Stade de la Mosson: Montpellier’s Iconic Sporting Arena

Discover the History and Charm of this Historic Stadium

The Stade de la Mosson stadium in Montpellier’s Paillade neighborhood opened in 1972 and two years later became the home of the Montpellier HSC football team. Prior to the 1998 World Cup, a relatively underwhelming stadium with only 16,000 seats was totally refurbished and expanded to 36,000 seats. Later, capacity was reduced in 2007.

The honorary stand on the south is the biggest and most recognizable area of the stadium, with three decks and precisely 14,303 seats. Despite being the lone component without cover since its construction in 1997, this is about to change. Local ultra-organizations Butte Paillade 1991 and Armata Ultra 2002 are present on the east stand, the Heidelberg Tribune.

In addition to hosting the 1998 World Cup, Stade de la Mosson again hosted this event in rugby in 2007. The French national squad participated in a number of games, initially just friendly ones, and as of 2011, the local rugby club has shared space with the football club MHSC.

View of Stade de la Mosson
View of Stade de la Mosson

History and description

The 1972 opening of Stade de la Mosson was followed by additional expansions in 1977 and the 1980s. The stadium could house roughly 23,500 people towards the end of the 1980s. The Stade de la Mosson had to be extended to a 35,000 capacity after being chosen as one of the World Cup’s playing locations in 1998. This prompted the building of the stadium’s distinctive three-tier stand.

The stadium hosted five group matches and the round of 16 match between Germany and Mexico (2-1) at the 1998 World Cup. Stade de la Mosson underwent a few more modest improvements in the 2000s, although it was not chosen as a host venue for Euro 2016. Plans for a stadium restoration were planned in 2013, including a new facade, extra VIP amenities, and a cover over the three-tiered stand. Starting in 2014 and ending in 2017, construction projects are planned.

History and description
History and description

How to get to Stade de la Mosson

Nearly 6 kilometers and a little more from the major rail station separate Stade de la Mosson, which is in Montpellier’s far west, from the city’s center. If traveling by automobile, use the Montpellier Ouest exit off of the A9 and follow the signs for Croix d’Argent and Mosson until you reach the stadium.

Tram 1 may be used to get to the stadium if taking public transportation. Take the tram in the direction of Mosson from the main train station or the northernmost part of the old city center. The last station on the line, Mosson, is where you should get off. Approximately 30 minutes are needed to get to the stadium.

Stade de la Mosson
Stade de la Mosson

Montpellier Tickets

You may purchase tickets for Montpellier games online or at the Stade de la Mosson ticket counters. In most cases, tickets may also be purchased at the stadium beginning two hours before the start. Montpellier seldom ever has a sellout.

The average cost of a ticket in the main stand is between €25 and €70 for a seat in a corner. The Tribune d’Honneur’s third-tier tickets cost €25.00, however, availability varies.


Montpellier, France’s Stade de la Mosson serves as both a football and rugby venue. This 1972-opened stadium, which can hold 32,900 people, was one of the locations for the 1998 FIFA World Cup.

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