AS Monaco Home: Stade Louis II in Fontvieille

Learn about the football legacy of this remarkable stadium

The Fontvieille neighborhood of Monaco is home to the Stade Louis-II or Louis II. As the primary arena for football in Monaco, it is used by both AS Monaco and the national team. The stadium is well known for its recognizable nine arches at the opposing end of the field.

The Diamond League track and field competition is also held in the venue. The UEFA Super Cup was played there in 1986 and again from 1998 until 2012. The tiny principality of Monaco means that this stadium doubles as the only venue for football and athletics.

History of Louis II Stadium (Stade Louis II)

In 1939, AS Monaco moved into their new stadium, the renovated Stade Louis II. The idea for a new sports complex in Monaco was first discussed back in 1979. The Fontvieille neighborhood was chosen by Prince Rainier III for the construction of a sports complex. To design and construct the palace, the prince hired architects from Paris. Between May 1981 and May 1984, 120,000 m3 of concrete, 9,000 tons of iron, and 2,000 tons of steel construction were used to construct a median land area on the reclaimed ocean floor. Rainier III opened the facility on January 25, 1985.

History of Louis II Stadium
History of Louis II Stadium

The stadium honors Louis II, Prince of Monaco, who served as Sovereign Prince of Monaco when the first stadium was constructed. The current capacity of the stadium is 16,360. The great bulk of the stadium’s amenities, including the Gaston-Médecin multi-sports center, the Prince Albert II swimming center, and a massive car park just under the pitch, are located below ground.

Major professional boxing events, such as Julio César Chávez, Sr. vs. Rocky Lockridge, have been held in the stadium.

How to get to Louis II Stadium (Stade Louis II)?

The little principality of Monaco’s southern border is home to Stade Louis II. The stadium is only fifteen minutes away on foot from the Royal Palace, while the casino is only 30 minutes away.

The Gare de Monaco-Monte Carlo train station may be reached in about 20 minutes on foot. Trains run frequently between Monaco and Nice-Ville and Nice-Riquier. The trip may be completed in about 20 minutes.

Louis II Stadium
Louis II Stadium

Amenities and facilities in and around Louis II Stadium (Stade Louis II)

The football stadium’s seating bowl conceals the Salle Gaston Médecin, an indoor arena. Games, including basketball, volleyball, handball, judo, fencing, weightlifting, and gymnastics, may all be hosted at Salle Gaston Médecin. It can hold 3,700 people for concerts and 3,500 for basketball games.

The stadium complex is home to the International University of Monaco (IUM), which focuses on business education, as well as a huge office building, an aquatic center named after Prince Albert II, and a football stadium and athletics track named after Salle Gaston Médecin.

Stade Louis II is situated in a neighborhood dominated by high-rise housing complexes. There aren’t many places to eat or drink in the immediate vicinity, but you can go to the center of town in about half an hour.

Stade Louis II
Stade Louis II


The Stade Louis-II, a stadium constructed near the water in the 1980s, is where AS MONACO has played their home games since 1985. The massive 30,000 square meter structure in the Fontvieille neighborhood, overlooking the sea and only a stone’s throw from the historic fort of the same name, was inaugurated by HSH Prince Rainier-III on January 25, 1985.

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