Captivating Paloma Beach: Nature, Adventure, and Relaxation

A Seaside Retreat with a Picasso Touch

France for most people is Paris, the wild nights, wine, and the astonishing artists and their art pieces. It is a “moveable feast”; a wild way of living and a place to get some booze, dance your soul out, escape, and forget who you once were. But, as Victor Hugo once said “France is not a country, it’s a world.” From wild nights in Paris to cries of exultation at Film Festivals in Cannes to tranquil days at sun-kissed beaches in the eastern borders of the land; you can have it all in France; Paris to party and beaches to relax. Today’s special is Paloma Beach; a piece of heaven on earth; a place to love and be loved located just minutes away from the port of Saint Jean Cap Ferrat.

Paloma Picasso? Cool!

After world war II the elite members of society and especially the artist could not tolerate the suffocating atmosphere of the big and industrial cities like Paris or Lion. The World Wars not only destroyed buildings but also ideologies; so artists, needed to find peace to reevaluate their ideas and they found this peace by the Tyrrhenian Sea at the so-called Paloma beach. Pablo Picasso was among these artists; he moved to this island with his family to start fresh. Later on, this beach was named after Picasso’s daughter, Paloma.

Paloma Beach
Paloma Beach

Tell me the address!

Located in the southeastern part of France in Saint Jean Cap Ferrat, Paloma Beach is a heaven on earth. Clearwater, safe and friendly neighborhood, different varieties of water sports, as well as its astounding nature, made this site a really popular touristic attraction.

It is located at 1 Chem. de Saint-Hospice, 06230 Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat, France. This means it is just a 25-minute ride from Nice and less than an hour’s ride from the famous Cannes.

Car, bus, airplane, or train?!

If you have your own car, then it is a piece of cake. Just get in your car, turn it on, use an app to find your path, and hit the road. Of course, during off seasons you can find parking spots easily but during vacation times you might have a bit of difficulty finding one.

Public transportation, on the other hand, can be a bit tricky.

If you have planned to get there by plane, bus, or train you have to know that Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat does not own airports, bus, or train stations. So it all goes back to the beautiful Nice.

Paloma Picasso
Paloma Picasso

If you have the plane option in mind Nice airport is your best option. Book a ticket, get to the Nice airport at 19 Rue Costes et Bellonte, 06200 Nice, France. Then you have two options: rent a car or take a cab and after a 25-minute ride get to this sun-kissed heaven. The same goes for the train options.

In order to get there by bus, you have to take bus no.81 and NOT no.111. Have in mind that bus no.81 does not directly goes to Paloma Beach. After you take off the bus, you have to walk for about 10 minutes to get to the beach.

You won’t get Murdered!

Paloma Beach is off the many beaches in Saint Jean Cap Ferrat. back in 2017, 1,573 people resided in Saint Jean Cap Ferrat. In general, it is one of the finest and most luxurious parts of France and the crime rate is really low in this area. It is over a 150-meter-long beach and is considered one of the semi-private beaches in France, so you cannot access all parts of it. Remember to ask before you go to different parts of this pebbly beach.

Have that in mind this beach is open to the public from around Easter time till September. During this time waves are gentle hosts to visitors. You can rent- if you don’t already own- a boat and feel the waves.

Paloma Beach, France
Paloma Beach, France

Looking to have some fun?!

If you relax by the day and party by the night, Paloma Beach is a must-see for you. In order to enjoy water sports at Paloma Beach you can visit The Beach Club. They offer different services related to water sports, including waterjet, parasailing, paddle boarding, and other sports.

Sailing is always an option. Just rent a boat and sail your way. The water is clean and crystal clear so you can dive into it and enjoy the underwater world. Who knows? Maybe you see a mermaid as well!

attention party people! For those of you looking forward to having a wild night. You can go to Paloma beach club, get a couple of drinks and then regret it!

Visiting other beaches can be a good idea as well. You do not want to miss the aesthetic nature of the South. Passable Beach and Cro de Peï Pin are the two beaches near Paloma, both facing west, both having extraordinary view. Le Phare is another must-see while visiting Paloma Beach. This lighthouse was built by the order of Napoleon III in 1862.

View of Paloma Beach, France
View of Paloma Beach, France

Hotels or villas?!

If you have planned to stay at Paloma Beach over a night or you want to spend a few days in it, you need a place to stay. There is no residing option on the beach itself. So you need to go to nearby sites. You can book a room in the 5-stars like Grand Hotel Du Cap-Ferrat or Hotel Royal as well as 3-star Boutique Hotel and villas available on the booking websites. Keep that in mind hotels are more expensive so if you are looking for a more affordable option, try Airbnb.


Last but not least the food! French cuisine is famous not only in the country but also all over the world. Paloma Beach is the host to one of these amazing restaurants. Paloma Beach restaurant is located at 1 Chemin de Saint-Hospice,06230 Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat. It gives you a wild range to choose from; steaks, seafood, French specials, and international cuisine.

Hotels or villas in Paloma Beach, France
Hotels or villas in Paloma Beach, France

Remember to book your sits before going to this restaurant.

In general, Paloma Beach offers you incredible options; wild aesthetic nature by the sea and a variety of water sports as well as vivid nightlife. If you are looking for fun and relaxation on the same plate, Paloma Beach is for you.

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