are in ownership of Qatari citizenship shall enter and exit the country only with a Qatari passport.

Please be careful about the entry requirements, because they may change according to the authority’s decisions and it is strongly recommended to have valid information from the local diplomatic missions of your current country before your leaving. The visa fees differ according to the type of required visa and the price which is determined by the authorized visa processing center. Many visas can be exported online, but you can leave your travel documents at the General Directorate of Border Passports and Expatriates Affairs at the MOI to process.

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