Unveiling the Beauty: Al Muntazah Park’s Grand Reopening

Culinary Delights and Relaxation: The Pleasures of Rawdat Al Khail Park

Located in the center of Doha, Rawdat Al Khail Park (also known as Al Muntazah Park) was one of the oldest and largest parks in the city. For the past few years, access has been denied to the general public since it was not completely working.

Wild ghaff, Samar, sidra, and a variety of trees adorned with golden yellow blooms are preparing to return to Al Muntazah Park, which will soon reopen to the delight of Doha’s citizens.

The Public Works Authority (Ashghal) is responsible for the redesign and construction of the park. Located on C-Ring Road, the park will serve the community by providing a green space for people of all ages to enjoy, as well as social and environmental advantages.

Al Muntazah Park
Al Muntazah Park

Many trees in the park are adorned with golden yellow blossoms, and once it opens to the public, it is expected to be filled with inhabitants of Doha.

Rawdat Al Khail Park, also known as Muntazah Park, is the newest park in Qatar. On April 10, 2022, the public was invited to the grand opening of what is now known as one of Doha’s oldest parks. Spread on 140,000 square meters, this park in Al Muntazah caters to visitors of all ages.

Facilities & Amenities at Al Muntazah Park

The park’s total area is 140,000 square meters, and it includes a green arena that is 105,000 square meters in size and has more than 1,000 trees, as well as more than 1,300 meters of pedestrian walkways and sufficient automobile parking spaces.

Existing park trees have been optimally incorporated into the layout, providing more lush foliage and natural shade. Large sections have been set aside for green spaces, and trees average over 15 years old, contributing to the “charming design” of the parks.

Wild ghaff, Samar, and sidra trees, among others, planted in the park will help mitigate the negative impacts of wind and dust on the city’s climate and air quality.

Al Muntazah Park in Doha
Al Muntazah Park in Doha

What to do at Al Muntazah Park

The park’s immense greenery is sure to be enjoyed by visitors of all ages. The Ministry of Municipality (Al Baladiya) estimates that more than 98,000 square meters of green space make up the park. Spend some time at this park playing catch with the kids or just relaxing.

About 1,600 trees have been planted across the area. The park’s splendor can only be appreciated by physically being there. According to Al Baladiya, there are long-lived trees in this area that have been around for over ten years.

Enjoy some exercise on the park’s bike path, paved running path, or twisting paths. Have fun in the pleasant evening air.

The park has a lovely area designated as a children’s playground, complete with swing sets, slides, and zip lines. The most fun a kid can have is right here.

Al Muntazah Park in Doha, Qatar
Al Muntazah Park in Doha, Qatar

Take advantage of Rawdat Al Khail Park’s many fitness options and start living more healthfully today. Are you prepared to embark on a new exercise regimen?

Rawdat Al Khail Park in Qatar features food stalls and barbeque grills.

Visitors may purchase a variety of snacks and drinks at the park’s numerous food stalls. Please be aware that these are not yet open for business but will be shortly. Visitors to the park can also make use of one of the about eight grilling facilities.

Al Baladiya has provided the park with a variety of facilities to make sure its visitors have a pleasant time there, including plenty of seating, prayer spaces for both men and women, trash cans, places to lock up bicycles, water fountains, and more.

View of Al Muntazah Park in Doha, Qatar
View of Al Muntazah Park in Doha, Qatar


Located on C-Ring Road, Rawdat Al Khail Park is also known as Al Muntazah Park and is one of Doha’s oldest public parks. Rawdat Al Khail, where the park resides, is situated between two of Doha’s most populous neighborhoods, Muntazah and Mansoura.

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