Stadium de Toulouse: Home of Toulouse FC

Unforgettable Moments in Toulouse Stadium

The Stadium de Toulouse is the largest stadium in this city and is mostly used for soccer and rugby matches. It’s the home of Toulouse Football Club and also hosts rugby games for Stade Toulousain. The stadium can seat 33,150 people and doesn’t have an athletics track. It’s located on Ramier Island, and it’s close to the city center.

History of Stadium de Toulouse

The stadium was made in 1937 but wasn’t ready in time to host the 1938 World Cup games. It’s been renovated twice, in 1949 and 1997. The stadium hosted six games during the 1998 World Cup and was also a venue for the 2007 Rugby World Cup.

Apart from sports, the stadium has hosted concerts like Michael Jackson’s Dangerous World Tour in 1992, where he performed for 40,000 people.

Stadium de Toulouse
Stadium de Toulouse

Transportation to Stadium de Toulouse

The stadium is easy to get to with public transport. It has two bus stops where several Tisséo bus routes stop. On game days, there are special shuttle buses from the Esquirol metro station. You can also walk to the stadium in about 10 minutes from nearby metro stations.

There’s also a tram stop, Croix de Pierre, close to the stadium. So whether you take the bus, metro, or tram, getting there is pretty straightforward.

Fronton facilities

Stadium de Toulouse has walls on its campus used for handball and pelota games. In August 2022, it hosted an international One-Wall handball tournament called the 2022 French Open. This event was one of the European 1-Wall Tour.

Dan Grant from the UK won for the men, and Helena Hernanz Sanchez from France won for the women. The local club Tolosa Gaels GAA and the city helped set it up.

Toulouse Stadium
Toulouse Stadium

Michael Jackson’s concert at Stadium de Toulouse

Michael Jackson performed at Stadium de Toulouse for 40,000 fans on September 16, 1992. The concert was a big deal and was well-organized by Babette Hourcade from Prolymp. Even after all these years, his music still attracts crowds.

Two Michael Jackson tribute shows, “Thriller Live” and “Forever King of Pop,” were held in Toulouse in 2012. “Thriller Live” aimed for 4,000 spectators and was well-reviewed. “Forever King of Pop” also received positive feedback, and both shows were considered unlikely to compete with each other in terms of audience.

More than 1,000 official matches played by TFC at Stadium de Toulouse

Since 1937, Stadium de Toulouse has been the home of the Toulouse Football Club. Everything the club needs, from training grounds to offices, is located there. This arrangement helps everyone in the club to work together smoothly.

The stadium becomes an enjoyable place on game nights. There are special areas for fans and sponsors, and free events to make games more enjoyable for kids. Snack bars and a shop add to the family-friendly vibe.

View of behind of the goal, Stadium de Toulouse
View of behind of the goal, Stadium de Toulouse

The stadium has had over 1,000 club games, and some are really famous. For example, a 1986 game against Naples is famous for beating the team of world champion Diego Maradona. Another memorable match was against Liverpool in 2007 during the Champions League preliminaries.

Turning into a Modern stadium

In 2006, Stadium de Toulouse became the first in France to have electronic ads and big screens. It was one of the first to use the “e-tribune” ticket system, which now lets you use mobile tickets. The stadium got a major update during the 2015-2016 season so it could host EURO 2016 games. This renovation made sure it met all the UEFA standards for soccer events.

After the renovation, the stadium hosted four matches in the EURO 2016, including a standout game between Belgium and Hungary. The updates included new seats, improved stands, and a high-tech hybrid grass field that’s both durable and easy to maintain.

Stadium de Toulouse, France
Stadium de Toulouse, France


The Toulouse Stadium, originally called Municipal Stadium, is the biggest sports venue in Toulouse, France. It has 33,150 seats and is located on the Ile du Ramier. It was first built in 1937 for the 1938 World Cup and has had two major renovations since, one in 1949 and another in 1997.

The stadium has seen several renovations over the years. Digital ad panels were added in 2005, and its big screens were updated. Seats were switched from concrete to plastic in 2007. One memorable event was a 1986 soccer match between Toulouse Football Club and Naples, featuring Diego Maradona.

The stadium was damaged in a 2001 explosion at a nearby factory. It took over six months and €600,000 to fix the damage. Its part of a bigger sports area that also has a swimming pool. It’s part of a larger sports complex that also includes a swimming pool.

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