Plage de Meneham: Kerlouan’s Beach and Quaint Village

Meneham's Tranquil Haven: Nature, History, and Beyond

Kerlouan is a seaside town of Finistère in Brittany, 34 km north of Brest.

Surrounding an area of ​​about 18 km², its region borders the English Channel to the north, the beach consisting of alternating coasts, granite rocks, and numerous seas, a risk element for navigation. Dunes created by the wind run along the coastline.

The interior has maintained a rustic aspect. Comprised of a townlet and several hamlets, Kerlouan seemed in the fifth century when a monk Irish established a hermitage on the edge of the river Quillimadec, a second hermitage, this time to St. Pol, was founded in the ninth century.

Noting to the Bishop of Leon, the parish becomes a thriving farming center of the fertility of its soil, ground of windmills, and gathering seaweed when the tide goes out.

Historians reported that many farmers have long been fishers to supplement their earnings. Today inhabited by some 2,200 people, Kerlouan is admired for the beauty of its coastline, its shores, and its religious roots or civil highlight.

Close to other places in North Finistère interest, this is a step or an area of precious resort.

View of Plage de Meneham
View of Plage de Meneham

So, Kerlouan is a commune in the Finistère division in north-west Brittany. Located on the English Channel beach, it is known for its scenic beaches and rugged coastline.

The village of Kerlouan has no unique appeal to offer. It is inland, but the city has an approximately 10 km long coastline.

Meneham Site

The Site de Meneham is one of Brittany’s most missed sights in the outlying east of the parish.

Located between Kerlouan and Brignogan, the restored territory was initially used for military objectives. Farmers, fishers, and seaweed collectors later lived in the region, half hidden in the dunes. Presentations show the life of ancient times, and crafters and restaurants are also in the settlement. The houses built between the rocks are lovely photo motifs that can only be seen in Brittany.

With the grounds, Le Camping Municipal de Rudoloc and Camping Beach Meneham, the most recommended areas of Kerlouan (and the entire region), are right next to the attraction.

In Brittany, located in Finistère north of Brest, Meneham is a former village of peasants-fishermen-seaweed workers. Nestled between the rocks of the Côte des Légendes, on an impressive natural site 100m from the GR34, this now reformed village of thatched cottages presents an ideal setting for family outings: exhibit, enjoyment, museum, artisans’ workshops art, stopover lodge, and hotel.

Meneham Site
Meneham Site

The Ménéham Beach in Kerlouan is a residence you will remember for a long time. It consists of a small port missing a reconstructed old fishing village and a long time of sand nearly three kilometers long. On the left are numerous rocks where you can mount, dive, navigate, or walk. You can take long, lovely walks along the dunes on the right side. At the foot of the dunes, the white sand is glorious, white and cruel to the eyes on sunny days if you forget your sunglasses or parasol. A visit to the Ménéham hamlet will let you discover artisan workshops, a small museum, a house, and a hotel where you can eat. This hamlet is available every day and all year round. You can also visit old seaweed kilns, seaweed that was once composed for soil amendment. In short, a beach with exceptionally preserved history and landscape.

Characteristics Of The Grande Plage Of Ménéham

Class of beach

  • Creek
  • Sand

Supplies on the beach

  • Handicap accessible
  • Free Parking
  • Cafes


  • Fishing
  • Scuba diving


  • Wild beach
Characteristics Of The Grande Plage Of Ménéham
Characteristics Of The Grande Plage Of Ménéham

Plage de Meneham offers valuable and practical favors and leisure facilities to be appreciated with your family and friends during your holiday in Brittany.

ménéham Beach includes a small fishing port and an old reconstructed fishing village.

There are lots of gemstones where you can have fun climbing. Long and beautiful hikes on top of the dunes are also recommended.

The fine white sand beach is lovely.

The environment

Menez Ham Beach is located in the heart of an extraordinary tourist spot.

This beach fronts North/West. It is framed by dunes and granite rocks with disturbing shapes. This beach is always a good choice depending on the direction of the winds. Between the stones, there is always a nook in the shelter. The white and wonderful sand is exceptionally comfortable for a siesta in some places.

A few meters above the beach, past a sandy road, you can visit one of the most famous postcards of Brittany, this guardhouse built between two stones.

Once the photo has been taken, venture into the scenery to discover a marvelous site with a creperie. Your dogs can also take the chance to drink a good bowl of fresh water. A local house also shows local creators!

Plage de Meneham
Plage de Meneham

The sea

Meneham Beach is entirely revealed to the elements. You can see beautiful rolls there, and in fact, this drives it a reasonably plunging beach. Swimming is not commanded, so particular caution should be exercised.

The village of Meneham

The village has been inhabited since 1840. Nearly 80 citizens led a rough and isolated life there. They lived from the land’s culture and the sea’s assets.

  • Address: Route De Meneham, 29890 Kerlouan, France
  • Marine Ecoregion: Temperature North Atlantic – Lusitanian Basin – South European Atlantic Shelf
  • Snorkeling Recommended: No
  • Visibility: Bad
  • Important Tide: Yes
Plage de Meneham, France
Plage de Meneham, France


Plage de Meneham, in Kerlouan, France, is an attractive beach in the province of Finistère. With its white sand and sights of the nearby coast, it’s an excellent destination for beachgoers and photographers alike. The beach is nearly 2km long and delivers plenty of activity space. It features beautiful rock shapes and hidden coves, perfect for exploring. It also hosts a popular birdlife, creating it appealing to nature watchers. Besides the beach, several nearby paths and parks, like the Parc Naturel Regional d’Armorique, are ideal for grazing or sightseeing. Plage de Meneham will provide anyone seeing the area with a beautiful and memorable experience. Therefore, do not miss visiting this wonderful and pristine beach.

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