Kish Greek Ship

Kish Greek Ship - The History, Attractions, Hotels and Conditions

The Greek ship is one of the tourist attractions of Kish Island. This ship ran aground on 25 July 1966 near the village of Bago. The Greek Ship, which the William Hamilton Company built in Glasgow on 9 March 1943, had changed hands between different English and Persian owners, and the last owner was a Greek person.

The weight of this ship at the time of construction was 7061 tons and its length was more than 136 meters. The names of this ship were (Empire Trumpet, Naturalist, Krush Parsi, Hamadan, and finally Kala F). The reason for beached the Greek ship is still shrouded in mystery and there are many quotes for it.

The history of the Greek ship of Kish

It was the evening of one of the hot days when the people of Bago in Kish noticed that a huge ship had run aground on the seashore, and realizing that the ship was left alone without passengers or crew was a gift from the Persian Gulf to the people of the island.

The main reason for the grounding of this ship is still unclear, although there are narratives to justify the accident, such as the foggy weather and the limited visibility of the captain who lost the berth, the captain’s lack of rational awareness, the captain’s love for A girl in the village of Bago, who intentionally wrecked a ship in the village as a memorial, but among them, taking a high insurance premium is more acceptable than other reasons.

Beautiful view of Kish Greek Ship
Beautiful view of Kish Greek Ship

How much was the erosion and reconstruction of the Greek Ship of Kish?

Every year that passes since the Greek Ship ran aground, this ship sinks more and more into the waters and undergoes erosion. During this time, in addition to that, the back part of the Greek Ship also collapsed, and it has been falling into pieces and sinking into the water for several years, and this amount is so much that it is not clear how many years this ship can be observed on the shores of Kish Island and how long can tourists take pictures of it and watch the sunset next to this giant ship? Some time ago, Ali Asghar Monsan, the head of the Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization, who was formerly the head of the Kish Azad Region, announced that discussions were held with Sharif University regarding the maintenance of the Greek Ship, but the estimates that were made show that It has the fact that the costs of restoration and reconstruction of this historical attraction are so high that its maintenance is not economical from an economic point of view.

Kish Greek Ship, Iran
Kish Greek Ship, Iran

Entertainment and places of interest around the Greek ship

• Watching the sunset

One of the main beauties is the image of the ship in the sunset, the sun disappears on the horizon and the red and orange colors cover the sky at the same time, and the ship looks like a painting, many people just to watch this lovely sunset.

Sunset of Kish Greek Ship
Sunset of Kish Greek Ship

• Greek ship photography

The Greek ship is a good subject for photography at any time of the day and is a special memento of this island that you will never forget. In fact, even if you are an amateur photographer taking photos with your cell phone, with a little flair and creativity you can capture pristine images of this ship.

There is a clock in the shape of a rudder near the ship, many tourists hunt for interesting photography subjects and take different photos of this place. In addition to this, there are other statues and structures near the ship that you can take photos of and record moments depending on your taste.

• Camel riding and horse riding

One of the activities that tourists can do while visiting the Greek ship is camel riding and horse riding, which will undoubtedly give you a different experience.

• Greek Ship beach park

Under the pretext of the existence of a Greek ship, Kish authorities have built an attractive beach park with various facilities nearby so that tourists can have fun while visiting the ship. This beach park is located right nearby of Greek Ship, a space with 60,000 square meters, which offers entertainment facilities such as a buffet, cafeteria, restaurant, amphitheater, etc., and also has booths for renting bicycles; Of course, this park is under development and a part of it is still not fully opened, sports hall, numerous restaurants, etc. are among the things that will be added to the collection, and also a part is considered for skate rental. While this beach park leads to the parking lot and if you have traveled to the island by car, park a car here and go to the Greek ferry safely.

Kish Greek Ship beach park
Kish Greek Ship beach park

• Ocean Water Park

Ocean Water Park is another attraction of Kish Island, which is located eight kilometers from the Greek ferry. This park, which is the largest outdoor water park in Iran, is equipped with a swimming pool, sauna and hot tub, surfing facilities, spa, etc. Since this park uses a heating system for cold seasons. You can also enjoy it in cool weather.

Hotels near the Greek Ship

One of the most luxurious hotels near the Greek ship is the five-star Toranj Kish hotel, which is built in two phases a hotel on the water and a beach hotel, the rooms of this hotel have a private balcony and a glass floor that shows a very beautiful view of the sea and has an exorbitant price.

Among other Kish hotels that are close to the Greek ship, we can mention Gambron Kish Hotel, Sadaf Kish Hotel, Lotus Kish Hotel, Anna Hotel, Korosh Hotel, Iran Hotel, Pars Hotel, and Vida Hotel Kish. They have the necessary standards and are of good quality.

Hotels near the Kish Greek Ship
Hotels near the Kish Greek Ship

Conditions for visiting a Greek Ship

Currently, it is not possible to visit the inside of the ship. Although you may have seen pictures of Greek ship diving, such programs are not offered by diving clubs due to the many dangers that diving under a ship can pose.

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