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Qatar is a country based in the middle east and like every middle eastern country, the culture is based on religion (Islam) and history. Like every Islamic country, gambling is forbidden by law and government and strictly prohibited by the Islamic religion.

A casino is a place for gambling and the main reason for every casino is to host different games based on gambling. So, I think you can see where Iโ€™m going with these facts. As gambling is forbidden in Qatar, thereโ€™s no reason for casinos to exist. You canโ€™t find any legal and formally known casino in Qatar.

According to the Constitution of Qatar, every game that the winning or losing of it depends on luck is prohibited. This may make some confusion for some of these games like Poker are based on a lot of things other than luck. So the government has considered this as โ€œall kinds of gambling are prohibitedโ€ to avoid wrangle.

Illegal casinos of Qatar

The penalty for gambling in Qatar is variable but in extreme situations, it can take up to six thousand QAR which is equivalent to 16 hundred Dollars. Also, the main people that were part of illegal activity can get sentenced to prison for up to three months.

casino in Doha
casino in Doha

But none of these harsh rules and punishments have been able to stop people in Qatar from gambling. There are some underground casinos in Qatar that have been in the business for more than ten years. They have found some breaches in the law of Qatar and used them for their benefit.

They have provided some safe spaces to gather around and play games like poker. People who want to participate in such a thing and play games for gambling have to register and a brief time before the start of the game you will receive the location. At the end of the game, 10 percent of all the money spent in the game will go to the organizer.

Camel riding and gambling in Qatar

Camel riding competitions are a part of Qatarโ€™s culture and have a long history in the country. these competitions from the beginning have gambled on the side and a lot of money is spent on them.

In the last years, these competitions have experienced some changes like due to the child abuse laws they donโ€™t use children for riding the camels anymore. But the gambling part of these competitions has not changed and it is still a big part of the game.

casino in Qatar
casino in Qatar

Gambling online in Qatar

In the last century and after the internet became common and accessible for everyone around the world, a lot of people used online sources to gamble and exchange money. In Qatar Gambling at home is not pursued by law but these sites that are used for gambling are filtered by the government.

The filters are not iron doors and people can easily circumvent the law. A lot of people in Qatar use online sources like websites to gamble privately.

Qatar and especially Doha is one of the most glamorous places on earth and a lot of its population are rich. This luxurious country with so much wealth held in it has one of the most hyper-modern cultures and cities based on the rich population. Although gambling is illegal in this country, there are some ways for people to enjoy gambling in Qatar.

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