RC Strasbourg’s Home: Stade de la Meinau

From Humble Beginnings to Football Splendor

Stade de la Meinau has hosted football games since 1906. The forerunner to RC Strasbourg has called this pitch home since 1914, albeit in those early years, it was only a grassy field with no stands.

In 1921, the stadium’s current name was given, and the first stand was constructed. In 1930, additional terraces were built, considerably increasing the stadium’s capacity.

In the round of 16, Brazil and Poland played a 6-5 thriller at Stade de la Meinau at the 1938 World Cup.

In 1951, the stadium had its next major renovation, with the construction of additional concrete stands increasing its capacity to almost 30,000 people. The new, bowl-shaped stadium even has a track and field for competition.

The new stadium was constructed in 1984 on what was once a meadow (the name “Meinau” derives from the German phrase “Meine Aue,” which translates to “My Meadow”). The football team Racing Club Strasbourg Alsace plays their home games in the stadium, which seats 26,000.

Side-View of Stade de la Meinau
Side-View of Stade de la Meinau

In the subsequent renovation, which took place from 1979 to 1984 in anticipation of the 1984 European Championships, the athletics track was once again demolished. When finished, the stadium took on its present rectangular design and had a capacity of little under 50,000, including 17,000 seats.

Stade de la Meinau hosted two first-round group matches during the 1984 European Championships. In 1988, Mechelen and Ajax played in the Cup Winners’ Cup final at the stadium, which Ajax won 1-0.

Stade de la Meina’s capacity was drastically cut in the early 1990s when it was transformed into an all-seater. Both the 1998 World Cup and the 2016 Euro were interested in using the stadium; however, opposition from the local population and a lack of available funds ultimately prevented either tournament from being held in Strasbourg.

In 2018, proposals were made to enlarge the stadium by redeveloping the main stand to accommodate an additional 6,000 spectators.

Stade de la Meinau
Stade de la Meinau

The vibe of Stade de la Meinau

It’s hard to believe, but in 1988, KV Mechelen defeated Ajax in the Europa Cup II Final at the Stade de la Meinau. Since then, not much has changed at the stadium, which we would scarcely describe as a work of beauty.

The stadium seems like it was made for the city of Strasbourg, which isn’t particularly attractive outside of its historic core. However, the brownish-gray concrete makes the Stade de la Meinau appear ominous, which is especially noticeable when it is nighttime.

Even after declaring bankruptcy in 2011, the Tribune Ouest’s dedicated fan base did not change in their support. In spite of playing in the fifth division, Le Racing nonetheless drew thousands of fans to the Rue de l’Extenwoerth every week.

View of Stade de la Meinau
View of Stade de la Meinau

How to get to Stade de la Meinau?

Approximately 2.5 kilometers south of Strasbourg’s city center and 3.5 kilometers from the main train station, you’ll find Stade de la Meinau.

You should use the tram to go to the stadium. The stadium can be reached by both the A and E tram lines. From the central place de l’Homme de Fer or the major train station, take tram A to the surrounding neighborhoods.

The Place de la Republique and the Wacken neighborhood northeast of the European Parliament are both convenient starting points for the tram line E. The fastest tram from the downtown area is the A-line.

In any case, get out at Krimmeri, and the stadium will be a short walk away. It’s easy to go around town by tram, as they come regularly. Less than fifteen minutes are needed to make the trip from the central train station to the stadium.

From the main train station, you may take a TER train to the Krimmeri-Meinau stop. The trip only takes 5 minutes, and the stadium is just a few more minutes away on foot, but the bus doesn’t come very often.

Stade de la Meinau, France
Stade de la Meinau, France


The stadium has hosted football games since 1906. “La Meinau” refers to the Stade de la Meinau, a football stadium in Strasbourg, France. Besides being the home of RC Strasbourg, it has also hosted a number of international events, including a 1938 World Cup match, two Euro 1984 matches, and the 1988 Cup Winners’ Cup final. The RC Strasbourg rents the stadium, which is owned by the town of Strasbourg.

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