Discover MIA Park: Qatar’s Premier Family-Friendly Park

Picnics, Cafés & Shopping: Indulge in Park Delights

One of Qatar’s top parks, MIA Park is situated next to the Qatar Museum of Islamic Arts and offers breathtaking views of the Persian Gulf as well as distinctive amenities. A park that is appropriate for family pleasure and relaxation on holidays and weekends and offers a range of entertaining activities for kids of all ages. The famous American artist Richard Serra created “Seven,” a sculpture with a height of 24.4 meters, in this park. The gates at MIA Park are always open. There are fun activities for the whole family and intriguing artwork, making it the ideal location for an afternoon picnic or a stroll at sunset.

Miya Park is one of Doha’s free entertainment near the Qatar National Museum metro station and south of the Doha Museum of Islamic Arts near the beaches of Doha. Mia Park’s walking trails are popular among travelers with their beautiful green space, decorative flowers, and good lighting at night. Foreigner has found two children’s playgrounds, one for the ages of 5 to 11 years and the other for teenagers from 12 to 17 years old, have been installed on the eastern side of Mia Bostan and Boxing Park. Mia Park is one of the best parks in the capital and Qatar with many facilities.

MIA Park
MIA Park

Mia Park entertainments

Children may play on trampolines, slides, bungee jumps, and other play structures at Mia Park’s three distinct playgrounds (each for a different age group). While teens and adults can hire bikes and ride in the cool wind on the asphalt roads. Other activities in Mia Park include dining at Cafe Mia and a few street food vendors, watching movies at the open-air theater, taking part in PaddleFit fitness classes, kayaking tours, and shopping at Park Bazaar for handicrafts, clothing, jewelry, home décor, paintings, and other works of art.

Mia Park features

A number of luxury beach restaurant cafes, numerous benches, and a parking lot for cars, public toilets, and most importantly excellent access to the gold line of Doha Metro are some of the features of this park. If you stay at Saraya Corniche, Horizon Manor, and Royal Riveria hotels during your trip to Qatar, you will have excellent access to Mia Park, Boxing Park, National Museum, and 974 Stadium.

MIA Park in Qatar
MIA Park in Qatar

Things to Do in MIA Park

1. Picnic

Enjoy foods from MIA’s picnic basket options while lounging in front of the amazing view of Doha’s West Bay.

2. Park Café

Enjoy freshly crafted sandwiches, salads, and pastries while taking in the breathtaking view of West Bay on the terrace’s shaded seating area.

3. Playground

The playground comprises three areas for kids of different ages and features brand-new play structures that have been created for enjoyment, safety, and physical development.

4. Bicycle Rentals

Both adults and kids may hire bikes at MIA Park, which is next to the carousel.

5. Events

The Park Bazaar takes place on weekends at MIA Park, and there are frequently live shows and concerts.

View of MIA Park in Qatar
View of MIA Park in Qatar

Other Activities

You should be aware that the Museum of Islamic Art does not oversee these events.

 Kayaking Tour of MIA and Dhow Harbour

From the water’s surface, these guided tours provide a unique viewpoint of the recognizable MIA structure and park.


PaddleFit is an outdoor functional fitness program that incorporates stand-up paddle board (SUP) and kayaking training and methods.

MIA Park, Doha, Qatar
MIA Park, Doha, Qatar

MIA Park Rules

You should adhere to the following rules to guarantee everyone’s security and enjoyment:

  1. Avoid leaving behind trash. Use the proper trash cans to contribute to maintaining the cleanliness of the park.
  2. Please respect the local customs by dressing modestly.
  3. Children ages 2 to 16 can use playgrounds. A responsible adult must watch over children under the age of 10.
  4. The playgrounds are a no-bike and no-smoking zone.
  5. No swimming, fishing, grilling, dogs, open fires, or risky activities are allowed.
  6. There is no smoking allowed in the sitting sections of cafes.

Art in the Park

1. 7 by Richard Serra

The number seven is associated with spirituality in Islamic culture. With this artwork made of seven steel plates, Richard Serra pays respect to it.

2. Liam Gillick: Folded Extracted Personified

Extracted from Folded Personified is a substantial interactive piece made up of several distinctive “head-in-the-hole” panels that have been erected across MIA Park. The piece, which was commissioned for the National Museum of Qatar’s opening, is based on both the famous Museum of Islamic Art’s collection and the newest museum in Doha.

MIA Park, Doha
MIA Park, Doha

3. Bench by Saloua Raouda Choucair

A space for community and group participation is created by the sculpture by Lebanese artist Saloua Raouda Choucair.

Bench (1969–1971) is a public artwork prominently situated along the shoreline in MIA Park made of seventeen limestone slabs arranged in a semi-circular seat. The interlocking stones represent the development and universal manifestation of society and citizenship via their continuous interconnection and use of scientific forms as well as the rhythmic, independent structure of Arabic poetry (Qasa’id).

This artwork was made by Saloua Raouda Choucair (1916–2017) to interact with the park. She drew inspiration from Islamic and modernist art and architecture, as well as the progressive systems of the natural and built environments, and used their modularity and infiniteness in her design.

Some Details about the Park

  • Address: Cornish Street, Doha, Qatar
  • Visiting hours: 24 hours a day
  • Entry in 2022: Free
  • Most popular activities: cycling, running, outdoor cinema and fitness classes, Beach Park, amusement park suitable for children
MIA Park in Doha
MIA Park in Doha


With cultural, educational, and recreational programs to interest everyone, MIA Park is a vibrant location for kids, families, and art fans. This park features a grassy area with breathtaking views. Among the recreational and welfare amenities of this park that are meant for guests are the gym, outdoor theater, boat cruises, hiking paths, several restaurants, and cafés.

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