A Look Back: Stade du Roudourou’s Remarkable Journey

From Grass Slopes to Modern Glory

The home field of France League 2 team En Avant Guingamp is the Stade Municipal de Roudourou in Guingamp, France. The stadium’s construction projects were initiated in 1989, and on January 21st, 1990, it became operational with a game versus Paris Saint-Germain. The goal ends had no roof; in fact, the area behind the eastern end was merely a grassy slope. The stands included the Presidential stand, which was the only one with seating, the Tribune d’honneur, which was located across from the Presidential, and standing terraces.

The Tribune d’honneur was transformed into an all-seating area, and the west stand received a roof and seating in 1997. The east stand received a real stand with seating but no roof. The Tribune d’honneur was totally restored, with a larger capacity and a higher tier with an enhanced press gallery, in 2007, marking the beginning of the next phase. The lateral west was also given its roof. In order to correspond with EAG’s qualifying for the Europa League, the floodlights were renovated in 2014. Following a restoration in 2018, the stadium now has a capacity of 19,033 spectators.

Stade du Roudourou, France
Stade du Roudourou, France

In order to qualify for the 2010 FIFA World Cup, it welcomed the France national soccer team on the 10th of October 2009, when they overcame the Faroe Islands 5-0. France’s spot in the playoffs was assured with the victory. The stadium hosted the France national football team in a friendly match versus Iceland on October 11, 2018.

History and description

Stade du Roudourou was created in 1989 on the site of a previous ground used by the local team Stade Charles de Blois. Guingamp had previously played at Stade Yves-Jaguin, but they pushed the local council to build them a new stadium. The Stade du Roudourou opened its doors on January 21, 1990, with a friendly match between Guingamp and Paris Saint-Germain.

The stadium could initially seat 12,000 people, but it was enlarged in 1995 and 1997 following the club’s promotion to Ligue 1 and qualifying for European competition. In 2008, Stade du Roudourou had a minor renovation. It then hosted a home match between the France national team and the Faroe Islands.

History and description
History and description

How to get to Stade du Roudourou

The little city of Guingamp’s Stade du Roudourou is situated approximately a kilometer from the city center in the northwest. Only 15 minutes are needed for the stroll. The city center’s opposite side is where the railway station is located. Walking or taking bus number 2 or number 3 from the station to the stadium takes around 30 minutes. However, during weekends, there aren’t many bus routes. There are a few daily direct trains from Paris, as well as frequent direct train service between Guingamp and Rennes.

Eat, drink, and sleep near Stade du Roudourou

On the outskirts of Guingamp, in a quiet residential area with few dining and drinking options, is where you’ll find Stade du Roudourou. The little town of Guingamp has a few possibilities, although none are particularly noteworthy.

Only a few hotels can be found in Guingamp. Brit Hotel Armor is a respectable substitute close to the railway station, while Hotel La Demeure, which is centrally placed and has excellent reviews, is also available. For visitors arriving by automobile, Hotel Ibis Guingamp is a convenient choice. For a list of all hotels in Guingamp and close to Stade du Roudourou, click here. Alternatively, stay at one of the one- to two-hour train rides distant from Brest, Dinan, Rennes, or Roscoff, which are all considerably more scenic.

Stade du Roudourou
Stade du Roudourou


The home field of France League 2 team En Avant Guingamp is the Stade Municipal de Roudourou in Guingamp, France. The stadium’s construction work started in 1989, and it was officially opened on January 21st, 1990, during a match versus Paris Saint-Germain.

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